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+Google Glass​ Mug Review

As a thank you for participating in #throughglass2014 , Google sent Glass Explorers a new version of Glass right around the same time the wearable graduated from Google[x] to tide them over until Glass launches in a consumer version. The latest version of Glass is quite different from previous iterations of the smart wearable. Let's take a look.

Just like other versions of Glass, this version does require Glassware to be installed to fully use the product as it was intended. I chose to install the provided hot chocolate mix, but added third party marshmallows to complete the experience. It's quite relieving to learn that Google still allows unofficial Glassware on this version too, without it, my hot chocolate wouldn't have been the same.

The new Glass can't be worn on top of your head, but can be loosely attached to one's hand while using the product for short intervals. Your wearing mileage may vary depending on how hot your Glass gets. Yes, sadly, this version is prone to getting warm too. However, unlike the previous Glass, this version seems to cool down the longer your use it.

The usefulness of the new Glass is short lived though. I haven't figured out how to connect the device to my WiFi and pairing with Bluetooth seems to fail too. I've also found that the voice commands that are vital to previous Glass Explorer models aren't available on the new version. Thankfully, I have found a work around that seems to provide similar results. Shouting 'ok glass get me some hot chocolate' or 'ok glass brew me some tea' does yield results if attempted over and over...and over again. Though, this could be because I was driving my wife insane and she opted to fill the request to get me to shut the hell up. Your mileage may vary.

I'm not really sure where Google plans to take Glass, but the Mug variant does seem like a bit of a stretch based on it's limited usefulness. That said, this is the first version of it's kind and I'm sure we'll see future revisions as time goes on in typical Google fashion.
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Pradu R
Oh man do you know someone on Google that is
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Derek Ross

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Holy crap! Pebble Time is the most successful Kickstarter ever!

Pebble Time has over 60,00 backers, has raised over $14 million, and has over 23 days left on their campaign. It seems they're onto something with their 7 days battery life, 6,500 compatible apps, and very affordable pricing at $179.

While that battery life is nice, I'm okay with charging my Moto 360 every night when I charge my Nexus 6. If I'm already charging 1 device, I don't mind charging another. It's second nature at this point. I like the additional functionality and integration with Android Wear and I won't be buying one, but damn, if I didn't already have an Android Wear powered watch, the Pebble Time Steel would be tempting.
Today's a day of new records for Pebble and Kickstarter. The smartwatch company's second crowdfunding effort is now the most successful Kickstarter campaign of all time. Aided by today's...
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Good strategy by pebble imo. Get the publicity and the money upfront before the Apple watch comes to party.. I'm sure kickstarter much have given pebble a special deal. Win win I say
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+Matias Duarte AMA going on right now...though it's not on reddit.

#PraiseDuarte   #Materiyolo  
Our own +Matias Duarte is answering all your design (and life!) questions over on Designer News:  #AskMatiasAnything

(comments disabled because, well, ask your questions over at DN!)
I’ve worked on the design of a bunch of operating systems over the years (some of which people actually liked) including Android, Palm WebOS, Helio...
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Derek Ross

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Monument Valley sees massive sales increase following House of Cards Season 3 exposure

I'll admit, I was pretty excited to see Frank Underwood playing Monument Valley. Also, holy phone sponsors this season batman. I've seen at least two Windows Phones / Nokia's, one or two BlackBerry's, a couple iPhone 5's, a Samsung Galaxy phone and a Samsung Galaxy tablet.
Well that's one way to spread the word of your app. TBH: Monument Valley is worth knowing about anyway. ;)
Spoiler alert: In episode 5 of the Netflix original series House of Cards, the U.S. President plays the mobile game Monument Valley. I’m sorry to have ruined the series for you with that big news, but truth be told, it is big news — and big business — for the developers behind the game. Why is…
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Interesting to see the tech people use in HoC. The Underwoods themselves are Apple all over, Stamper is a mad Windows head with his Lumia and generic grey Acer laptop he spies on Rachel with and Seth Grayson never has his Samsung tab out of his hand.

The TV show I've seen the most tech product placement in is Grey's Anatomy Season 2. More Surface 2 than anything I've ever seen. 
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Derek Ross

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Google backtracks on Lollipop device encryption

Remember last fall when Google announced that all new devices that ship with Lollipop would ship with encryption turned on by default? Well now we're seeing new devices at Mobile World Congress 2015 and they don't have encryption on by default. It seems that Google even updated their Android device policies. It's not a requirement now, but encryption may be required in an upcoming release to be enabled out of the box.
Many of the newest handsets to launch and ones introduced at Mobile World Congress are found to have no device encryption despite a recent requirement laid forth by Google. So what, exactly, is going on? Find out inside.
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+James Hollenbeck Yeah, Google DID do something really wrong.  Despite most Qualcomm SoCs for a while supporting dm-req-crypt, Google does not support it.  Apparently feeding QCE with 512 byte chunks is so inefficient Google doesn't support it at all and just uses software crypto on Qualcomm devices.

