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Titles like this +Kellen Barranger are why you're not sold on Google+ and most likely at this point, won't be for quite a long time unless truly try.

Google+ has been around for 15 months. Most of us and I say us by the people that get it, got it a long time ago. But, that doesn't mean we won't try to persuade someone as yourself to embrace this amazing, engaging, social network.

I can’t tell you how to use Google+. I can tell you though that you will only get out of Google+ what you put into it. Put time into it. Here are a few suggestions.

Don't treat this network like other social networks. It will never be those networks. In fact, it will be much, much more if you embrace the community. This community engages.

Your friends and family aren't here? So what? Mine aren't either. I've made countless new friends over the past year. Many of them extremely close. You have 140 people in your circles. No wonder you think no one is here. Most power users have thousands of people that they circle. Your stream should never stop moving, you should always have a constant stream of information. If it’s not moving, it’s not a stream. (IMO)

You have to post engaging content... unless you’re a good looking lady. C’mon, it’s true. Posting Twitter-like content won’t get your followers and it sure as hell won’t get you engagers.

You only have 3,000 people circling you. You’re, in my opinion, one of the top two Android bloggers out there. Having only 3,000 people means you’re not trying, in my opinion (see first statement). I have 25,000 people circling me... I’m only a sliver of this community compared to your contributions.

Hangouts. Hangouts. Hangouts. Start a hangout with a few friends. Then invite more people, people you don’t know, your fans. More importantly, join other people’s hangouts. (Join mine!)

Find people that have similar interests. Circle them. Comment on their posts, a lot. Let people know you’re here and that you’re engaging!

Anyone else have any tips for our wayward Android blogger Kellex?


With all of that said, check out the new Google+ video and let me know what you think of that Android phone pictured in the first few minutes. Looks like a Galaxy S3 back and a Galaxy Nexus front. So here’s the deal. We know Google loves to tease us. Is that a marketing mistake or is that the next Nexus from Samsung?
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I agree with all of what you have said.
That isn't even touting numbers. 400 million people in a year. Not bad.
This "Nobody uses Google+" idea is so old and invalid that it feels more like link bait now.
The new ad is awesome! As for Kellen, +Derek Ross is 100% correct. Don't bash G+ if you're not using it to its full potential. Its not twitter, its not Facebook, its MUCH more. Hangouts FTW! Having good, respectable, and engaging conversations FTW. We are a community and we love it here.

I will say that I love the recent flood of "average" (not so tech friendly) users lately. I love Android, but this isn't Android+. I've been growing my circles with active users who enjoy all kinds of things. Let's take this network to the next level. :)
+Sharon Strandskov I mean technically... it is the competition :P Haha. But, you know me. I don't give a shit. I just want to geek out and talk Android. The Internet is big enough for everyone :)
Thought the title read...Tities like this, needless to say I was focused. lol
+Derek Ross The better the community, the greater benefit for all of its members-- so if "the competition" comes here, the Android enthusiasts that follow their blogs come here, and you can engage with them as well.
+Derek Ross Political hat. Wikipedia says that JFK made it popular.

Basically making conditions better for the whole in general makes them better in kind for the individual participants. One could argue that understanding Google+ better can make one's reporting better which would make the other Android outlets up their game to keep up or stay ahead.

Better Android reporting == win for the public.
+Derek Ross Please do, on the other hand I noticed I can open my eyes extra wide now. haha!
And rifting on that note, I'll mention that the Huffington Post has been advertising hard about their Huff Post Live site that extensively uses Google+ Hangouts. I've seen probably 6-7 ads on internet TV this hour.
You know, I'm really getting tired of these crappy, sarcastic, "if only Google+ was good enough to-" statements. How about this one: "If only some of you G+ bashers were intelligent enough to CIRCLE PEOPLE, you would see them posting things to the network..."

I mean COME ON... do you really need me to explain it to you people? You want to see things? Circle people! It amazes me... no one complains about twitter for lack of following others, yet they seem to want to treat G+ as if it's some Facebook wannabe...

Stop with the snarky anti-G+ comments and learn to use it before acting like some kind of expert on how "lame" it is.

