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Android 4.3 shown / teased in new GMail video?

The screenshots here show the time as being 4:20. The time in the video, and screenshot below show 4:30.

Nexus S – launched with Android 2.3.0 Gingerbread – time shows 2:30
Galaxy Nexus – launched with Android 4.0.0 Ice Cream Sandwich – time shows 4:00
Nexus 7 – launched with Android 4.1.0 Jelly Bean – time shows 4:10
Nexus 4 – launched with Android 4.2.0 Jelly Bean – time shows 4:20
Nexus 10 – launched with 4.2.0 – time shows 4:20
Gmail video screenshot – time shows 4:30
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Google loves, LOVES, to tease us.
That was the clock font that was being criticized in the other gmail leaks from earlier last week. Not to mention this shot is just a small blip at the end of the video... nice job Google
did anyone else watch the video till the end, the date on the calendar shows the 31....think that means anything
OK, so the clock says 4:30, the subject contains a 7, and the calendar at the end shows 31. So, Android 4.3 to be released on 31st of July. Either this, or Half Life 3 has just been confirmed.
+Derek Ross Another hint, First email in the screenshot is "pick you up at 7?" Next iteration of Nexus 7 will release with android 4.3?
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