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My wife's book is now available on Amazon:

In 1992, nine-year-old Katie Beers was kidnapped by a family friend and locked in an underground box for 17 days. Katie has now come forward to tell the story that created a national media storm as reporters uncovered the truth about her pre-kidnapping life of neglect and sexual abuse and the details of her rescue. She shares how this experience and the recent death of her kidnapper, John Esposito, has affected her life. Despite the horrible reality of Katie's days of being chained in darkness, the kidnapping was, in fact, the climactic end of a tragic childhood and the beginning of a new life.

Katie has been traveling around the country the past two years keynote speaking at various child advocacy and victim events, motivational and inspirational speaking venues, and of course various media outlets.

My wife's book, Buried Memories, is a NYT Bestseller. This is the new and updated version that includes new chapters such as life after Buried Memories.

For those that do not know, part of the reason for the new book is sadly because the original book publisher completely screwed her and I over, stealing thousands of dollars from us (essentially victimizing a victim, awesome huh?). The book has been released with a reputable publisher and we couldn't be happier with the change.

Thank you so much for the share and the kind words +Virginia Poltrack. Katie and I appreciate it :)
So I really struggled with how to word this post. Let me start by linking to this book-

I met +Katie Beers​​ before I knew about this book, about her story. I liked her immediately, and in fact, just thought she was a GREAT person. The kind of friend that when you meet them for the first time, you walk away thinking to yourself, "I really adore that person, I'm so happy to have met them!"

Then I learned a bit about this story, and ordered the book. And I was floored. To say she is an amazing person and survivor is an understatement. Basically, I was completely blown away and have a new found respect for someone I already held in really high regard. Katie, thank you for sharing this. You're amazing, and deserve every happiness. I'm really proud to call you a friend 💗
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+Derek Ross great reviews. That's really awesome. 
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Derek Ross

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Microsoft recommends Edge if you search for Chrome or Firefox

If you're on Windows 10 and load up Microsoft's new web browser and search for Chrome or Firefox, which is extremely likely, Edge and Bing will tell you to use Edge on Windows 10. This is clearly manipulating search results. Yet somehow, Microsoft feels what Google does is anticompetitive and they're okay with this tactic when they do it.

Microsoft is using a new tactic to keep Windows 10 users from switching away from its Edge browser. The first time Edge users search for "chrome" or "firefox" using Bing -- presumably with the intent of downloading those browsers from Google or Mozilla, respectively -- they are shown a serious-looking message at the top of the search results.
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I don't really care. I'll still download the damn thing.
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Derek Ross

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Here's an excellent interview and article on the man that helped make our mobile lives possible.
Excellent interview by Pocketnow's +Michael Fisher  talking with Dr. Marty Cooper.

My favorite part is at 18.52 when Michael reads a quote Marty made a number of years ago about the Future of our Industry.   Great stuff. 

He made the first cellular phone call in 1973. Now Dr. Martin Cooper joins us for a look back at the world he made possible – and what's yet to come.
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Seems like sort of a shame that he's not more widely recognized for his achievements.
Instead of, or at least along with, people like Steve Jobs. 
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Derek Ross

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Wow. The Nexus 6 is available for $350 on Amazon

That's a whole lot of phone for only $350. Especially a phone that will get Android 6.0 Marshmallow immediately after launch and continue to get security updates for years to come.
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Perfect! Ready to buy one this week, great timing... Nexus 5 is ready for retirement (it ain't pretty looking anymore!) 
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Derek Ross

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Dear Internet: +Taylor Wimberly needs your help.
Internet I your need help. I'm trying to get 50+ more responses by tomorrow afternoon. Please take a minute and vote if you can.
Being a member of the GetHuawei community has its advantages. As part of Huawei's dedication to customer-centric innovation, we will begin conducting regular user surveys and share the results with our internal teams and everyone that participates. Please help by completing the following poll ...
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Dual sim. Desperately hoping for in new nexus.
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Derek Ross

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iPhone 6S: #bendgate  no more!

It looks like the upcoming iPhone 6S won't bend as easily as the iPhone 6 thanks to a higher grade of aluminium. The iPhone 6 back plate bent at around 30 pounds of pressure and the iPhone 6S back plate didn't bend significantly until around 80 pounds of pressure.
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+Rich S​ that test is the exact one I had in mind. Go read my comment again and then go and look at where they are bending the phones. Then go back and look at all the original videos and pictures about the iPhone bending and you'll see exactly what I'm talking about.

The issue was never bending phones in general. The issue was a weak point at the volume holes on the iPhone that was being deformed in pockets. That's why while the guy in the video had trouble breaking the pencils people were able to go and bend iPhones in stores for fun. Even editors from tech sites experienced the bend that they did not experience with other phones. Aside from that weak point there wasn't a problem with the strength of the phone.
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Derek Ross

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+TYLT​ is having a heck of a labor day sale. Go get your charge on.
TYLT doing 50% off all power Products this laborday!

