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My wife's book is now available on Amazon:

In 1992, nine-year-old Katie Beers was kidnapped by a family friend and locked in an underground box for 17 days. Katie has now come forward to tell the story that created a national media storm as reporters uncovered the truth about her pre-kidnapping life of neglect and sexual abuse and the details of her rescue. She shares how this experience and the recent death of her kidnapper, John Esposito, has affected her life. Despite the horrible reality of Katie's days of being chained in darkness, the kidnapping was, in fact, the climactic end of a tragic childhood and the beginning of a new life.

Katie has been traveling around the country the past two years keynote speaking at various child advocacy and victim events, motivational and inspirational speaking venues, and of course various media outlets.

My wife's book, Buried Memories, is a NYT Bestseller. This is the new and updated version that includes new chapters such as life after Buried Memories.

For those that do not know, part of the reason for the new book is sadly because the original book publisher completely screwed her and I over, stealing thousands of dollars from us (essentially victimizing a victim, awesome huh?). The book has been released with a reputable publisher and we couldn't be happier with the change.

Thank you so much for the share and the kind words +Virginia Poltrack. Katie and I appreciate it :)
So I really struggled with how to word this post. Let me start by linking to this book-

I met +Katie Beers​​ before I knew about this book, about her story. I liked her immediately, and in fact, just thought she was a GREAT person. The kind of friend that when you meet them for the first time, you walk away thinking to yourself, "I really adore that person, I'm so happy to have met them!"

Then I learned a bit about this story, and ordered the book. And I was floored. To say she is an amazing person and survivor is an understatement. Basically, I was completely blown away and have a new found respect for someone I already held in really high regard. Katie, thank you for sharing this. You're amazing, and deserve every happiness. I'm really proud to call you a friend 💗
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Derek Ross

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These #Pixel tips videos are very well done. It's nice to see Google going after the nontechnical market.
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Derek Ross

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God damn this thing is smooth. #madebygoogle
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Ram nya berapa 
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Derek Ross

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Android Pay teams up with Visa and MasterCard, bringing Android Pay to hundreds of thousands websites

Android Pay users will soon be able to pay on hundreds of thousands of new sites where Visa Checkout or Masterpass are accepted using their preferred device authentication method - like fingerprint recognition. No longer will users have to remember multiple usernames and passwords in order to checkout, saving them time and hassle.
Google announces strategic partnerships with Visa and Mastercard to bring Android Pay to more places on the mobile web.
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Derek Ross

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Crystal Lake Brewery
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Nice beer I wish to have some
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Derek Ross

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My brother-in-law is living on the edge.
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Fransiska miss u

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Derek Ross

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You can now get a little more done with Google Assistant thanks to +IFTTT

Thanks +Eric Cochran!
Popular automation service, IFTTT, now includes a channel for devices using Google Assistant and its various voice commands. These recipes work with either the Pixel or Google Home.
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Derek Ross

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Allo gets PC support, thanks to PushBullet!

Loves you some Allo? Hate the fact that there is no desktop client for when you can't pull your phone out of your pocket like some sort of barbarian? Well, now's the time to celebrate...ever so slightly. PushBullet now supports Allo!
PushBullet has announced an update that makes the service compatible with Allo. You can now reply to your Allo messages on your desktop using the service. Nifty!
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+Jim Gomes you're the only person I've seen anywhere defend the crappy short code. Nobody wants it. All the cool kids want proper SMS support. 
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Derek Ross

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The BABBQ is no more, it's legacy will live on...

It's sad news to hear that the BABBQ is no more. Their impact on the entire Android community will be felt for many years to come. The people involved with the project, the attendees, everyone touched by this organization will feel it's loss. That said, all of those people I just mentioned are most likely some of the best people in the world. Thanks +Aaron Kasten, +Big Android BBQ +IDEAA for allowing myself and countless others the opportunities to build life long friendships. Good luck in what you do next Aaron :)
Several people asked me to share the resignation speech I gave at the end of the #babbq16 so here it is.

7 years ago when I started the Big Android BBQ it was with a clear vision.  I believed there needed to be an easily accessible low barrier of entry tech event for everyone unable or unwilling to travel to San Francisco or New York and pay the high prices of the events at the time.  I saw a need for a new type of tech event for anyone and everyone.  Over 7 years we’ve seen this vision embraced by every major tech company out there.  Now they all have events around the country that are easier to attend and much more affordable.  At the end of the day my original mission has been accomplished and I believe it was the hard work of my all volunteer teams that influenced an entire industry in this way.  Now 7 years later our mission has evolved to focus more heavily on lowering the barrier of entry into software development and improve diversity in this industry.  We took on this mission 3 years ago and have several amazing and heartwarming success stories.  We once again lead the way for major companies with millions or billions in resources and massive teams of paid employees.  There are now hundreds of events around the country that follow the blueprint we laid out with the Big Android BBQ and our Code Kitchens.

This amazing organization of dedicated, humble people that have volunteered thousands of hours is at a crossroads.  With sponsorships now spread across so many events finding support has become increasingly difficult and time consuming.  With more events in more places, fewer people are traveling to attend events like the Big Android BBQ.  Fewer attendees and sponsors means we’ve had to increase prices.  This tiny nonprofit never stood a chance once there was competition for sponsors and attendees, especially when former sponsors are the ones producing these new events.  This organization saw problems and we set out to fix them. We successfully changed the way the tech industry handles events, we changed a few young people's lives for the better, and we spurred great conversations about diversity and opportunity in tech for everyone.  Endings are always a little sad but we should be proud of what we have accomplished and the impact we had.  Unfortunately we simply do not have the resources to continue. The 2016 Big Android BBQ will be the final event hosted by IDEAA.  I will resign following the Big Android BBQ but have recommended to the board of directors to find a new direction, likely as a community resource or a partner of other events that helps bring in a diverse crowd looking for opportunity.  This may be the end of the Big Android BBQ and possibly IDEAA but the impact we’ve had will last for a long, long, time.

