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C'MON.... C'MON....

Any one else obsessed anxiously waiting already? While we wait... let's speculate!

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+Patrik Söderström I'm hoping for Android Jelly Bean 4.1 and the Nexus 7 tablet to be announced during the keynote. As for JB features... let's see. I think I'd love to see better battery life. That's our #1 complaint. 
1) The Nexus Tablet will have laser attachments.  "Torch" apps will immediately seem 'so last year' when the Nexus boys and girls can cut through plate steel.
I speculate that the event will start in less than 5h 35m!
I'm hoping for some news on Android@home. We seem to have all the devices we need to make it possible, we just need the framework and a push to get Android into everyday appliances.
+Gyuri Grell Me too... not sure how 9:30am translates to 5 and a half hours from now.
Sad sauce... I'm not going to be able to partake of any video coverage until this evening.
2) Google will finally accomplish the dev-equivalent of world peace: Their newly-released coffee app will dispense hot java from the micro-usb port.  Oracle will sue Google again for thinking of java without permission.
Wait, is it seriously in 5 more hours? I thought it was 3 hours away
Only three!!! It is getting late over here though. 
3) The Google+ team will reveal "Deep Integration" with Facebook; shocking Apple onlookers.
So what Google+ announcements would we like to see?
If the Nexus Tablet is as cheap as is rumoured (and actually available for purchase online), I'll be a happy camper.  Progress with Google Glass would be tremendously welcome too.
In terms of Google+ announcements it has to be a write API
The only thing that gets apple onlookers excited is the fact that they might have turn by turn soon! hehe
in what conference is supposed to be presented nexus 7 and jelly bean? What hour? because in the link that +Derek Ross posted the first conference is monetizing android.
I wonder how long after the Jellybean announcements it will take to get it on my Galaxy Nexus... hmm..

If the Nexus tablet is decent, I can see myself getting one.  I got rid of my original Nook Color because I got tired of having to run half-baked custom ROMs on it to make it useful ..  It's the same reason I got the Galaxy Nexus - just tired of custom ROMS and poor update schedules..
Just gonna watch one of the live blogs. I'm confused as to why its 3hrs in the app.
My fault: PACIFIC TIME. :(
You mean "specific time"?

...........sorry, Family Guy joke..
Waiting to see how soon I can get Jelly Bean on my GNexus.
So looking forward to it!!! I'm especially looking forward to the leak that Bloomberg released last night that we can expect to see a $199 Asus tablet!!! :) 
wondering with Nexus 7 how low the price will be to undercut the Kindle Fire. But even if Google comes out with a great Nexus they need to spend some money on marketing the device.

Will Majel be ready for Jelly Bean or what will be the big feature that requires the s/w drop increment from ICS to JB?

GoogleTv will it come into its own this year, now that Vizio has come out with a $99 STB?
Prediction: JB will come with "back-end" services that deal with the cloud and not so much phone/device applications. "Services" that may already exist or may not exist. However, services that Google had to build/expand upon for JB's roll-out.
If the Nexus tablet is priced right I'll be ordering one ASAP.
I'm just wondering how soon I can give them my money... err, I mean, order the Nexus 7!
+Salvatore Barrile You have to either find the liklnk which +Derek Ross has posted, or go to googledevelopers channel from search and goto their io playlist.
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