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Google Play Services to see what's new.
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Interesting... I was on 5.0. Did I miss a version lol
Open it and you will see physical conditioning
Sounds like it's going pretty well so far :)
"increased battery drain" seems to be a feature they constantly iterate on.
after uninstalling the 5.9 apk on youtube, and updating from play store vs 5.7.4 is work!
Confirmed: not working on youtube 5.9 for s4 4.4.2.
No problems with hangouts.
YouTube and hangouts working fine here 
I hope i get the update soon too
can't wait to see what's new 
awwe thanks Derek just checked for mine and cha ching currently downloading
I've got my fingers crossed for fitbit to eventually jump onto google health.
+Luis Gomes Thanks. Can you please help me uninstalling the update? Or maybe link to the other version's apk?
+Stoian Videv of playservices? I think old versions will not be installed and i cant uninstall the update too...the only way for youtube is uninstall 5.9 and update the 5.7.4 playstore vs
Already tried but its not working:(
I have zero issues with YouTube playing... that said, if you want to uninstall this update, you need to first go into Device Administrators and uncheck Android Device Manager. Then go to Apps and find Google Play Services. Then hit Uninstall updates. You'll go back to the stock version that's installed on your phone. Eventually the latest official version will roll out to your device, or you can sideload the old version you had. You can get it at Don't forget to reenable ADM.
Already tried but this option is not active. It remains grey :( Anybody can share the old apk pls?
+Stoian Videv You can't uninstall the updates for Play Services until you turn off ADM
Google Play Service 5.2.08 with YouTube opens but displays An Error Occurred and does not login. This is on a stock Nexus 5 with just the new version of Play Services side loaded. Deactivated ADM and uninstalled updates and reinstalled Play Services updates from the Play Store to version 5.0.89 and YouTube works.
5.2.08 doesn't work properly on my Nexus 5 & Android 4.4.4. YouTube doesn't show any content with it, and also its 'Manage space' function shows internal error. I went back to 5.0.89. I'm waiting for the next update.
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