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Just in case you may be interested...
Win a paperback copy of THE PAGE!

Enter the ‘Name The Short StoryContest’ here:

The contest ends Saturday, 4/19/14 at 10:00PM Eastern Time.
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Can't wait to install this and check it out, much needed...
Today we’re launching Google Camera, a new app for your Android phone or tablet that makes it easy to take quick photos and videos. And being behind the lens just got more fun with new creative picture modes.

Sleek Design. The 100% viewfinder gets out of your way while capturing the maximum resolution of the scene (no dropped pixels). And the extra large capture button is easy to press so your eyes never lose sight of the subject.

Lens Blur. Emphasize the subject while blurring the background for an SLR-like shot with shallow depth-of-field (or bokeh). You can even change the subject in focus after taking the shot.

Improved Panorama. New higher resolution panoramas capture the full width and detail of a scene.

Photo Sphere. Immersive 360 degree photo spheres let you look up, down and all at up to 50 megapixels! For the first time available on non-Nexus devices.

Google Camera is now available on the Play store (, and works on all phones and tablets running Android 4.4+ KitKat. We’re just getting started, and in the months ahead we'll make Google Camera available to more devices, helping make photography easier, faster and more fun.

Check out our Research Blog to learn more (
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Jen R
Got it!!
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Another reason to love Android...
We're expanding Google's security services for Android with the ability to continually protect you from harmful apps:
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Yep. Especially when you consider this doesn't cost anything and does the exact same thing as the anti-virus apps that cost a lot ($4 one time to $10 per year).
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Derek McAllister

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Wow, who would have picked a 7 and 8 playing for the championship?  Amazing run by both UConn and Kentucky...
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Parity is real.
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Have to agree with +Robin Elizabeth, this is outrageous!
This is crazy! 
General Mills has made it so that in simply liking one of the company's products on Facebook, customers give up their right to sue them for any reason.
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A friend of mine noticed this showing up today. He's running a Nexus 5 stock on T-Mobile. Not rooted and only the developer options have been unlocked. Anyone else seeing this and know if it's coming to all Android?
Is this something that will be working with the Nexus Update? I just noticed this but can't seem to get it to work.

Anyone have Ideas? +Chris Beveridge

+Pocket Raphael , +Meridith Williams, and +Michele Messenger I think you guys have cast, anyone else have this "Cast Screen" Option

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It's the rumor, the legend, the mystery
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Much better then going fast food for about the same price. Small menu but everything I've had is really good.
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Used to be decent BBQ, no longer worth even considering! The wife's brisket was chewy and looked like it was reheated. My pulled pork was flavored with liquid smoke. Horribly small kid's menu with only one BBQ option! Don't waste your hard earned money...
Food: Poor to fairDecor: GoodService: Poor to fair
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