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Android Engagers Circle

For #CircleSunday , I bring you a list of 40 wonderful people that actively comment on my Android related posts, others posts, and make some pretty amazing posts themselves.

If you're looking to overclock your stream, add these fellow +Android Enthusiasts. You won't regret it!

If you were notified of this post, you're included! Please re-share to help stregnthen our amazing Android community here on Google+!

Warning: Zero iOS users were harmed during this #CircleShare .
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Thanks for helping strengthen the Android community! I appreciate the include!
"Warning: Zero iOS users were harmed during this #CircleShare ." <-- Well that's not entirely true. Many will be butt-hurt that they weren't included within this awesomeness circle - all because they chose the wrong OS. :o/

All joking aside, glad to be included in this awesome circle - thx +Derek Ross! =) 
Bitch please you still owe me for an 8-ball
My Android enthusiast and developer circles are by far the largest circles I have on G+. I'm happy to have just made them a tiny bit bigger. :)

+Derek Ross: Thanks for the inclusion too!
+Derek Ross Great shared Circle, that added a few more to my list.  And thanks for the inclusion, bro!  Honored.
Download "MUtility" from Google Play's a nice app to have...
Thanks +Darryl Barnes , Android is my main reason for being here in the first place.
I came for the Android stuff and stayed for the laughs! :-D
+Derek Ross , you guys are doing an amazing job! Keep up the good work.
+Renaud Lepage You play a specific role in this Circle. We needed more French Canadian representation.
Ah im on mobile that why i cant add them thanks for the list. ;)
Thank you so much for including me +Derek Ross!!! Greatly appreciate it and happy to be apart of the Android Community :) 
woot! I love andoird people :D
Thanks for the add +Derek Ross. It's an honor to be among such awesome fellow techies in that circle!
Will do the wire transfer tomorrow :D
Good circle of ppl. Thanks for the share.
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