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Ghostbusters. Awesome. So much fun. Critics are stupid.

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Selling my beloved 6p and an absolute ton of accessories.

Lowered the price to 415.

here's what's included:
(1) 32gb Aluminium Nexus 6p with only very minor dings and a slight wrinkle near the volume control, common to this device when used for more than five minutes. The screen is in excellent condition and has been covered by a very nice tempered glass screen protector to keep it that way.

(1) Pre-installed tempered glass screen protector.

(1) Cruzerlite Spartan Case - this case is fantastic. It's tough, not bulky, and really adds some strength to the device thanks to its two-part construction. Highly underrated case.

(1) Clear TPU case. Also very nice. Fits great and does what it says on the tin, without being particularly fancy.

(3) USB C-C cables

(3) USB A-C cables - these all comply with USB C specs, unlike some other cables on the market.

(1) USB A-B cable

(1) Portable battery charger

(2) USB C chargers which are fast-charging compliant

(1) Choetech charging station with 2 USB C and 2 USB A charging ports. This is also fast-charging complaint and delivers all sorts of power. Not a cheap device, but insanely useful.

(1) USB A charger

(1) 2-port USB A car charger - This supports 2A, I believe.

(1) 2012 Nexus 7 with black Cruzerlite case. Great little tablet for handing to the kids for watching movies or playing games on.

I've also got a 22mm Asus Zenwatch 2 in excellent condition that I'd be willing to add on for an extra $95. This includes both the stock leather strap and a very comfortable rubber strap, as well as the original box. This is the version with the built-in speaker support. I love this watch, but using an Android Wear device with an iPhone is a real downer.

OK, going to have to part with my 6P. 32gb, aluminum, and buttloads of accessories like cases, chargers, usb c-c and a-c cables, and a four port usb A/two port usb c charger. And a screen protector. Plussers get early dibs before swappa.


Anyone interested in trading an iPhone 6 or 6 plus for a Nexus 6p? Need an iPhone for work...

Pretty cringeworthy keynote, Apple.

I love +Swappa​, and I've had a lot of great buying and selling experiences on it. All of my phones in the last few years save for one have been purchased there, as have my wife's. But every now and then, you get some buyers that just do not understand that they're buying a phone from an individual, not a business. Like the guy who wants a refund on my wife's galaxy s6, sold in May(!), because the battery life stinks. This despite the fact that the sale page clearly spelled out no refunds unless the device arrived in a condition other than described.

Worked fine for my wife, and they straight out told me that they restored from their s4 when setting it up. Which many in the Android community will tell you is a bad idea because it often causes battery and performance problems. I won't even restore from the same device after a reset, let alone from another device running a different version of Android.

And if course this guy has will no doubt rate me poorly and try and get PayPal to give him a refund.

There have been lots of rumors flying around about Apple releasing an external display with integrated gpu.

Sounds cool, and I can see why some people would surmise that this is the answer to the problem of the older hardware's inability to run at the higher resolutions, and generally run at higher performance. But to me, this seems overly complex and very un-Apple. It'd add cost, complexity, and give the monitor a shorter expected lifespan.

I think it's far more likely that any 4k or 5k replacement display will simply run at a lower maximum resolution for older hardware.

Watching new Top Gear is like coming home after a long vacation away and finding all your funniest friends have been replaced by aliens who think yelling out fart jokes at top volume is the height of hilarity.

It's bad, is what I'm saying.

Hey +Nate Benis​, why was I kicked from the pn community for posting a review? It was a legit USB C device that I thought was good. I've been a member for a while and donated to the project. Why the boot?

Passed Dean Kamen on the highway last week. He drives a surprisingly modest Porsche that is in no way new.

I waved and I'm quite certain he didn't notice me one bit.
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