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Derek Kelsheimer
Gamer. Musician. Red Raider. Nerd.
Gamer. Musician. Red Raider. Nerd.

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This is my 2013 Album of the Year.... so damn good!

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June 2013 Mix... Jam it.

Does anyone even use Google+ anymore?

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+Google Music is pretty sweet. You should definitely check it out if you haven't yet, and especially if you have an Android phone.

So when is Google+ going to come out with custom urls for pages... or have they already done that and I'm just behind on the times?

I need to use this thing more.... I just wish more people were on here. That is really the best way for Google+ to take off... people need other people to connect to or it is pointless.

Yo Google... I want my Google+ Games! Hook me up already!

So are there any plans to integrate YouTube and Google+? Cause there should be... And you should definitely be able to "+1" videos on YouTube! +Pete Cashmore know anything on the topic?
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