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Android Circle Share: Let's focus on the developers

We have a lot of +Android Circle shares floating around Google+. A short while ago, I published a community curated Circle full of all sorts of +Android Enthusiasts ( That Circle is full of fans, lovers, developers, bloggers and even some brands.

Calling all +Android Developers. I want to create a Circle just for you!

ROM developers, kernel developers, application developers, even themers. Heck, if you're currently learning to develop for Android, you're included too!

Just like last time, if you know someone that is a developer and they should be known for their work just +mention them here. You can +mention yourself too. No need to wait for someone to add you.

Later, I'll turn this post into a shared Circle and share it with all of you just like last time.

Please limit the +mentions to developers only. If you're not a dev but want to be included in future Android related Circle shares, go here:

I'll get us started with someone of my developer friends. +Daniel Charlton +Clark Scheff +Todd Leech +Jeff Rebeiro +Phlash Tha +Jamie Doege +Angelo S +Roman Birg +Jake Southers +Li Ma
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add me to Android app developers
Kun Li
Count me in
I'm young but people have said I'm very talented for my age. Count me in.
(Application Developer)
Wow. +Trina Riℊsby I've been following you here since the first month or so of G+. I did not know you were a dev. I'm horrible :( Sorry!
I used to do MIUI ports a while back. Still do some private work.
I'm also the guy who attempted and failed at porting AOKP to the Nook Color.
+Tony Simons I wouldn't mind having a few words about the future of Android and how that relates to current desktop computers.
Gary D
+Andrew Dodd, +Adam Outler, +Atin M, myself (odd - I can't mention myself. I talk to myself all the time, why can't I mention myself? Surely google engineers understand the need to mention themselves!)
+Steve Coles learning developer optional for circle. Testing to see if G+ let's me mention myself
App developer here
Gary D
Odd... Steve Coles can mention himself, but I can't mention myself? Obviously, I'm not someone who uses "Google Plus" frequently enough to talk to myself. (I once spent about an hour trying to figure out how to send someone a personal message via google plus. I never did figure that out...)
I just updated my winzip yo I wanna get in for muh devvin (seriously bout to get back to it tho)
I wrote a book on Android UI development. I'd love to be on the list.
I'm starting to develop my first Android app so I guess I could be included...? :)
I'm an Android app developer (for
I (+Davy De Waele ) do Android app development and write up the occasional blog post. Most of my posts on G+ are Android related. I wanted to recommend Mark Murphy (CommonsWare) but I still can't believe he's not on G+.
I'm a dev, and a blogger for Phandroid. There are a few more people I'd need to look around and find to +tag them.

Thanks for doing this, btw
yerps, please include me
+Sean Cronin. I also have a circle of 64 more android devs, although it looks like you have most of the active ones.
Hey guys !

I'm a android dev, I'm currently developing a new experience of drums simulator for android called drumbeats. Please add me :)
I teach Android app development. Created example apps for the course. Does that count? ;)
You can add me +Raghav Sood (application development, author of Pro Android Augmented Reality).
+Bradley Grimm Please add me as well, Android is a passion of mine.
You can add me. I've written Android applications professionally and for fun.

My most memorable app was an Android game completely authored (Code, Graphics, Sound) and compiled on an Asus Transformer TF101 tablet for the Ludum Dare game competition.

I'll have an update posted after the judging period ends that incorporates many of the suggested improvements I've gotten from the community.
Hello, my name is Mario and i have a problem...

How does this work?
+Mario Zechner Once +Derek Ross has compiled a circle full of Android Developers, he will post it as a "Circle Share." If you like, you can add that circle, and then your stream will be filled with posts from all these Android developers and enthusiasts.

You're free to keep or remove any of them (or all of them).
I'll post it soon. Giving people more time to add. And I have some other dev circles I've found that I'll merge into this one.
I'm a second year Computer Science student, in my second chance at education. Any Java development is my circle please.
I'd love to be added! Still learning but have some decent work out.
I'm a ROM/Kernel developer, would like to be in :-)
I'm an Android app developer myself. Haven't published anything yet, but the first app is coming hopefully soon :P
I'd quite like to be added to this list, +Bruce Sutherland.

I'm writing my own 3D game engine in #android using #java and #opengl ES 2.0 including a toolchain using open source software such as #blender .
I would like to be added. I am writing my first game, with some help from Mario Zechner'a wonderful book.

I am also getting to grips with pure data for sound. libpd is a wonderful library which has sent me on all sorts of interesting directions
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