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Sweet! My 105mbps will be upgraded to 150mbps in May!
Competition is a beautiful thing.

My 105 Mbps connection is going to get upgraded to 150 at no charge. 2 Gbps coming in June. Can't wait. 
The company also increases speeds for existing Internet customers at no additional cost. Changes will go into effect starting in May and continue throughout the year.
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Faster to the data cap!
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Here's an #AutoAwesome of my dad and my son where we were fishing this morning.
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Derek Ross

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Tomorrow is the first day of trout season. Let's hope this year goes better than last. I fell and dislocated my shoulder last year, BUT my son reeled in his first two trout, so there was success.
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I live ifraklin co now! I used to fish the river there a lot. I also used to go to the lake alot with my grandfather!
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See, this is how you debate Android versus iOS. There's no need to stab one another like those guys out in Tulsa. Great video +Christopher Chavez​.

#galaxys6   #iphone6   
Oh, and if you'd just like to watch our Galaxy S6 vs iPhone 6 video, you can find it right here. #android  
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Am I right in thinking he gave a loss to the edge in the display category? With the warping of the edge or not it's still a damn site better than the iPhone display 
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Derek Ross

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Fanboys get into drunken brawl, stab one another over Android vs iOS

What the hell? I like playing the fanboy card for laughs, but I'm not 100% serious, it's all done in jest for good fun. Roommates stabbing each other with broken beer bottles, well, that's some next level fanboyism right there. Holy shit.

Hey +john m foley maybe these guys should go to SXSW next year?
In what appears to be the resultant of drunken stupor on both sides, an Android user and his iOS faithful buddy began a conversation about which platform was better. Only, what started out as a conversation ended up in bloodshed.
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Nexus 6 or GTFO
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Derek Ross

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"Works with +Google Cardboard" gets all serious

While I never doubted the validity of the program, like this article's title suggests, it's nice to see Cardboard continuing to flourish. The new certification program brings about plenty of "hardware" vendors and an extremely easy way to configure them for the Cardboard application, thanks to a quick QR code scan.

Cardboard is an awesomely cheap solution, compared to competitor VR offerings. For example, Samsung's VR device will run you $200 compared to a $15 +Google Cardboard. You can't beat these rock bottom prices that 'Cardboard' boasts. But, there's obviously going to be a compromise made along the way. I'd still like a 'Cardboard' visor that's strapped to my head, so I wouldn't have to hold onto the device, à la hands-free. And, for larger devices like the Nexus 6 and other phones of this size, the phone can sometimes slide out of the 'Cardboard' units fairly easily, so we need a strap or better method for holding the phones in place. I'll have to test some of these newer units to see if large phones can easily slide out of them like the previous models.

What do you think of +Google Cardboard? Have you used it?
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My Galaxy Note 2 wasn't close to fitting. I had to modify the Cardboard dimensions. After that it worked great.

I imagine they didn't make a head strap because Google didn't want to tackle the colossal safety hazard it would be. Only a matter of time before someone gets hit by a bus or walks off the side of a building.
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I must have these, #ForScience.

+Andrew Bell has announced the latest round of Android mini collectibles and they're focused on celebrating a few brilliant minds. On April 20th at 11am you'll be able to snag Isaac Newton, Marie Curie, and Nikolai Tesla at $10 per figure.

ok google remind me to buy Android collectibles on April 20th at 11am
Dead Zebra has done a lot of cool themed collections over the years, but the coolest one yet has just arrived. This is
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Have him in circles
1,175,968 people
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Derek Ross

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Yeah... Sadly I've done this.
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+Ted Kidd but it's less likely to hit you with a corner :>
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Derek Ross

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Oh hello spinning material design refresh wheel of awesome. We've wanted you in Google+ for quite some time.
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+Andrew Bernstein I've done that before haha
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Derek Ross

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As per the current norm, +Braden Nida got into a drunken brawl with an Apple Watch user. This is the result.

