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Google Now

Google's answer to Siri. And when I say answer, I mean someone needs to watch poor Siri sleep tonight, she may attempt to harm herself.

Google Now is more than a virtual assistant that can just give you answers to questions you ask it. Google Now does automation and provides visual, relevant answers.
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this is amazing but when if ever will I have it on my phone?
What impressed me most were videos of people using it. It was banging out (correct) answers in the noisy conference with ridiculous background noise and what im sure is a pretty loaded wifi connection.

They cut ios6 off at the knees today
Of course it is too loud to hear the text to speech but if you want an idea of that, the new voice is in your maps navigation app. Very much a natural sounding voice
on my mind: Siri gave a name/voice to voice control that it needs to succeed with basic users. I was hoping Google was going to name this something like 'Majel'. I'm fine with Google Now, just thinking about the plebes out there...
I don't think the plebes even know it's coming.  It'll just be a nice little surprise.
+Anthony Fawcett not to mention siri was ridiculously slow. To even say they are on the same level, somebody is smoking something
If you have a GSM Galaxy Nexus, you can get this right now :) Congrats!

If you have a CDMA...wait a few more hours or less.
Port is already on rootz for toro. Only thing is right now youre only getting 1x data but he has the fix
I saw that a few minutes ago, nandroiding as I speak.
I love it. It's much more comprehensive than Siri. I want an all-Google phone.
Next year, I just have to go to I/O!
I wonder if this will be released as an upgrade to the Voice Search app on older devices.
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