I've had a few requests to share my Android Circle. Here you'll find:

+MIUI.us developers, people who have contributed to MIUI.us in one way or another.

+CyanogenMod developers, people who have contributed to CM one way or another.

+Android new sites and sources. Bloggers who contribute to various Android blogging websites.

+xda-developers fans and community members.

+RootzWiki fans and community members.

And last but certainly not least, users like me and you, die hard Android Enthusiasts.

Note: I have individual Circles for MIUI and CyanogenMod, if needed I'll share those separately. Also, if you're missing from this Circle and you feel you should be in here because you're a developer or general enthusiast, let me know, please. Hopefully next time I can share a strictly developer Circle. Thanks!
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