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Dear +Plex 

If at all possible, Chromecast support would be amazing through the Plex App for Android and iOS. As a PlexPass customer, this would complete my media needs.

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Also: Don't charge people that already own 1 or more of the Plex apps already on Google Play.
You can already do this using plex web on a chrome browser. But I agree that  chromecast from a plex app would be good.
+Naveen Kumar Yep. I do this all of the time in a web browser. I'm asking for Chromecast support.
What about media that is on your device like videos taken with the phone? Can it be sent to the chromecast ???if it doesn't is not good.
+Derek Ross you'll be able to chromcast using plex web on a chrome browser. In the demo they chromecasted a video from viemo using chrome browser.
Love my +Plex , and support this request!
It just sort of mirrors your chrome browser.
+Naveen Kumar I don't remember seeing that I could have missed it. Was it through a Chrome extension or did Viemo have an updated web app to support it?
Scott B
Great for streaming your personal content (pics, movies and music ) over the web without paying for some service 
This has to be the best App I have ever paid for. Have it on all of my PC LT Phones Tablets and my roku.
+Derek Ross you could stream a tab to Chromecast and whatever was on it would be broadcast out. 
The answer is yes but it will be awhile cause they live out of country so we have to order it here and send it to them to play with
+Derek Ross for the vast majority of content that is not encoded in H.264, MP4, AAC, or MP3 audio/video/containers the content will need to be transcoded.   So you may want to use your Desktop start the video on the Web Client for plex, and fling that tab to the Chromecast device.     A Google TV device from Sony is still a better option, way more codec support.

The limited Codec support is how they are probably able to keep costs down.  No licensing fees for Dolby Digital or DTS to contend with.
+Serenity for Android While that may be the case, there's no need for me to use a Google TV anymore if the services I want support a much simpler method such as Chromecast.
+Derek Ross true, just keep in mind the limited codec support that the device has.  For many people that aren't home theater enthusiasts or have a large local video library they want to play on the device and everything is in the cloud...then yes this will work.    But for many Plex and XBMC fans that have content in DTS or Dolby Digital, it isn't the best option for them.
Hmm I don't understand. The web interface has a video player. Why not just open the app in Chrome, full screen the video, and share the tab? 

Wouldn't that mean you can already use Plex on Chromecast?
VUDU support is tops on my list, but Plex is nice as well. I'm done with ripping movies and moving exclusively to buying digital copy and using VUDU's disc to digital service. Single-handedly saving my sanity. 
I am sure mirroring games would come in the future or game developers has to implement it. 
+Paul Tobeck, great tip. I had no idea that service existed! That's actually exactly what I described to someone recently as "why can't we do this??" Apparently you can!
I have converted about 100 dvds to HDX Ultraviolet streaming via Vudu. and right now if you do it at home cost is $2.50 per disc to go from SD to HD in batches of 10 or more. definitely would be all over this if it supported Vudu (or if Play Movies supported Ultraviolet)
+Derek Ross no I mean like the actual web interface. When I start Plex (Linux or Windows) a web interface shows up. The web address is like localhost:32400 or something. You can play videos directly from there.
+Joseph Hindy I was just about to type the very same thing about the Plex's web interface. That's exactly what I use to play movies on my chromebook, since there's no Plex app/extension for Chrome OS. It allows me to play movies from my Plex server at home to any web browser, whether it's away from home or on my home network. It might work with Chromecast's tab sharing. Hopefully the Plex Android app gets updated soon with Chromecast support.
+Jacob Serrano you and +Joseph Hindy are missing the point of this entire post. If you had Android app support, you could play, fastforward, rewind, control the volume, etc all from within the Android app. You could browse all of your movies on your phone or tablet then fling them to your TV. Sure, you can use the web interface to send a tab over to Chromecast but you're not getting the full functionality of a remote. If you want to have ass it, go ahead. Me, I'm hoping for more functionality.
Oh, I'd definitely prefer that the Android app gets support for all the reasons you mentioned, which is why I mentioned it at the end of my last post. I'm just pointing out that until then there's another option if folks don't want to wait or are holding out on buying a Chromecast because of this.
What +Jacob Serrano said. More functionality is always preferred, but Plex should still work with this brand new technology right now. Besides, tab share is supported in the Android and iOS Chrome apps. So why not connect your device to the same WiFi network (required for basic Plex usage), go to the localhost URL on the phone itself, and control it from there? You can fast forward, browse content, etc right from your Android phone and then, when it's time to watch, start video, full screen, share tab. Boom. That will more than suffice until a real app comes out. 