Before we head out for our final celebration, I want to recognize all of you. Some of you have been here since the very beginning but even those attending for the first time, represent the very best in Tech and in my opinion humanity.  The passion, respect and camaraderie you show for each other is an example of what Tech can and should be.  Thank you for your support it’s been an amazing run but sometimes great things must come to an end.

I hope you’ve all had as amazing a time as I have on this journey and made some life long friends. We’re doing things a bit different for the party this year.  It’s on the top floor of the parking garage, so please be patient heading up there since we only have 1 elevator and I know I’m not walking up 7 flights of stairs.

Thank you again for attending, I’ll see you all upstairs.
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YU Yuphoria morshmollow uptate
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Derek Ross

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My Nexus 6P is up for sale on +Swappa​ all thanks to the new Swappa Android app. Needs you a phone? Check this out!
For sale on Swappa: a gently-used XPM783 Nexus 6P (Unlocked) for $385. Buy safely on Swappa and save time and money.
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great phone
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Derek Ross

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+Swappa​ for Android now available! The timing is perfect. I'll be using the app to sell my Nexus 6P tonight!
The ease of safely buying and selling gently used phones on Swappa just got...
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Derek Ross

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Pixel and Pixel XL factory images available for download!

Just because the Pixel phones don't carry the Nexus moniker doesn't mean that they won't get some of the Nexus treatment. You can now snag NDE63P Android 7.1 for your Pixel and Pixel XL if you're into tinkering.
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You can now use IFTTT to create voice commands for Google Assistant

Popular automation service, IFTTT, now includes a channel for devices using Google Assistant and its various voice commands. These recipes w

PushBullet now works with Allo

PushBullet has announced an update that makes the service compatible with Allo. You can now reply to your Allo messages on your desktop usin

Now available: Android 7.1 Developer Preview

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Man dresses up as a collection of smoking Galaxy Note 7s for Halloween

A man named Chris Kiley made a costume with tons of Galaxy Note 7 retail boxes attached. I think you can tell where we're going with this --

This Halloween I'm going as a fire hazard (OC) (plus instructions on how...

Just a disclaimer, as many people are seeing this and thinking its a terrorist thing or supposed to be a suicide vest. The Galaxy Note 7 siz

Trump Organization uses really, really insecure e-mail servers. Sad! servers use unpatched, unsupported Windows Server 2003, IIS 6.

“I’m Feeling Lucky” is the Google Assistant’s insane trivia game show

The Google Assistant channels "You Don't Know Jack" with a trivia game show.

Google Pixel review: Home run

Every Android phone has always been a little compromised, and everybody knows it. There's been a veil of bullshit between you and what Googl

Evan Blass on Twitter: "Google's two smartwatches will be released with ...

Google's two smartwatches will be released with Android Wear 2.0 in Q1 2017 [image courtesy of:

Update: Verizon says its Pixels will get updates at the same time as Goo...

Verizon apparently has turned over a new leaf and "won't stand in the way of updates."

[-Read description-] Cached Youtube screen recording - Pixel XL video st...

Cached Youtube phone app screen recording - Quality has been affected by this and by converting and uploading it again. Do not pay much atte

HTC’s Halfbeak Android Wear smartwatch is still alive, poses for the camera

It's been a while since we've heard anything in regards to the rumored HTC Halfbeak, but it looks like HTC may finally be close to unveiling

Samsung has reportedly shut down production of the Galaxy Note 7

According to multiple sources, production of the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 has been shut down. The initial report came from an anonymous source

Verizon responsible for major updates for Pixel & Pixel XL

After some confusion about who will be handling updates for the Verizon versions of the Pixel & Pixel XL, a Google rep has confirmed the com

107 Photos taken with the Google Pixel

The Google Pixel and Google Pixel XL were announced today and according to the highly reputable DxO Mark, the Pixels have the world's best e

Android 7.1 Nougat's changelog is here, includes both Pixel-exclusive an...

Android 7.1 Nougat was unveiled earlier today alongside the Pixel and Pixel XL, but there's still a fair bit we don't know about it. Now, th

The inside story of the Google phone

In a nationally televised commercial that premiered last month, an empty search box sitting against a stark white background slowly morphs,

Google’s hardware chief has a Pixel in his pocket

Google’s really leaning in to this can’t-keep-a-secret thing in regards to its highly anticipated new Pixel phones. We just spotted Google’s

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I'm a cheesecake fan, buy wow, the filet mignon here was amazing. The wait staff were also very helpful with our massive 16 person party.
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Your typical Dunkin Donuts. Go upstairs in the Prudential Center and then to the left.
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We were here during the Boston Book Festival and enjoyed our time listening to music, eating good food, and busting the various vendors.
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The rooms were clean and the included breakfast was great. The only downside was the lack of a hotel bar and not having a large place for guests to congregate.
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318 reviews
I had delicious clam chowder and my wife had an amazing chicken pot pie. The service was excellent. One of the staff brought over two stuffed animals for our young children. This place was perfect and exactly what I wanted for lunch.
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It was a very pleasurable experience working with Steve. I'd recommend Park's to anyone based on his level of customer service.
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Amazing atmosphere, great beer, and a bookcase liquor shelf.
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reviewed 3 weeks ago