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My wife's book is now available on Amazon:

In 1992, nine-year-old Katie Beers was kidnapped by a family friend and locked in an underground box for 17 days. Katie has now come forward to tell the story that created a national media storm as reporters uncovered the truth about her pre-kidnapping life of neglect and sexual abuse and the details of her rescue. She shares how this experience and the recent death of her kidnapper, John Esposito, has affected her life. Despite the horrible reality of Katie's days of being chained in darkness, the kidnapping was, in fact, the climactic end of a tragic childhood and the beginning of a new life.

Katie has been traveling around the country the past two years keynote speaking at various child advocacy and victim events, motivational and inspirational speaking venues, and of course various media outlets.

My wife's book, Buried Memories, is a NYT Bestseller. This is the new and updated version that includes new chapters such as life after Buried Memories.

For those that do not know, part of the reason for the new book is sadly because the original book publisher completely screwed her and I over, stealing thousands of dollars from us (essentially victimizing a victim, awesome huh?). The book has been released with a reputable publisher and we couldn't be happier with the change.

Thank you so much for the share and the kind words +Virginia Poltrack. Katie and I appreciate it :)
So I really struggled with how to word this post. Let me start by linking to this book-

I met +Katie Beers​​ before I knew about this book, about her story. I liked her immediately, and in fact, just thought she was a GREAT person. The kind of friend that when you meet them for the first time, you walk away thinking to yourself, "I really adore that person, I'm so happy to have met them!"

Then I learned a bit about this story, and ordered the book. And I was floored. To say she is an amazing person and survivor is an understatement. Basically, I was completely blown away and have a new found respect for someone I already held in really high regard. Katie, thank you for sharing this. You're amazing, and deserve every happiness. I'm really proud to call you a friend 💗
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+Derek Ross I need a signed copy please...with cherries on top
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Derek Ross

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Dear USA (and Google services) I've missed you. See you in about 15 hours.
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+Josh Beach​ Haha Freedom. He lives in the USofA
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Derek Ross

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Google working on Internet of Things OS, could debut at Google IO 2015

Android Home was announved and demoed nearly four years ago at Google IO 2011. Since then, we've seen almost nothing, beyond random references and snippets of code hinting the platform wasn't dead, but that's it. A new report says Google is working on a very light OS for the Internet of Things, codebamed Brillo.

Connected devices in the home aren't entirely new to Google. About a year and a half ago Google purchased Nest, which was followed by the Works with Nest program and Nest's Dropcam acquisition. However, Google themselves has been staying out of this market.

With Apple launching HomeKit soon, it makes sense for the Googs to enter this booming space, to let the world know their take on how they see the industry. Google did this last year with wearables at IO and having them do the same with connected devices at this year's conference would certainly be exciting.
Because Android (at least in its current state), isn't really optimized for low-power gadgets and doodads, Google is doing something about that with a new software codenamed
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+Tom Waznis Yes, great battery life is possible, but not from the types of processors they're talking about (yet).  Those good battery life peripherals are a much much smaller feature set
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Derek Ross

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Google unveils limited edition Skrillex cases with matching live wallpapers for select Android devices

Wub wub wub.
In a somewhat un-Googley move, the internet search giant is unveiling a new line of specialty cases headed to their online storefront. The “Live Cases” as they’re being called were designed in collaboration with world-renown artist Skrillex and not only feature unique designs, but matching live wallpapers as well.
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In typical google fashion, case is out of stock. 
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Derek Ross

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+OPPO​ announces a selfie stick...
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Lou F
Beginning of the end...
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Derek Ross

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Google IO 2015 predictions

I'm about to board my final airplane home and I've queued this article up by +Ron Amadeo​ in +Pocket​. Thanks for the reading material Ron!
SPOILER ALERT! We recap upcoming Google projects that could launch at I/O 2015.
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+Derek Ross​ I was kinda hoping it to be Android Martini just to f with Apple (Martini) lol
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Derek Ross

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LG G Watch R doesn’t support WiFi right now, but it will later this year

So, I guess LG's PR didn't technically lie to me...but technically lied to me. O.o

Congrats LG G Watch R users! Your complaining worked. Or something like that.
According to an LG spokesperson, a future maintenance release will activate the LG G Watch R's hidden WiFi functionality. They even gave us a rough release date.
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And someone on xda will find the fix in 3..2..1...This just seems like marketing to boost urbane sales. 
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Derek Ross

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Traveling this Memorial Day? Google Maps has you covered with improved traffic alerts just in time for Memorial Day.

Google has detailed a new update for Google Maps that'll help you avoid the dreadful result of a busy society: congested traffic. The company's improved traffic alerts will now let you know if there is heavy traffic en route to your destination and will let you select an alternate route, if available.
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Saw this. I use google maps all the time for navigation, even when I know the route. I like this change. It feels like Google Maps is talking to me, telling me things. It's not annoying either, it's not talking in my pocket, but only when it's relevant. 
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Derek Ross

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Nexus 6 and +OPPO​ R7 Plus side by side / size comparison.
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One is beautiful. The other one ugly as hell.
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Derek Ross

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+OPPO​ R7 Plus in full glory! Hands on #soon.
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+Thien Cao yes.
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Derek Ross

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Live at +OPPO​'s 10 year celebration event. Here comes the R7 and R7 Plus!
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+Daniel Salazar I adored the Finder X907. I did a review here:

A phone you can pound nails into a board with. Meanwhile, Apple can't design a phone that doesn't bend in your front pocket. 
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Derek is a senior Information Technology business professional with vast experience in virtual infrastructure design and administration, network engineering and architecture, enterprise customer support, systems design, disaster recovery planning, and help desk operations. Former IT entrepreneur, Derek is currently a network systems administrator at a Penn State University.

I use social networking to meet new exciting people, make new friends, stay up to day with old friends, express myself and engage in some great conversations that I wouldn't have normally had the opportunity. Over the past 17 years of my online life, I've made numerous online friends through various social communities and continue to talk to them, even the oldest ones, all of the time. I look forward to meeting you :)

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I host a weekly Android news show. I write for Phandroid. Google Glass Explorer!
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Great Mexican and Texmex food at a resonable price. The wait staff is always very friendly.
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I odtrm go here for. The good is reasonably priced and tastea great.
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Your risk IHOP. The wait was a bit long, but worth it.
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63 reviews
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I loved the atmosphere, the overhead view of downtown State College, and the for was great. My steel was a bit well done, but otherwise great.
Public - a week ago
reviewed a week ago
Delicious burgers and wonderful atmosphere.
Public - a week ago
reviewed a week ago