KAREN GILLAN is coming to DCC'14

In 2010 Karen began her unique role as Amy Pond in the 5th series of BBC’s Doctor Who. She was the new companion to the Eleventh Doctor, Matt Smith. Karen went on to appear in series 6 -7 of Doctor Who, once again as Amy Pond. It was a rollercoaster of emotions, as she experienced the ‘death’ of the Doctor, gave birth to daughter Melody (who was then kidnapped) and was then revealed to be the mother of River Song (the grown up Melody Pond).

This year has been very busy with many projects, and appearances. She was most recently seen in the “Oculus”, a horror movie in which Karen co-stars alongside Katee Sackhoff. You can expect to see and hear about Karen Gillan many times this year, including her upcoming role as Nebula in the summer blockbuster“Guardians of The Galaxy”, and this fall starring on ABC’s sitcom “Selfie”.
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