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Derek Guder
Event manager for Gen Con. I run conventions. I play games with people. I rant about technology.
Event manager for Gen Con. I run conventions. I play games with people. I rant about technology.


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I've been catching up on some games I picked up from Kickstarter, and figured y'all might find Blood Red Sands interesting.

It openly admits to being heavily inspired by Dark Sun & it's kind of a weird beast as basically a competitive role-playing/story game, but if nothing else I'm sure the world snippets are great inspiration for strange things to toss into the world of Dark Sun.
Blood Red Sands
Blood Red Sands

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Another source of inspiration: there's a gorgeous cyberpunk art book (two, actually) on Kickstarter right now, and a well-flavored pitch, too.

Worth checking out. Lots of samples.

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Folks looking for inspiration space images around the solar system might want to check out then newest Other Places, which tours through the solar system in the Elite Dangerous game.

Some great shots in there.

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My inspirational cup runneth over.

I love the Netrunner card game, so I picked this up. I was expecting it to be an art book, but it turned out to be more of a world guide. Lots of detail and text on the game world, characters, corporations, etc.

Prolly a bit brighter than the default Sprawl assumptions, but plenty to mine for folks who want more grist for their mill.

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Other Places is a YouTube series about digital environments, and they just put up a video for Deus Ex: Human Revolution.

Certainly good mind-fodder for The Sprawl. Might be cool to just put this up on the TV and let it loop during play, too.

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Gianni Milonogiannis, Old City Blues, & Inspiration Artwork

I was going through old links and finally downloaded a few sketchbook Gianni Milonogiannis had put up on tumblr and it occurred to me he'd be perfect inspiration for a Sprawl campaign.

He's the author & artist for Old City Blues, which is a classic cyberpunk manga set in New Athens, and he's also been doing great work with Brandon Graham on Prophet lately.

But anyway, his style feels very classic anime/manga to me, but with a modern sketchiness to it, at least to me.

Old City Blues is online at and the sketchbook I mentioned is available at

Lots of great gems in there. Enjoy!

Tales of the Demon Lord - Temple of Shadow

This served as the finale of the month-long game at a local store and went pretty great. Characters really started getting abilities players could plan around and things went much more smoothly for them.

Except for that tense scene where the berserker's rage was still going and the rest of the party had to run away from him until he was spent.

They never actually encountered either hoods or cultists through the temple but went back in to deal with the ritual after getting the Enigma Stone out. The warlock tried to steal Katandramus's teleportation spell at the very end. That would have made for an exciting turn-around - if he hadn't rolled a one on his spell steal attempt. I gave him a vision of the Nameless One and 1 Insanity for his trouble - he also got a sense of what the Eye of the Demon Lord was.

We didn't have time for a full fight at the very end and they still had all the hoods and cultists left, so I had everyone roll a d20. Anyone who got 10+ got to decide if they lived or died and what one thing they accomplished before they escaped - or two things, if they decided their character died. So we had quite the cinematic end scene:

* Rudolph the Inquisitor escaped, but he lost an eye to a cultist's sickle.
* Smith Johnson, the changeling assassin, took on the form of the demon and wrestled it, but the party never knew whether he succeeded or was defeated, partly because...
* Craggle, the goblin assassin, lured the living tar into the ritual chamber and onto the demon.
* Linsa, the human warlock, teleported away to safety pretty much the moment things turned bad - but she did leave with a hood's "head."
* Gofer, the orc berserker, carved a wide path through the cultists and hoods, but was holding back the epttin when...
* Kath, the human thief, collapsed the entire cavern on everyone, buying the changeling and the orc.

Ton of fun, all around. Might pick it up again and continue with some of the players I already knew.

Tales of the Demon Lord - Temple of Shadows

I'm prepping to run this next weekend as the final session in the month-long weekly game at a local game store. Excited - this was really the adventure where I was immediately like "Wow, this escalated quickly." Can't wait to see how it shakes out.

How has it run for other folks?

I'm thinking about linking Katandramus house to Phineas (the fiance cultist from Born to Die), looping the climax back to one of the high points of the other adventures the players went through.

Anyone else make any major tweaks to it?
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