Seriously though, that's a bit saddening to learn that the +DODOcase bands are doing this.
PSA: if you are thinking of getting the DODO Case band for the Moto 360 by +Motorola Mobility and +Lenovo, I would advise against it. 
I have hated this band from the moment it was installed. 
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No Worries 
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Material Design and Android Lollipop are Google's largest take on beautifying and unifying design to date. If you love Material Design and need a bit more #materiyolo  in your life, here are 30 beautifully designed apps that take advantage of Google's latest design guidelines.

If I could add another one to the list, I'd add my friend +Steve Albright's app, which is of course the +Phandroid News app. It's glorious.
Ready for more Material Design in your life? These 30 Android apps make Google's latest design standards look amazing -- and they have the functionality to match.
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I saw a Pujie face in there! :)
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Derek Ross

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Samsung Galaxy S6 Review

This is the phone people have been asking for and the phone we always knew Samsung could build. Samsung has always been the king of gimmicky features but for the Galaxy S6, Samsung has married the absolute best hardware with the software features of the Galaxy S5 and built upon them. Without a doubt, this is one of the best smartphones on the market and a worthy entry into the high-end smartphone market.

What a great review here by +Christopher Chavez.  Will you be buying or have you already bought the Galaxy S6?
After seemingly growing complacent the past few years, Samsung came out in 2015 swinging with the all new Samsung Galaxy S6. By now you've heard the hype, but is the phone really worth the steep asking price? Find out in our in depth review.
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Sweet cuz ma cuzin has dat fone
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I'm an information technology professional with a passion for Android and my family!

I am an Android Enthusiast. I’m on the pulse of the latest Android news and write content about Android daily. I’m constantly scouring the Internet for the latest Android news, apps, games, Android ROMs, hacks, security, tips, tutorials and mobile devices. I’m a large supporter of our beloved Android Community and am always willing to help with anything Android related, just ask.

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Every Android Enthusiast wants to know what devices you’re currently rockin’. Here’s mine:

Android Phones:
Moto X 2014 - Android 5.0 Lollipop - STOCK (not rooted) 
Oppo Find 7 - CyanogenMod 11 Android KitKat 4.4.4

Android Tablets:
Nexus 7 2013: Android 5.0 Lollipop - STOCK (not rooted)

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I'd be perfect for these Circles:

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Derek is a senior Information Technology business professional with vast experience in virtual infrastructure design and administration, network engineering and architecture, enterprise customer support, systems design, disaster recovery planning, and help desk operations. Former IT entrepreneur, Derek is currently a network systems administrator at a Penn State University.

I use social networking to meet new exciting people, make new friends, stay up to day with old friends, express myself and engage in some great conversations that I wouldn't have normally had the opportunity. Over the past 17 years of my online life, I've made numerous online friends through various social communities and continue to talk to them, even the oldest ones, all of the time. I look forward to meeting you :)

Bragging rights
I host a weekly Android news show. I write for Phandroid. Google Glass Explorer!
Systems Administrator
Virtualization, Infrastructure, VMware, Windows, Exchange
  • Phandroid
    Writer, 2013 - present
    Writer, Blogger, Android personality.
  • Penn State University
    Systems Administrator, 2010 - present
    Windows, Linux and VMware Systems Administrator. Network and Firewall Administrator.
  • RG Technologies, LLC
    Owner, 2003 - 2010
    Information Technology Solutions Provider that delivered business aligned, end to end solutions and products to organizations whose success depended on information technology.
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Dead Zebra’s “For Science” collection celebrates the brilliant minds of ...

Dead Zebra has done a lot of cool themed collections over the years, but the coolest one yet has just arrived. This is

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After seemingly growing complacent the past few years, Samsung came out in 2015 swinging with the all new Samsung Galaxy S6. By now you've h

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Great food in amazing atmosphere.
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Very helpful staff.
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Excellent selection of beer and burgers. Our waitress was fun and very friendly. Also, do the challenge ;)
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59 reviews
Great food and atmosphere.
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Absolutely the best steak I've had in a very long time. The atmosphere was quite pleasant and the wait staff very polite and helpful.
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