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Just because I voted Liberal (Via Preferences), doesn't mean I like all of their policies. Some people just don't get it.

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This one's for Australia - All it takes is a click to help me out :)

Seemingly impossible to stream my entire music collection out to the home theatre without convoluted workarounds. There's nothing that works reliably to access the entire collection at once.

Just played my first match of Tribes Ascend - It's as much fun as I remember the original Tribes being.

To those of you that work in a larger organisation to me (Nathan Cox, Kris O'shea) What do you use for your knowledge base of common fixes etc, if anything?

Bathrooms - Check. Toilets - Check. Floor - Check. Grass Mown - Check. Christmas Tree down - Check. BBQ Clean - Check. Busy day, time for a beer.

The id pack on steam is $45, which includes RAGE. RAGE on its own is over $60. wtf.

I seem to have the entire Magicka collection as the free gift from Steam today - I already own it however. Who do I like enough to give it to? :P

Trust Google to make simple look good >.>
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