+1 +Derek Ross 
Damn, it sounds like another job almost. :P

+Derek Ross I actually really appreciate the post and will take your advice. I feel like G+ is this massively powerful tool that I'm not taking advantage of. Forget as a Blogger, I want to use it personally rather than for work.
+Kellen Barranger I'm not saying that Google+ is like World of Warcraft, a second job, but it does take some time to build. :P

You going to the BBQ in a few weeks? We'll have a beer or two and discuss G+ :)
Didn't take me any time or work to "build" here, I just enjoyed posting and getting interesting feedback. It does however drive me nuts when bloggers say this place is dead or that no one uses it. Thanks for calling him out Derek, in a respectful manner. 
I think it'd be better to send epic shared circles to +Kellen Barranger as opposed to a massive circle bomb. As +Derek Ross pointed out, he's not following that many people. Maybe a stream full of engaging content is what is needed here.
+Thomas Tenkely A large influx of followers though will automatically expose his posts to more people and hopefully they will reply in his posts, engaging him more.
Not arguing that +Trey Motes :) He does have over 3K already though, so I'm sure there is some post exposure... more couldn't hurt of course!
+George Rodenbaugh I see plenty of sports chatter on here, I don't participate in much of it myself because I only follow hockey. ;)
+George Rodenbaugh Way to make my point fail. I'm looking at the really old shared circles spreadsheet, I see tons of sports circles, nothing recent though.
Welcome to my Android circle, +Kellen Barranger . But only because I followed DL religiously from October 18th until December 20th or so last year.
+Andrew Rowley I use a WordPress plug-in that not only pulls my G+ posts into my blog, but more importantly, brings the comments with it, so I get the best of both worlds. Incase you are interested in trying it out as well, it is (there is a free version, incase you are on mobile and don't scroll down)
Great post.  I commented with my thoughts on the original DL post.  Which, by the way, no one from DL has commented on.  Go figure.
+Maureen Lipsett I'll be honest, I rarely comment on blog posts any more. I'd rather comment on their posts on socia networks such as G+. :) Happy to have you commenting here though!
+Derek Ross Same here-- much better interaction... actual ongoing semi-fluid discussions, and ability to manage a whole bunch of threads in one place.
+Andrew Rowley good choice! +Sharon Strandskov is a hell of a intelligent lady. And once she grows her hair long again, you can add looks in there too (hehe sorry Sharon :P)
+Derek Ross - I very rarely do either - comment on blog posts, that is.  I much prefer the discussions here.  With the app, so much easier to follow and comment.  Especially since I'm at work all day and can't access anything good on the computer there. :)
Hahah :) Yeah she is. I'm just picking, reiterating the a joke from a while ago.
In a nutshell I'd say that Google+ is almost like taking Twitter, Reddit, and Facebook and throwing them in a blender. It has attributes of all of them.

Like Twitter and Reddit, the content is the central focus of the network and thus it is only as good as you make it. Also like Twitter and Reddit, while you "could" have your family on those, it isn't as if you particularly want or feel the need to, because you very quickly find out that most of your family and friends aren't really passionate about the same things that you are (save local things like sports and entertainment to the region and other, which you're just as likely to discuss over a phone call or text). The network is centralized around finding people based upon common interests, more than just old high school friends and family and such. Perhaps it would benefit people if Google+ had more of a way to search for that. Personally, I don't feel a need for it.

Like Facebook and unlike Twitter and Reddit, you have a forum for more interaction from people, in which those people actually have a face and personality. Much moreso than Twitter and Reddit do. 

As far as getting interaction and followers, just post. Publicly. Use hashtags. Follow hashtags and see who posts interesting stuff. Look at who's sharing from where. It just builds and gets better over time.

For personal interaction...perhaps a few things you could try. Convince a group of friends to join simultaneously, and start a hangout. That gets addicting. Start messenger conversations with multiple people. Make a circle of people close to you, and add people from elsewhere at the same time.

Really once you learn the protocol, and you see the quality of content from people you choose to follow, Facebook will be an eyesore. I want to puke everytime i see that site now.
+Trey Motes Is the fact that he plussed this an admittance and, therefore, a lessening of the creepiness that is DRoss?
+Allie Ogden  no it's his evil way of being too proud of what he has done to be cautious. He accidentally tipped his hand and is no less creepy for it.
My streams never sleep. Its a challenge to keep up sometimes. Awesomeness at its best. + is alive if you want it to be
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