All things are possible with #android  
Wow, I had not considered this. The Chromecast is just a device that plays media streamed in via the network at the direction of a third party app. (It's not a true "streaming target" a la the AirPlay or MiraCast models)

In that context, Plex could "instruct" the Chromecast to play content from a PMS. The PMS is already transcoding media for playback, so it should be fairly straight forward to transcode the video into something Chromecast would play back. 

Best of all, while the Plex App on Android or iOS could instruct Chromecast and PMS to setup the stream, those instructions could come from any authorized device. Perhaps even the PMS itself.  Ergo, a user could in theory just log into the PMS web management interface or the MyPlex website, and tell the server to start playing a video on a Chromecast. Given the nature of Plex, this could even be automated.  Simple cron jobs and bash scripts could be used to create your own TV network. :-)
pleeeeeeeeaaasseee PLEX
4 easy steps:
2) ChromeCast
On second thought, +Derek Ross  - I'm not so excited about Chromecast. In fact, I kinda don't see the point of it since I already have my Roku boxes set up to do everything that I see Chromecast doing. Unless I'm missing something, the best thing I see about this is the $35 price tag - this is an especially good price for those who haven't experienced stream only viewing for TV (or "Cord Cutting" like we all like to say!)
Searching on Roku is very annoying in my opinion. Love the devices but having to use the D-pad to move around the alphabet to type in a search term? Frustrating. Also, is there a way to listen to Google Music on Roku? Haven't checked yet. My parents have two of them
+Kyle Salewski  - there is a Roku app for Android and IOS with which you can search using your keypad, go through your channel guide, use as a remote....just like what's being said about Chromecast.
Yes, you can play all of your music (I do it all the time) using a channel called "Nowhere Music" - it accesses all of your content in Play.
Nice! Thanks +Leo Allen. I'll need to load that up for my parents since I put all their music in Google Music.
+Serenity for Android with PMS transcoding this solution will be perfect for most! I own both android and iOS Plex apps so it'd be cool to see them supported. I already have two apple TVs, two raspberry pis and a Roku but would love to consolidate!
Right it will be nice.  Plex may need to change their transcoding transport protocol though because the Chromecast itself doesn't support HLS.  You can however mirror a Plex Web App and get it to play that way since it is just playing on your browser and the tab is mirrored to the device.
I would hate for +Plex to try to pull everything over the Internet though. It would be nice for it to try to look at local network data if possible. Trying to pull a 720p movie over the web could be a little rough 
+Kyle Salewski the way it works is that you have to have  a Receiver app that is Whitelisted by Google.  This Receiver is a simple web page that handles the information that is passed to it.  So it could be passed a URL that retrieves from your local network drive.  The web page is just retrieved from the web, but the files could be retrieved technically from the plex server or given a URL that does transcoding.
I would also love Plex support for chromecast. Since Chromecast is coming to GTV devices with the JellyBean update, this would complete my internet and local streaming needs. What a convenience to browse my library collections on a touch screen interface and "cast" to my TV.
For some reason, when I launched Plus today, it took me to older comments on this post. As such, I just saw +Paul Tobeck 's comment about VUDU and ripping videos. I'm a bit confused. I also only "acquire" digital copies of movies these days, But they all simply get dumped into my Pkex "movies" folder. I don't move them. I simply told the PC that the server is on to always put movies there. I personally didn't care for VUDU - seemed like they want to charge/here and there for a very thing.
+Leo Allen I really wanted to use Plex, but the only reason I don't is because I've never had success getting the Plex server functional on my Ubuntu desktop. It would be up and running, and never show my content no matter I did. Very frustrating. Besides, most of my rips are from DVD (480p) and all my Digital Copy and DVD conversions are always HD.
Vudu is just simpler, though has it's own issues as well.
I understand now +Paul Tobeck . I have it running on a dedicated Windows PC with no issues. I also get new television episodes fed to it from ShowRSS via Bit Torrent so that it functions like a DVR for those shows my wife especially misses from when we had cable.
Added some of you guys, feel free to add me.
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