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Poor Apple Watch. I've banged my Moto 360 on dozens of hard surfaces over the past year without issue.
This never happened with my Pebble. While pulling my hand out of my pants pocket the band caught on my belt and opened up. Apple wants $229 to fix a $349 watch. Forget it!
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This is the Sport model, no sapphire. It uses "ion-X" glass which in fact is Gorilla Glass.

And there is no fucking way this was "caught on my belt".
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Derek Ross

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And then my wife and kids left for a couple hours, leaving me with plenty of free time to write a couple of reviews that have been piling up for far too long, and I was all like...

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This looks perfect for something to #blame +Alex Cruz​ for (sorry I had to)
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+Google Glass​ not dead, (duh) long live Glass

Google Glass partner Luxottica says that version Glass version 2 is coming soon, and version 3 is already in planning stages. As a long time Glass supporter, this is great news.
Italian eyewear maker -- and Google Glass partner -- Luxottica says we can expect a Glass sequel relatively soon, with a 3rd version already being planned.
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+Jake Weisz​ somehow, I doubt that.
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Derek Ross

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This T-Shirt needs your +1s

If you think this Google Developer Groups T-Shirt is awesome (and why wouldn't you?) then all you need to do is head on over to the original post and click that +1 button. Clicking on the +1 button on my post does nothing for the contest, so please visit the original post here:

Also, this shirt was designed by the lovely and talented +Virginia Poltrack. Support her and her designs with +1s!
As Google I/O quickly approaches we are hard at work getting everything ready for a great I/O Extended.

A few days before I/O for the past few years a huge gathering of GDG Organizers from all over the world takes places in Mountain View. Every year there is an awesome shirt design that wins. This year GDG Chicago is proud to be able to put up a shirt design.

If we win I'll have some of these shirts to give away to the people of GDG Chicago. So +1 this if you like free shirts! +1 this if you like the awesome design +Virginia Poltrack created! or just simple +1 this post!

The more +1's we get on this post the better off we are so please reshare and ask others to +1 this post as well.
#gdg   #io15   #shirt  
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+Kimberly Ann Graham I'm right here, you know?
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Derek Ross

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Interesting Google Maps location...

See for yourself, before it gets pulled:

Edit: here's the guy that did it.
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stop exposing crazy post and stop pissing on people vibes
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Derek Ross

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+OnePlus One turns one, get's discounted by one!

Well, I wouldn't really call $1 a discount, I mean technically, but this is more of a symbolic gesture than anything. Either way, starting at $299, the OnePlus One is a whole lot of smartphone for a little price. Especially now that OnePlus finally has Lollipop rolling out to devices.

The OnePlus One has now hit its lowest price point over -- you can grab it for a whopping $1 cheaper from here on out! Not exciting news, I know, but it is a symbolic gesture by OnePlus to celebrate the phone's one-year anniversary. Thankfully they have some actual deals to celebrate the occasion.
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Invite system was totally bonkers. And still is. Turned me right of. Over six months to get a phone? No OnePlus. No. I will not settle
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Derek Ross

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When it comes to convenience, I really enjoy using the +TYLT VU Wireless Charging Car Mount with my Nexus 6. The VU won’t keep your device topped off at 100%, but it will definitely slow down the rate of battery drain. I'm a fan.
While Qi charging isn't as good as rapid charging, the convenience factors and high quality materials of the TYLT VU Wireless Charging Car Mount make this phone accessory a very tempting choice.
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+Chris Bullard​ lol.... Thanks for the tag... +Kahil Nettleton​ I don't like things mounted on my dash so I went with the +CHOETECH​​ Pocket car charger - - works great! 
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Derek Ross

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I'm not really into the whole #Caturday thing, but I'll make an exception for this Android Wear watch face.
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Derek Ross

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These little guys arrived today. Thanks +Andrew Bell​!
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+Jason Gruber that's a good idea.
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Derek Ross

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Android Wear for iOS? Possibly.

