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Vizio Co-Star Google TV OTA Update

+VIZIO Co-Star owners will be happy to know that +Google TV version 3 has began rolling out to devices. The version 3 update adds support for the new Amazon Instant Video app, includes Vudu, M-Go (if you haven't updated manually), the new Prime Time Quick Guide, and support for Voice Search has been added.

If you own a Vizio Co-Star, to find out if the updates are available, just go to Settings, System Settings and click on System Update. Have fun!
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+Claudio Ibarra The Pulse should be getting version 3 soon. They told me at CES it would start in a few weeks, so any day now I would assume.
You own a Co-star, right +Derek Ross or both (Pulse)? This is the first stb to get updated, correct? SO glad to see the Amazon Instant app.
My main reason for not purchasing either yet... This update and a comparison between the pulse and co-star after the update. 
Can I airplay from my nexus 4 to the vizio co star
+Emma Giron If by AirPlay you mean use the YouTube pairing feature, then yes. :)
I mean like my iPhone 5 does with my apple TV
+Emma Giron if these have miracast then yes your phone would be able to do that.....not a clue if they have the support or if they are capable
unfortunately, my co-star says up to date... +Derek Ross when was this update released, do you know?
+Derek Ross then i'll be waiting impatently for the first gtv to ship with it :D thanks for the info
My nexus 4 is air playing to my apple TV great with the apple TV media app but it doesn't play all movie files I'm trying to figure out which video format it supports
Any way to force the update if the device keeps saying that it's up to date?
+Adam Johnson Im very disappointed in my hisense. The chrome browser sucks for anything more than the first window, flash support in chrome is terrible. It has such a limited video playback that half of my videos wont play using plex or vimu( #ps3mediaserver to twonky usually plays everything). Touchpad on the controller is pointless because its so hard to operate and unresponsive. Multi window pip only works with livetv so i cant have multiple apps running. Remote isnt backlit and takes forever to pair when you use it. Apps fc constantly. It doesnt keep the time . It wont control my new flatscreen tv so im forced to use 2 remotes to control volume. If i turn the system volume up past one click i get an annoying buzzing sound with tons of distortion. Apps are almost non existant . I could go on but i think you get the point. Google tv has potential but right now it still sucks unless you only want it to stream netflix, play movies and play music which it does great.
+Jimmy Buck what I'm going to try later is clearing the framework data and trying again. It told me it was up to date also when I checked it this morning but I didn't have time to fiddle with it.
+Nicholas Brickhouse I use +Plex nearly every day from my Pulse or Co-Star. They both work great. If they didn't, I would rage. I watch nearly all of my movies and TV shows from Plex.

The only issue I have with the Pulse is the time is NEVER correct.
+Nicholas Brickhouse I'm thinking that the problems with Plex are at least partially Plex's fault. The GoogleTV version of the Plex app hasn't been updated in like six months. Hopefully they're working on a big update for us (fingers crossed).
+Jimmy Buck They are working on a big update. The update should be out soon. I was told at CES by the end of January. The update includes tons of new features such as cloud storage playback. :)
For those that are interested in trying an alternative client for Plex out for Google TV.  Take a look at +Serenity for Google TV it is under development, but works now for playing movies and tv shows.
+Derek Ross that would be awesome! Then I don't need to fiddle with my networks and my computer to play my TV shows and movies!
+Derek Ross i must be using some strange formats then because ive been having lots of issues with plex being unable to play media. It works fine for standard movies like dvd rips in mp4 but avi stuff hardly ever works. When i use twonky with ps3mediaserver i can go in and select no transcode for the same file and play it without issue.
+Derek Ross yes it is influenced by a variety of XBMC, MythTV, and Plex skins.  Optimized for the 10ft viewing environment.
+Nicholas Brickhouse Maybe it's whatever server you're using. Is your Plex server on the latest version? They update it pretty frequently.
I convert all of my videos to mkv (x264 w/ AAC audio) w/ ffmpeg... I have zero issues with Plex on GoogleTV - that includes my Logitech Revue(s) and Costar.
+Derek Ross how do you t like this product? Have you ever had roku? Just wondering how they compare.. I have the roku now and like it.. But looking at this also.. 
+Phil Cooper Roku is pretty great and I like it too, I especially like that it has a dedicated Amazon Instant Video Channel. However, in terms of overall usability and attractiveness and price the Co-Star better than the Roku in my opinion and is a really great device. 
I've never used Roku +Phil Cooper. I've only had XBMC boxes in the past before moving to Google TV. Comparing the two, I like GTV better.
+Nick Schiwy The Co-Star (and probably every other recently released GoogleTV device) is getting a dedicated Amazon Video app.
I've had both the Roku and GoogleTV. The Roku is a fine device, but I really like that I can use Google Music on the GoogleTV.
But the GoogleTV doesn't support Hulu, which the Roku does.
It all depends where your content lies +Jimmy Buck. I use Plex, Amazon, Google Play and Netflix. I've never watched anything on Hulu.
The Hulu thing isn't an issue for me either. I signed up for the free trial a few months back and couldn't find a single thing that I wanted to watch. But I know a lot of other people like Hulu and it's simply not an option on GoogleTV. I really hope Google and Hulu can eventually work out their differences because it's a big hole in the services offered for the device. Pretty much every other streaming device on the market offers Hulu.
are there any retail stores selling the device or only Amazon?
I have two GoogleTV boxes (Logitech Revue and Sony) and I find Hulu + has more prime network TV content than any other service. For this reason I personally require Hulu + on my device. I have two Roku boxes and they do Plex, Amazon, Netflix, Hulu + and much much more.

