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iPad Mini and Nexus 7 Drop Test

It pains me to see two beautiful devices one beautiful device get destroyed in tests like these. As with any drop test, results vary and their are too many inconsistencies.

I dropped my Nexus 7 about a week after I got it. Well, let me rephrase that. I was attempting to hug my wife with Nexus 7 in hand, she ended up slapping the Nexus 7 out of my hand. It landed face down on a hard wood deck. The Nexus was not damaged one bit. Divorce averted!

Have you dropped your N7?
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Got a sweet case for it (looks like a manilla envelope but it's leather) and I was taking it out of the case to show someone and it landed back down on linoleum from near shoulder height. The back popped out, but was still secure enough that I couldn't pry it off. I clicked it back in and it's been fine ever since.
I have dropped my N7 twice, similar to you it was in hand and my kids running up to give me a hug and their flaying little arms knocked it right out of my hand. It was not damaged. 

I have a +Cruzerlite TPU Gel case on mine.  
twice. no case protection. no damage whatsoever. Even though my dorm is covered with mat... But for comparison, my one X got slight crack on back and volume rocker when dropped on the same floor. 
These drop tests are stupid. How about a "give the devices to me and I'll tell you which one I like better" test? 
"Up next; Ipad Mini vs. Nexus 7 stomp test - wich will break first?"
Agreed, this kind tests are stupid and done by people with too much money to spend.
Agreeing with those who say those drop tests are stupid. There is a strong random factor regarding damages when dropping a device. Also, it is a waste of money, I just think it's insulting for people who cannot afford one.
Mine fell 9 inches of my nightstands bottom shelf and cracked/scratched the screen right in the middle... Stupid for such a short drop...
+Chris Arriola I don't have a case for my tablet. I have a neoprene sleeve for when I'm not using it. I hate cases. Manufacturers spend a lot of time and money to make devices sexy looking and thin. In my opinion, putting a case on it defeats that.
IPad Mini has the better built quality. It clearly shows on this drop test. Nexus 7 has much I love Android OS your built quality is garbage. 
Sad to see the trolling in your post +Derek Ross . I don't think acting like a fanboy helps in any way. We should praise choice, and competition, as it brings innovation.
In the 14 years I've been using mobile devices, I've never had a device break +Chris Arriola. I've also never dropped a device. I'm very careful with my tech. My example was my first time, hopefully my last.
I dropped my old Desire Z and replaced the screen myself for $25. If it happens it happens, but I hate seeing people breaking perfectly good devices on purpose. 
I have bought 2 N7s to give to the kids for Christmas.... they better survive drops... Actually - I think the N7 would survive better than my Xoom since the 7 is so much lighter.
The striking over two beautiful devices really looks trollish. Whether you like the iPad Mini or not, or even iOS is your opinion, but your message was provocative.

Just to put things in context, I actually prefer Android over iOS, I just don't think opposing every device, OS, etc. helps in any way.
B Ossia
When it comes to design Apple's is far more appealing. It doesn't take an expert to see that. Saying that, I agree Nexus 7's price tag makes it unbeatable compared with iPad mini but it wont be winning on beauty for sure.
B Ossia
+Derek Ross  I agree. No prejudice as we are here with objective minds. And what you said is true.
Appealing design is in the eye of the beholder isn't it +B Ossia ?
I personally can't stand brushed aluminum.
It is very much in the eye of the beholder +Fredrik Andersson I personally love the brushed aluminum, but at the same time like the look of the Nexus 7 as well... I also think that while I prefer the look of the Mini, the Nexus 7 seems like it will be easier to hold... I say appears, because I've held the 7 and like it, but have not held a mini yet... 
that guy can't even drop things right. the N7 took way harder hits and each one was on the face
Course it was done by an Android site... Just proves that drop tests are iffy at best because you can't guarantee the exact same drop at the same angles etc... 
Man this guy sucks at controlled drops lol. That was not "side", "back", "front" for either tablet. It was "side", "side", "side"
+Matt Neithercott I like the look of the mini . The slim bezels and aluminum but I think that only an uninformed or vain buyer would chose it. Apple needs to worry more about performance and less on design or at the least equal effort.

+Braden Nida drop test will always be flawed. The true measure is always going to be warranty numbers which does no good if you're trying to be the first to own a product.
+Matt Neithercott I have seen some other sites when if they do edge it falls on edge, if face its on face, it's not that had to drop something and release each hand at the same time. That guy is just retarded and not only wasted one good N7 but he wasted my time.
As a person that likes Apple I was greatly disappointed in the mini, No Retina and an A5... Really? The design was really the only thing I did like... 
+Matt Neithercott As someone that doesn't like Apple, but respects great technology...I was disappointed to not see them "bring it" either. Instead, they brought a "me too" device.
Bigger screen than the N7 and Less resolution, not even matching resolution, for $130 more.... GTFO Apple....
Anyone who doesnt case up their shit whether its android or apple is a fool. That device cost money and 30 bucks for the case is a sound investment to protect any device. So you dropped your uncased device once, maybe a couple of times and there wasn't any damage, guess what... you were lucky is all. Eventually that luck will run out and you'll be posting a bitch an moan post about the ding, dent, scratches, cracks, and unresponsiveness that your device has due to dropping one to many times. Brand doesn't matter, but little things like trajectory, velocity as well as the density of the surface you dropped it on does, so does the fact that maybe your device was assembled by the employee of the month while someone else's device was assemble by the company idiot. Be smart, case your shit,  it'll last longer. 
+Christopher Lira no using cases makes no one a fool. Its personal preference and a knowledge of how accident prone you are combined with a style and comfort vs safety equation. I'm not accident prone and I love my sleek sexy device designs and pocketability more than I need insurance on a device that I change every year when the new model comes out. 
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