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My wife's book is now available on Amazon:

In 1992, nine-year-old Katie Beers was kidnapped by a family friend and locked in an underground box for 17 days. Katie has now come forward to tell the story that created a national media storm as reporters uncovered the truth about her pre-kidnapping life of neglect and sexual abuse and the details of her rescue. She shares how this experience and the recent death of her kidnapper, John Esposito, has affected her life. Despite the horrible reality of Katie's days of being chained in darkness, the kidnapping was, in fact, the climactic end of a tragic childhood and the beginning of a new life.

Katie has been traveling around the country the past two years keynote speaking at various child advocacy and victim events, motivational and inspirational speaking venues, and of course various media outlets.

My wife's book, Buried Memories, is a NYT Bestseller. This is the new and updated version that includes new chapters such as life after Buried Memories.

For those that do not know, part of the reason for the new book is sadly because the original book publisher completely screwed her and I over, stealing thousands of dollars from us (essentially victimizing a victim, awesome huh?). The book has been released with a reputable publisher and we couldn't be happier with the change.

Thank you so much for the share and the kind words +Virginia Poltrack. Katie and I appreciate it :)
So I really struggled with how to word this post. Let me start by linking to this book-

I met +Katie Beers​​ before I knew about this book, about her story. I liked her immediately, and in fact, just thought she was a GREAT person. The kind of friend that when you meet them for the first time, you walk away thinking to yourself, "I really adore that person, I'm so happy to have met them!"

Then I learned a bit about this story, and ordered the book. And I was floored. To say she is an amazing person and survivor is an understatement. Basically, I was completely blown away and have a new found respect for someone I already held in really high regard. Katie, thank you for sharing this. You're amazing, and deserve every happiness. I'm really proud to call you a friend 💗
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Derek Ross

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I love Philips Hue... but I need more bulbs!

I fell into Amazon's Prime Day trap with my Philips Hue starter kit. 3 bulbs are nice, but I need more. I want to do more. I want them in a lot of rooms. I'm going to buy the cheaper Hue White bulbs next.

Enough fanboying for a second. Smart bulbs are great, but it kind of defeats the purpose of having them if you or someone else in your house uses the light switches to them off. No power = no smart. Oh well. I guess it's time to retrain our brains. 
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I forgot to mention an additional benefit of Lifx over hue is the ability to change color with voice through the echo. 
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Derek Ross

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The Tesla Master Plan, Part Deux is here!

Elon wants to:

Create stunning solar roofs with seamlessly integrated battery storage
Expand the electric vehicle product line to address all major segments (SUV, truck, semi, bus)
Develop a self-driving capability that is 10X safer than manual via massive fleet learning
Enable your car to make money for you when you aren't using it by turning your Tesla into a self driving "Uber"

*/ The first master plan that I wrote 10 years ago is now in the final stages of completion. It wasn't all that complicated and basically consisted of:
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+Scott Miller​​ smoking is still legal even with the well-known risks, I doubt Americans will vote to stop manual driving until they have owned an autonomous vehicle for many years and found it completely reliable. I expect insurance costs may push purchasers of new cars but that will be a slow process. Cars last ~20 years and forcing everyone to upgrade would affect those who could cover the cost the least.
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Derek Ross

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Facebook Messenger now has 1 billion users, and I've still never used it

Having more than 1 billion active users a month is one hell of a feat. I'm not a fan of Facebook, but clearly there's plenty of folks out there that are. So, congrats Facebook. It looks like your billion with Messenger and billion with WhatsApp are winning the mobile messaging war thus far.

It's too bad Google had a product killer product 3 years ago, Hangouts, that they failed to innovate upon as time passed, letting other products leave them in the dust.

I'm still hopeful for Allo and Duo, though, I find it hard to believe that they'll see this type of mass adoption.
More than 1 billion people now use Facebook Messenger every month, the company announced today. Facebook now has two messaging services with 1 billion users, as WhatsApp hit the milestone in...
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Derek Ross

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Android 7.0 Nougat DP5 has an Easter Egg mini-game

Do you like cats? Well, just like Pokémon, in the latest developer preview for Android 7.0 Nougat, you gotta catch'em all. Cats that is. It's kind of hilarious. Here's how you active the mini catch catching game.
Google's always been big on Easter Eggs, hiding little surprises in everything from their online services to Android itself. In Android 5.0 Lollipop, this took the form of an elaborate Flappy Bird clone found buried deep inside the actual OS. Although we were somewhat disappointed to see it making a return inside Android 6.0 Marshmallow (only with slightly tweaked Marshmallow obstacles), we were hoping Google had something new up their sleeves fo...
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Derek Ross

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Softbank buys mobile chip designer ARM for $32 billion!