Interestingly, Qualcomm added some sort of support for an embedded inline encryptor - - not sure what hardware supports this though

Most likely even though most OEMs that use Qualcomm CPUs use CAF as a base and hence would have dm-req-crypt, they probably bitched at Google for requiring something that performed extremely poorly in Google's reference implementation.
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Derek Ross

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Google+ is not dead, long live the Stream!

Apparently today is the day that we claim Google+ is dead, since it's being referred to as Google Stream, Google Photos and Hangouts. It's really just media fluff, in my opinion.

The social stream on Google+ has been referred to as a stream since day one here, 3 and a half years ago. Hell the UI used to say 'Stream'. In fact, when talking active users, Google always referred to those users as active users in the Stream.

If Google+ is rebranded to Stream, no one should care. It's not going anywhere. Facebook was branded after a few years too. It used to be called The Facebook. Though I hate to compare the two networks as they're vastly different. The name of the platform should not matter. It's the community that makes the platform.

As for Google+ being decompartmentalized, that's fine by me. I use all 3 areas: Photos for storage and editing, Hangouts for communicating, and the Stream for staying up to date with news, communicating with friends, and sharing my thoughts to the world.

In the end you should all follow me on Twitter at because we all know that Google+ has been a ghost town for years.

Just kidding. Long live the best social network on the planet. Google+ changed my life and helped fuel my Android reporting passion.

Seriously though, follow me on Twitter, just in case. And Instagram too:@derekmross.
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So now we're Streamers?
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+NVIDIA Shield Android TV!

Here's the worlds first 4K Android TV and it comes packed with a Tegra X1 chip, a gigabit NIC, two USB 3.0 ports for an external HDD and a microSD expansion slot.

Another year, another new Shield device from NVIDIA. What's Shield? It's the hardware line from NVIDIA that spans a bizarre handheld game console, a powe
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+Marcus Wolschon I doubt it has any tuners and frankly it never crossed my mind that it would. Broadcast TV is going the way of the dodo. But I guess we have different ideas on what makes a good set top box. 
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Google Contacts updated!

Managing your contacts on Android can sometimes be a bit confusing with phone contacts, Google Contacts, Google+ Contacts, and <insert horrible application here that updates your contacts for you, mucking up the place>. Well, the latest version of Google Contacts aims to make life a little easier, and goes a little material design in the process. I'm a fan.
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Contact merging is a lot easier in this update. I eliminated most using the Find Duplicates feature, and a couple more by selecting from the list of All Contacts. I feel so much better now.
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Have you ever used your nose to navigate your smartwatch?

Maybe the screen didn't turn on when you moved your wrist upwards or maybe your hands were occupied and you needed to check your watch's notification, whatever the reason, I've done this numerous times. I can't be alone here, right?
834 votes
Are you smelling your watch?
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Haha I thought I was insane for doing this
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Pebble Time Steel looks a lot like the Apple Watch..

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Derek Ross

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And there you have it. Consider me not shocked. The tech media always loves to hate on Google+ and twist words into what they are not.

In your face all so-called tech journos, click-bait desperate tearers-apart and gravediggers.

Woe those who believe everything they read from techhunch - style rubbishy publications.


#Googleplus    Thanks +Yonatan Zunger .
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i have said it before and i'll say it again.

as long as i can post, i'm happy.  give photos it's very own dedicated team, i'm happy and proud of them.. i'll even bake a them a congratulations cake.. as long as i can still post.

if google drops google+ or streams or whatever its called, i'll get depressed.. and then my dog will get bummed and it will spread far and wide..
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Derek Ross

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+Sundar Pichai confirms Google MVNO (wireless carrier) at MWC!

We really don't know all that much besides that fact that it's confirmed to be a real project at El Goog and that Google isn't looking to become the next major players in the game. They're looking to focus on innovations and new technology such as seamless call hand-off between WiFi and cellular data. Google sees value in hardware, software, and mobile connectivity all working well together and plans to explore that route.

Before we had our bit of morning fun over at the Android booth, Google's Sundar Pichai -- who heads the Chrome and Android teams -- took to the stage at the Mobile World Congress opening keynote. One of the more interesting bits to spawn from it? Word that Google is, in fact, looking to become a wireless carrier.
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Seamless calling handoff from wifi to mobile was possible on T-Mobile with their UMA handsets, but it seems those chipsets were incompatible with 3G networks or something, I forget what they said. I used to love that service. Wifi Calling is good, but it fails more often than UMA ever did.
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Another year, another new Shield device from NVIDIA. What's Shield? It's the hardware line from NVIDIA that spans a bizarre handheld game co

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Absolutely the best steak I've had in a very long time. The atmosphere was quite pleasant and the wait staff very polite and helpful.
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Excellent selection of beer and burgers. Our waitress was fun and very friendly. Also, do the challenge ;)
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55 reviews
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