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Android 4.2 will scan all sideloaded apps, looking for malware. This should help alleviate malware infections from installing apps via the bowels of the Internet.
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This should alleviate the fallout from morons installing just any ol' .apk from "reliable sources"*
Could Google also do a little more vetting of apps in the play store or is that something we don't like because of the open environment?
+Nick Schiwy it's more about apps not in Play that are causing problems. Side loaded apps are not vetted or scanned 1st party... until now. 
+Wesley Roach people outside USA and UK sometimes had no choice but to side load .apks, or root their devices to install market enabler which is also not available at Google play ( side load is a most)

+Wesley Roach I understand that apps that aren't in the play store aren't vetted by Google, the only reason I said anything like that is because the average user probably doesn't side load their apps like we do. I realize now that the article was specifically about side loaded apps but its still something to think about since I've heard there are a lot of apps in the play store which are considered to be malware
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