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Derek Muller
Filmmaker, science communicator, physics lecturer
Filmmaker, science communicator, physics lecturer

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Excited to do this live show on Wednesday for the hometown crowd!
I'm doing a live show in my hometown this Wednesday at 7pm: Kay Meek Theatre in West Vancouver. There will be experiments, demos, discussions, and maybe some music. If you're in the neighbourhood, come along! Tickets $4, all proceeds going to charity:

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My latest video brings together standing waves, music, and fire - something for everyone!
NEW VIDEO!! The coolest thing you'll see all day: a 2-dimentional Rubens' Tube. Sound + Fire = Awesome

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Apparently I'm kind of a big deal in England ;)
Just found this video posted by some English fans who figured out the secret location of my collab with +Numberphile 

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In my latest I show how I should go to the gym more... and how spinning something to a few thousand RPM actually makes it easier to lift.
NEW VIDEO! In which I attempt to lift a 42 lb wheel spinning at 2500 RPM over my head one-handed.

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My latest video was inspired by responses to my Facebook videos. Social media marketers replied 'I have seen FB ads work for me so there can't be fake likes.' Hopefully this video will make them think again.
I edited the video like this to make it more interesting to watch, but it may make the solution easier to see than if you consider only the data available to one interviewee. Here is a minimally edited clip:

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Check out the latest video!
NEW VIDEO! What I learned from cage diving with great white sharks - it was AWESOME!!

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Join me for a G+ hangout! It's 5pm PT / 8pm ET / 10am Thursday AEST
Be curious. Question assumptions. Explore the world from atoms to astrophysics with Veritasium.

Join +Derek Muller of popular +YouTube Channel Veritasium on a journey to the beautiful, viral side of physics, hosted by Science on Google+ in honor of YouTube Geek Week (Aug 4-10). Our +Amy Robinson, +Jason Davison and +Nic Hammond will host, along with +Joe Hanson of +It's Okay To Be Smart and a few members of the community who ask Derek interesting questions on the event page.  

The hangout happens on Wednesday, August 7th at 5 pm US PT / 8 ET.

Derek will share why he creates Veritasium and how it has evolved into one of YouTube’s favorite sources of answers to epic science questions. He’ll also answer your questions so leave them here on the event page. You may be selected to join the hangout live and ask him in person.  

Check out Veritasium on YouTube at
This is the third hangout in a new series that brings science to life through conversations with the world's leading minds. Join +Science on Google+: A Public Database for the latest events.

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This is the official Google+ page of +Veritasium - now integrated with YouTube so please add it to your circles!
Hello! This is my new G+ page (now integrated with YouTube). Please add this page to your circles for the latest links and videos. 

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NEW VIDEO! In which I respond to a viewer message by telling the story of how I finished high school and decided what to do with my life.

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NEW VIDEO! Showing the live read and write of individual electrons and nuclei in real time!
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