Congrats iOS users! Don't want to shell out an insane amount of money for an Apple Watch? The latest Android Wear companion app has a few strings buried inside the code that point to Apple and possibly future support. Specifically” , “” , and “”.

People have questioned what Android Wear would be called on iOS or if Android Wear would be allowed, because Apple doesn't allow competing platform names in their product catalog. So, it seems Google might just go with 'Wear' for iOS when/if the platform does come to the iPhone.

h/t +Brandon Lall for the reminder to share this awesome news!
That Google is working on iOS support for Android Wear is nearly undeniable at this point, but even more evidence has surfaced in case you aren't a believer.
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Can Google retaliate if the app is rejected by removing their apps from IOS like they did for Windows phone, or is IOS to big for that to happen? 
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Derek Ross

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Is this the next Nexus phone? (that might be announced at IO?)

Random speculation here, but for the sake of hypebeasting something we haven't hypebeasted in a while, let's let the hypebeasting begin. Hypebeast.

This image is taken from here:, a Project Fi video guide. Google generally doesn't use renders from unknown devices in their product videos. Project Fi only works with the Nexus 6, so why not use a Nexus 6 render, the phone that people have to use with the service right now? If you're not going to use the Nexus 6, then you better show the guide videos on another supported phone, right? That makes sense to me.

Could this phone just be a generic render? Sure. Absolutely. That takes the fun out of hypbeasting though. And we came here to hypebeast, dammit.

What if the Android phone pictured below is the upcoming Huawei Nexus? A cheaper Nexus, built for Project Fi? Now hear me out. Project Fi, as a marriage of cellular data and WiFi is cool, but that's still a tough sell, because you have to buy a $700 smartphone to use the service. Sure, you can finance the Nexus 6 through Fi, but you still end up having to pay for the cost of an expensive phone over the next two years.

What if the Huawei Nexus is a cheaper Nexus, built with Project Fi in mind. Right now, I can go out and buy an Moto E, Moto G or upcoming Huawei SnapTo on the cheap and jump on my MVNO of choice, except for Fi of course. While Fi isn't your typical MVNO, having your MVNO locked down to one expensive phone doesn't sound very appealing either.

Having a cheaper Nexus phone that worked on Project Fi sounds more Googly to me. Google is about service availability. Having a cheaper Nexus that's available to budget conscious people, you know, those looking to save money on their wireless bill, sounds a whole lot better to me than the current setup at launch.

So what do you think of my speculation? Plausible? Or I am reading too much into the generic render below, for the sake of hypebeasting? Who knows? Either way, I enjoyed confirming the launch of Half-Life 3. Cheers!

(The above is based purely on speculation, opinions, and having a good time.)
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Derek Ross

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Comcast reportedly abandoning Time Warner deal

I honestly don't think too many people are going to be upset by this.

Comcast is calling off its $45 billion dollar attempt to buy fellow cable provider Time Warner Cable, according to Bloomberg. The decision comes after recent reports that both the US Department of Justice and Federal Communications Commission were preparing to turn against the deal
Comcast is calling off its $45 billion dollar attempt to buy fellow cable provider Time Warner Cable, according to Bloomberg. The decision comes after recent reports that both the US Department of...
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+Don Dudas​ internet speed in the US is laughable. No matter. What provider you have. #googlefiber is going to be the only "globally competitive" internet service and it will only be in towns that allow for easy, and cheap utility expansions
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I use social networking to meet new exciting people, make new friends, stay up to day with old friends, express myself and engage in some great conversations that I wouldn't have normally had the opportunity. Over the past 17 years of my online life, I've made numerous online friends through various social communities and continue to talk to them, even the oldest ones, all of the time. I look forward to meeting you :)

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Very helpful staff.
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Excellent selection of beer and burgers. Our waitress was fun and very friendly. Also, do the challenge ;)
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Great food and atmosphere.
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Absolutely the best steak I've had in a very long time. The atmosphere was quite pleasant and the wait staff very polite and helpful.
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