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Derek trying to be reasonable about gun violence, the second amendment, the glorification of violence in media, disconnecting from reality, and what this all says about the failings of our society.
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Nice blog post. I agree with quite a bit of it. I personally wish that we had a nation wide ban on the sale, purchase, and ownership of pistols and assault rifles but I'm not naive enough to believe that will ever happen. So as a parent all I can do is raise my children to be stable individuals that realize that a gun is not the answer to solve whatever problems they will inevitably have in their life and to love/respect their fellow man. 
Well thought out Derek. As a 22 year recent retiree of the Army and OHARNG, and veteran of two wars, I think your observation are pretty spot on. I would argue your point on not using HME instead of firearms though. Talibahn have demonstrated that explosives are cheaper, easier, and more effective than direct fire through ambush or sniping. I think the reason psychotics don't use explosives here is because of our society. We have romantized gunman and bombers are simply terrorist. It's sick, but I think it might be true. I personally don't believe in concealed carry. I know the chance of the weapon being taken from me is higher than the potential gain. Simple composite risk management to just not carry. This is coming from someone who had been trained for years to shoot others and had to actually do it on occasion. I guess I know enough to know better. I do appreciate your insight. This discussion needs to happen more. 
+Randy Brooks it is funny how many people live with the illusion that carrying a gun makes them safer. I hear all the time "if I was there with my gun that wouldn't have happened" when in reality it can be taken from you as you said. Or even worse you have more stray bullets out there. All carrying a gun does is increase the chance of more death 
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