Titles like this +Kellen Barranger are why you're not sold on Google+ and most likely at this point, won't be for quite a long time unless truly try.

Google+ has been around for 15 months. Most of us and I say us by the people that get it, got it a long time ago. But, that doesn't mean we won't try to persuade someone as yourself to embrace this amazing, engaging, social network.

I can’t tell you how to use Google+. I can tell you though that you will only get out of Google+ what you put into it. Put time into it. Here are a few suggestions.

Don't treat this network like other social networks. It will never be those networks. In fact, it will be much, much more if you embrace the community. This community engages.

Your friends and family aren't here? So what? Mine aren't either. I've made countless new friends over the past year. Many of them extremely close. You have 140 people in your circles. No wonder you think no one is here. Most power users have thousands of people that they circle. Your stream should never stop moving, you should always have a constant stream of information. If it’s not moving, it’s not a stream. (IMO)

You have to post engaging content... unless you’re a good looking lady. C’mon, it’s true. Posting Twitter-like content won’t get your followers and it sure as hell won’t get you engagers.

You only have 3,000 people circling you. You’re, in my opinion, one of the top two Android bloggers out there. Having only 3,000 people means you’re not trying, in my opinion (see first statement). I have 25,000 people circling me... I’m only a sliver of this community compared to your contributions.

Hangouts. Hangouts. Hangouts. Start a hangout with a few friends. Then invite more people, people you don’t know, your fans. More importantly, join other people’s hangouts. (Join mine!)

Find people that have similar interests. Circle them. Comment on their posts, a lot. Let people know you’re here and that you’re engaging!

Anyone else have any tips for our wayward Android blogger Kellex?


With all of that said, check out the new Google+ video and let me know what you think of that Android phone pictured in the first few minutes. Looks like a Galaxy S3 back and a Galaxy Nexus front. So here’s the deal. We know Google loves to tease us. Is that a marketing mistake or is that the next Nexus from Samsung?
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