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Tablet optimized Twitter for Android leaks

We've wanted a tablet optimized version of Twitter for Android for a while now. Thanks to the guys over at and an IFA 2013 leak, I give you the new Twitter for Android APK.

The Twitter app could be a little more #HOLO  when it comes to design cues and it's "tablet optimized design" could be a little better. But hey, it's a start, right? Me? I'm uninstalling it and going back to Falcon Pro.

APK Link:
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Falcon pro isn't that great on tablets either. I'd much prefer a multi column app. (Hi tweetdeck)
Falcon Pro ftw. Love the way he bypassed we can bypass twitters token limit. Will give this a try too, I am curious... Thanks!
Look how Windows Phone has a promoted Tweet on the search term 'Android'. Oh, Microsoft...
Now that twitter have admitted that tablets exist and presumably that people can own more than one device, any chance we could get timeline position synchronised between devices?
I won't even run the Twitter app on my phone, much less my tablet. 
This would be cool with chromecast support.. I read books from kindle on browser on tv from couch already.. Giving a good nav from phone/tablet while diving through tweets would be cool
+Chris Taylor androids Jelly bean 4.2 bringing multiple users login on a single device app.. # android don't have to take that check it..
You'll need all check yours device got jelly bean 4.2 and office things of the pass..
just got it loaded on the N7 2012 and had to clear cache/data to get it to work.. i'm digging it :)
Not working on the Nexus 7. Anyone else having that problem?
yeah had to clear the cache/data then it worked fine..
Finally! Let's stay positive folks.

It takes forever for devs to get on even if you don't ever use the app, this is good for android in general.

I agree with what others have said...falcon pro is meh . this redesign looks great however.
Would say that Plume is looking very good on tablets. Official Twitter sucks!! 
finally! good use of the wide screen by putting some stuff together instead of only weirdly wide things.
+Christopher Ballenger Twitter work's and on android so Dose g+ I use multiple's on HTC and all interact great frm one phone..or PC 
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