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You can't fake passion.
You can't fake passion.


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My wife's book is now available on Amazon:

In 1992, nine-year-old Katie Beers was kidnapped by a family friend and locked in an underground box for 17 days. Katie has now come forward to tell the story that created a national media storm as reporters uncovered the truth about her pre-kidnapping life of neglect and sexual abuse and the details of her rescue. She shares how this experience and the recent death of her kidnapper, John Esposito, has affected her life. Despite the horrible reality of Katie's days of being chained in darkness, the kidnapping was, in fact, the climactic end of a tragic childhood and the beginning of a new life.

Katie has been traveling around the country the past two years keynote speaking at various child advocacy and victim events, motivational and inspirational speaking venues, and of course various media outlets.

My wife's book, Buried Memories, is a NYT Bestseller. This is the new and updated version that includes new chapters such as life after Buried Memories.

For those that do not know, part of the reason for the new book is sadly because the original book publisher completely screwed her and I over, stealing thousands of dollars from us (essentially victimizing a victim, awesome huh?). The book has been released with a reputable publisher and we couldn't be happier with the change.

Thank you so much for the share and the kind words +Virginia Poltrack. Katie and I appreciate it :)
So I really struggled with how to word this post. Let me start by linking to this book-

I met +Katie Beers​​ before I knew about this book, about her story. I liked her immediately, and in fact, just thought she was a GREAT person. The kind of friend that when you meet them for the first time, you walk away thinking to yourself, "I really adore that person, I'm so happy to have met them!"

Then I learned a bit about this story, and ordered the book. And I was floored. To say she is an amazing person and survivor is an understatement. Basically, I was completely blown away and have a new found respect for someone I already held in really high regard. Katie, thank you for sharing this. You're amazing, and deserve every happiness. I'm really proud to call you a friend 💗

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Unpopular opinion: You should NOT be buying phones that do not ship with the latest version of Android

Oreo was announced 6 months ago at Google IO 2017. The developer preview was made available. Many OEMs are even granted additional access to help them upgrade their devices and ship new devices with this code. Oreo officially launched 3 months ago.

If you ship a phone this late in the game without Oreo, you're bad and you should feel bad. I'm looking at you OnePlus.

If you can't ship a phone with the latest and greatest Android operating system, how can you be trusted to put out timely security updates every month or even the next major OS version? You can't.

When you buy a new phone, you should be safe in the knowledge that it’s better than what's available right now. Not something that MAY be better months down the road, at least until it falls behind again.


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Hmm. What a nice app update change log +Verizon​.

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It looks like broadcasting is rolling out. I just tried it randomly and it worked.

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You shouldn't rely on Face ID as a means to keep family members out of your iPhone.

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Google Pixel 2's Enterprise Grade Security

The new Google Pixel 2 was built with a tamper-resistant hardware security module that reinforces the lock screen against malware and hardware attacks to better safeguard the data stored on your device...

Last year, the Google Pixel wasn't compromised on day one of Zero Day Initiatives hack-a-thon, where hackers and crackers try to break into flagship devices. Samsung, Apple, and Huawei were all compromised on the first day. Hell yeah Google Pixel.

I'm sure the Google Pixel 2 will follow suite again this year, thanks to it's tamper resistant hardware and software.

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The latest updates to the Google Home app are fantastic, allowing more granular control over all of your casting devices.

I used this the other day when my children were blasting music. Sure, I could have used my legs like some sort of barbarian and screaming at them, competing with a speaker wasn't working, so like any sane parent, I opened up my Google Home and and turned the volume down.

To the dude that had a minor meltdown on reddit the other day because he couldn't do these sorts of things... your move.

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After 8 years of preparation, Google / Waymo's self driving fleet of vehicles are ready for use on public roads in full autonomous mode. What a time to be alive.

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Amazon... Their music app now supports Chromecast, but you still can't BUY a Chromecast from the Amazon Store.

This is good news for those that loves them some Amazon Music app though. So, congrats to you.

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It seems that Verizon has approved the Pixel 2 XL November security update. Finally.
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