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Comcast launching XFINITY TV Player for Android

I'm not sure where +Android Police got there screenshots from, but I'm not seeing any shows from NBC or Fox or AMC on here.

Such a let down.
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The screenshots are from the Play Store. You're right, I just checked and didn't find AMC or Fox, and only one show in NBC.
Streampix is advertised on TV here...can you explain where it is?
+Artem Russakovskii what's interesting though is the screenshot shows The Walking Dead...

I don't have Streampix, I wonder if shows listed on the screenshot show up if you have that? I don't have HBO either and HBO shows show up with a locked icon. I would think similar would happen with Streampix?
+Derek Ross There are plenty of shows that show up as Streampix for me, and I don't have it (with the locked icon), so I am quite baffled by the presence of The Walking Dead in that screenshot.
+Dave Kaufman Open the app and search by network, then select XFINITY Streampix. It's a service that costs $5 a month I think, or comes free if you have Triple Play or some other options.
Not that I was looking for it, but Glee is in the sceenshot and doesn't list on the app for me either.

Maybe it's a sign of things to come? I was really excited for this as I don't watch much TV except for a few shows that I DVR. Oh well. Fingers crossed, confidence low.
Well I can see lots of stuff :) I have a fairly complete subscription. Looks pretty good :)
I'm kind of surprised at how many UK shows are in there, I usually watch those through Netflix. I guess maybe they're on BBC America? That channel isn't part of my package so I've never bothered to look
A lot of stuff is governed by programming contracts, for example delivery to a set top vs other devices. I don't see either of those programmes either
So you're saying we can sue for false advertisements? Got it. :)
it all depends on your subscription, I don't get access to everything :) and I'm looking on a phone and not a tablet. On Demand and streampix offerings also vary over time :)
Rakesh: I have sccussfully added streampix at free of cost for 3 months and there is a change of service charge for $1.99. Will it be fine with you?

Really It costs 2 bucks to make a change to your account. Aren't they getting enough money already?
the walking dead is not available on either

glee is on fox, but doesn't seem to be available mobile.

I can ask around and see if i can find out why
Don't have Streampix - Can't watch The Hoff in Knight Rider. Can see ABC shows like LOST, but can't see Disney Channel shows same parent company. I see CodeMonkeys is offered but locked for me.
Navigation effort is massive for this offering. Does anyone know if live TV is coming? (sports, news, weather)
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