Promo Code: LABORDAY15

BOOOoooooo. Doesn't include the Wireless Charging Car Mount :(
TYLT is inclined to innovate. Our goal is to connect to you and to your mobile devices. Our focus is innovation in the mobile world. TYLT products include mobile / cell phone accessories, smartphone accessories, tablet device accessories, mp3 player accessories, accessories specialized for iPhone and iPad, accessories specialized for Android devices, and more!
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Anybody with Droid Turbo having qi charging problems on Tylt? Works fantastic on nex7 and Droid Maxx.
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Derek Ross

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Android Pay being teased in Google Wallet

Earlier this evening, another hint popped up inside the Google Wallet app lettings users officially know that Android Pay is coming soon along with major changes to the Google Wallet application.

We also now know exactly what's going to happen to the current Google Wallet app as well as what these changes mean for your physical Wallet Card.
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+Ted Kidd Google's customer service and service policies do leave something to be desired, I'll agree with you 100% there. I had a somewhat similar issue that fortunately didn't end in account closure, but it's still worth sharing. My CC info was stolen awhile ago and so the card was canceled. My CC company sent over the usual sheet of recent transactions that I had to mark as being legit or not. There was a single $10 charge on there that wasn't fraud, so I left the box unchecked for that item. Easy peasy, seems pretty clear to me. Apparently, someone at the issuing bank messed up and counted that one as fraud too, resulting in a chargeback in Google Wallet. Instead of contacting me or the issuing bank about it, they froze my account immediately and said I get 1 screwup like that. Like I'm the one that messed up. Anything else happens and my account is toast too. I offered to pay them the difference to put my account back in good standing or to help sort out the problem (what they should have asked for anyway), but they never responded to my repeated emails about it and everybody on the phone just went through a script. And why exactly don't they issue a chargeback against whatever it was I bought anyway? That's exactly what the CC company does? If you're going to offer services like a CC company, you should act like a CC company. And what if my account information gets stolen or something? I'm just effed out of my money or something or face full account closure? C'mon.

Google needs to seriously step up their game on that end. Humans use their stuff. They don't quite realize this yet.
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Derek Ross

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Nextbit Robin hands-on photos and first impressions

I'm really liking the price, specs, and overall design of this phone (minus the huge black bezel around the screen). I just wish this phone wasn't a Kickstarter project where you had to buy now and hope it ships in January. Fool me once Kickstarter...never again.

That design though. Love it.
We already gave you guys the full rundown behind Nextbit, a San Francisco startup formed by ex-Googlers who, in February, will launch their first smartphone called the Nextbit Robin. The phone is built completely with the cloud in mind and intelligently moves stagnant data — such as old photos, videos, or apps that haven't been accessed in awhile — to a 100GB cloud storage account. Here's some other key hardware specs: Nextbit Robin specs Proces...
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Managed to switch to the early adopter $299 tier. I'm so torn on my color choice. 95% says mint. The other 5% says the black looks like the monolith from 2001 a space odyssey and that would be badass as a phone. 
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Derek Ross

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Google Chrome version 45 is faster and more efficient

The latest stable version of Chrome focuses on improving how fast pages load, how smooth scrolling is, how much memory is consumed, and how long your battery lasts. If you had issues with Chrome before, you're going to love the this update.
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Have a hard time getting more then 9 tabs open on Win ME... And since the update I can no longer play the Weezer video that came with the OS
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Derek Ross

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Am I reading this right that Android Pay will STILL only work with debit cards?  I'm all about paying with my phone, but don't most people use credit cards?  Debit cards don't have rewards programs or theft protection right?
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Derek Ross

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Google Search updated with expanded health information

The best thing about Google Search? It's not Bing! ...and it's constantly getting better all of the time. Google's knowledge graph is expanding to over 900 illnesses which now include a new pretty visual result.
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Kind of an old feature.
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Moto Maker | Motorola

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Your typical IHOP. The wait was a bit long, but worth it.
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I'm pretty much the opposite of an avid fair goer, but it's a decent place for kids. You'll find your typical fair food here and the demolition derby isn't bad. The quality of the rides has gone downhill over the years.
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Great beer and great food. I often go here for lunch or after work and always enjoy the atmosphere.
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A small Sheetz that oddly closes at midnight unlike the rest of the chain.
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I've been coming here my entire life to see movies. Their prices are very fair and the service is always great.
Appeal: Very GoodFacilities: Very GoodService: Excellent
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This is a great place being so close to Broadway. I'd stay here again.
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