WOW. $32 billion. That's just insane. ARM designs the processors used in virtually every mobile device, including most models from Apple, Samsung, HTC, LG...basically everyone. While it doesn't build them itself, it licenses the tech to Qualcomm, MediaTek, Samsung and others. Seeing as nearly everything in the mobile and IoT world uses ARM, this is a huge deal and we're going to need a lot of time to figure out what the implications of this could be.
The deal will be one of the biggest ever European tech acquisitions.
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Good work 
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Derek Ross

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So, that statement about Cyanogen putting a bullet in Google's head...
We're hearing from multiple sources that Cyanogen Inc. is in the midst of laying off a significant portion of its workforce around the world today. The lay... by David Ruddock in Breaking, News, Rumors
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Ok thanks
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Derek Ross

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Facebook wants to cover the world in Internet drones

Following Google's +Project Loon and Project Titan, Zuckbook wants to cover the world with Internet access from above, rather than building out towers across the planet.
At 2AM, in the dark morning hours of June 28th, Mark Zuckerberg woke up and got on a plane. He was traveling to an aviation testing facility in Yuma, AZ, where a small Facebook team had been working on a secret project. Their mission: to design, build, and launch a high-altitude solar-powered ...
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Derek Ross

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It looks like our beloved Google+ may finally get support for images in post comments. Who's excited for this? I know I am. 
The Google+ app is getting an update today, bringing the latest version to 8.3. The changes aren't going to be very extensive for most people, but there ar... by Cody Toombs in APK Teardown, Applications, Downloads, News
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Ab Sale tum ko kahai kuttekapelasaleharmimaadrchudokutesale
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Derek Ross

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Verizon adds "always-on data" (throttling) and tethering to prepaid plans

For a cool $60 a month you can join Verizon's pre-paid wireless service. The fact that their plans now include tethering, unlimited data, and talk/text to Canada and Mexico, makes these plans very enticing, especially since they're backed by the best and largest LTE network in the country.

On a related note, I just moved back to Verizon Wireless after being away from their services for over 2.5 years. I was on Straight Talk. I didn't mind using a sub-par network while saving money. Well, these new plans and pricing, they brought me back. I don't mind spending a few bucks more to be on the best network around.
After the new post-paid plans announced by Verizon earlier in the month, it seemed like only a matter of time before changes to their prepaid plans as well... by Nick Congleton in News, Verizon Wireless
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I'm enjoying att's cricket. unlimited (throttled) data, and way better coverage than sprint. I refuse to go Verizon with their bs through the years with unlocked devices.
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Derek Ross

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Naon nya
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Derek Ross

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And then my former, crooked business partner was all like: In the next 25 years people are going to access their thermostats from their smartphone applications and I imagine him all like...

(Thank god I left that moronic thief 8 years ago. As we all know, people have been doing this for years.)

#pixelpushing #TCA #taxscam #sorrynotsorry
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+Derek Ross oh, I know. I agree. I've been running home automation with voice recognition for 16 years. I'm just saying it will probably be very mainstream in 2-5 years.

Sounds like a slimy dude.
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I use social networking to meet new exciting people, make new friends, stay up to day with old friends, express myself and engage in some great conversations that I wouldn't have normally had the opportunity. Over the past 17 years of my online life, I've made numerous online friends through various social communities and continue to talk to them, even the oldest ones, all of the time. I look forward to meeting you :)

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Great beer and great food. I often go here for lunch or after work and always enjoy the atmosphere. The Phyrst Payment Stout is delicious.
Public - in the last week
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I've been coming here, to Round Top, to watch the Fourth of July fireworks for 30 years.
Public - 2 weeks ago
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Your typical Barnes and Noble. It would have been nice if staff would have assisted us while looking for my wife's book. We couldn't find the true-crime section.
Public - 2 weeks ago
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Wub wub wub in the club! Not a bad nightclub at all.
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303 reviews
I absolutely loved my time here with my wife. The atmosphere is very fun and very relaxing at the same time. You have to come here for their summer fire events. They have about a half dozen or so mini fire pits setup all over their property. People bring their own food and gather around the various fire pits and tables. There's live music. And, best of all, about two dozen different kinds of delicious wine to drink. I cannot wait to go back!
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A bit crowded and play was a little slow. However, the course and the atmosphere were fine. The only thing I wish is that they had real bathrooms instead of porta-potties.
Public - 2 weeks ago
reviewed 2 weeks ago
If you're looking for views of the Vegas strip, this "ride" is for you. Go at night and bring a camera.
Public - 3 weeks ago
reviewed 3 weeks ago