Hulu doesn't carry certain prime channels however like CBS, AMC, FX, etc. For those I have a basic Verizon FIOS connection $13/mo plus a M-Card (cable card $3/mo) that I use in my SiliconDust HDHomeRun Prime tuner (3 tuners) connected to my home network. This feeds tuned in channels to my Windows Media Center which, in turn, records (DVR's) and provides the Media Center interface to my two Xbox360's being used as media extenders.

I'm getting the channels I can't get on Hulu via this and I have the shows I like recording to the media center PC. (Hell on Wheels, American Horror Story, Justified, Sons of Anarchy, Archer, etc.)

It all works wonderfully!
+Derek Ross which you prefer pulse or costar? Im leaning towards pulse due to IR blaster, etc.
I like the Pulse. I think it's faster and the remote is actually usable.
+Derek Ross is the co-star and pulse basically the same other than the speed and remote?
I definitely want to see a review of these boxes once they've all had the v3 update. Still waiting for webcam support in +Google TV though. THAT would make buying one a no-brainer!
ODroid U2,forget your Google TV lark...
Does anyone know if any devs are working on an vanilla AOSP ROM for the Costar?  That would be really awesome AFAIK.
+Stephen Long I hope so! I've looked into rooting it before, though and that in and of itself seems to be a challenge that most people aren't finding to be worth getting into.

While I'm reviving a dead thread, does anyone know how to force the update to the Co-star? I'm getting nothing over here. I guess I could keep deleting the Google Services Framework app data and trying again but my patience will only last so long doing that. haha
Eric S
Hey +Derek Ross so from someone who has used the Co-Star and Pulse extensively, which would you suggest I try?  I'm might hold on to see if anything new comes out between now and I/O but I miss my Google TV!
I prefer the Pulse...but the Co-Star just got V3. The Pulse should get it soon. With that said, as you mentioned IO is just around the corner, 3 months away.
I'm not sure if I got the update or not.. Anyone know the actual version number to verify?
4.5 or something like that its definitely 4.x
+Claudio Ibarra Yes. Here's the quick and dirty.

Install the Android SDK on your desktop/laptop.
Enable remote debugging on your GTV.
On the computer, type adb connect IP Address of your GTV
Once connected, launch the "Monitor" app from the SDK tools folder
Select your device
Click take screenshot.
Well crud... mine is Firmware 3.2 U3.5.0 ... and won't update itself.. grr
Eric O
Frustrating to see people talking about the update yesterday and I still haven't gotten mine. Any way to trick the system into starting my update now?  Too early to talk about fragmentation? :)
I've tried all of the usual tricks but the people on gtv forum say to just be patient. As difficult as that is, knowing that there is an update available, we would have been content if we didn't know about it so we can live a few more days waiting for the update. 
I still have not gotten the update....
+Shahzad Malik Have you tried the methods to force the update? Also, they roll out when they roll out, sometimes it takes a few days.
Is there anyone else here who still hasn't gotten the update? Even though I forget about it usually, my patience is waning lol I really want to try out the new Amazon Video On Demand app.
Still no update here. None of the methods to attempt to force it have worked for me.
+Jimmy Buck It's all hogwash. They have pulled the wool over our eyes, "there will be an update to GTV 3.0 ;)"
Try stopping costar update and then pull the plug out of box. Wait 30 seconds and then try again 
Is there a co-star update app? I didn't even realize that. Thanks for the tip!
I also tried stopping the updater service and unplugging the box for at least 30 seconds. Still no update.
No update here either... this has to be a farse...
+Stephen Long Soon. These things roll out slowly. You can try the methods I've mentioned and others have mentioned to force the update. It doesn't always work though, please remember that.
Might have been a total coincidence, but I read it on another post so I thought I would give it a try. I unplugged my co-star and left it for about two hours. When I plugged it back in, I got the update notification. It's updating as I type this. So it might be worth trying for those who are still waiting. Good luck!
I should note that I had definitely tried unplugging and leaving it unplugged for just a few minutes and that didn't work. So if this method works, it has something to do with leaving it unplugged for a long time.
Yeah, coincidentally it happened just now for me too! Yay!
Hmmm....I'm thinking that unplugging it had nothing to do with it then. They must just be doing another rollout.
Well, I also unplugged mine and plugged it back in because i was having internet troubles and i thought it might help. Turns out the internet is just being terrible right now but at least the update is available now.
Eric O
Yes, I am keeping this thread alive. The update was there, it was right in front of my eyes and then it was gone.  I said update, it told me it was deleted. I restarted, unplugged, prayed, chanted, and then gave up. I unplugged again and went to sleep. This morning, it's as if it never happened and it says there's no update available. This sucks.
It does suck... still no update here... grr
Keeping this thread alive further...  still nothing here...
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