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I've had a few requests to share my Android Circle. Here you'll find: developers, people who have contributed to in one way or another.

+CyanogenMod developers, people who have contributed to CM one way or another.

+Android new sites and sources. Bloggers who contribute to various Android blogging websites.

+xda-developers fans and community members.

+RootzWiki fans and community members.

And last but certainly not least, users like me and you, die hard Android Enthusiasts.

Note: I have individual Circles for MIUI and CyanogenMod, if needed I'll share those separately. Also, if you're missing from this Circle and you feel you should be in here because you're a developer or general enthusiast, let me know, please. Hopefully next time I can share a strictly developer Circle. Thanks!
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Thanks. I'm following most on twitter but hadn't looked for them on G+. ;)
+Darryl Barnes They can't boast that anymore with iOS 5 :) They are complaining like crazy about it. +Steve Wozniak (the Woz) said so himself, Android gets better battery life now. i.e The Galaxy Nexus.
I believe it's because iOS 5 is syncing a great deal in the background now, whereas before it wan't. Darn you iCloud!
Yep, it was definitely and Android circle! Now I feel pressure to talk more Android! ;-)
Rawr! Live Android or Die!

On a side note, Android is best because, well, when was the last time you heard of an "Apple uprising?" Uh-huh, that's what I thought. :P
Is there room for yet another Android enthusiast? ;)
Thanks for the share. I'm a Android developer and an enthusiast as well.
I really appreciate you putting me in this circle! :) See, I want more followers so I can share with more people a few things I'm passionate about, including the #android Phone Comparison List I update almost daily at and my writings and #animations on #nonviolentcommunication at So thanks for helping me grow :)
Android enthusiast here. If I had more spare time I'd wear a developer hat as well. Tried about 50 roms on my GSM HTC Hero. Currently running plain old Google ICS 4.0.3 on my Xoom and Nexus S. I just found I was in a shared Android circle so you can leave me out if you are running short of space.
+Darryl Barnes This post is from a month ago. I assume he has since seen the error and rectified it. If not... Well, we can flog him later.
+Jeff Richards You already are :) ... I've added you since this Circle was shared a month ago.
Is there room for another Android enthusiast?
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