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Brushing and Flossing

It is important to brush 2 times daily for 2 minutes each time. Best time to brush is after breakfast and before bed. Remember to hold to toothbrush with the fingers, as you would when writing with a pen. Also, angle the bristles toward the gums at at 45 degree angle.
Flossing should be done a minimum of one time daily, ideally before bed.
When flossing, pull or push the floss around each side of every tooth forming a C-shape around the tooth when moving up and down.

Cavities and gum disease are preventable conditions. Three ways to help maintain a healthy mouth and prevent disease include: 1) Brush 2x daily for 2 minutes each time 2) Floss 1x daily and 3) 6 month cleanings and exams.

While the above is helpful and important, some people need more adjuncts to help prevent and/Zoe treat disease. Products we have available include:
Variety of floss/pick type aids
-Sonicare toothbrush
-Chlorahexidine mouth rinse (antibacterial)
-Prevident prescription toothpaste
-Dr. John's Candies
-MI Paste Plus

If you have any questions on how any of these products may benefit you, please let us know. You can also read about them on our website at

Are you missing any teeth? Does it effect your ability to chew? Does it show when you smile? Have your teeth shifted?
At the Dental Depot we treat each patient individually and listen to what you ultimately want out of treatment. There are many factors we look at when teeth are missing, including: shifting of teeth, loss of bone, esthetics, the overall condition of all the teeth, and your desires for replacing the missing tooth/teeth if desired.
There are many options for missing teeth and even more combinations for replacing them including the following: implants, fixed bridges, and partial dentures. Any combination of the above can be used to get you to YOUR end goal!

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Another fun "Grand Parade of Lights"!  Chew Chew Train

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Do you have kids? Grandkids? Then you understand and can laugh at this video!

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Upated staff photos!
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Dr. Jeff Hauger and Dr. Kevin Williamson

Importance of Healthy Gums!
There are two stages gums disease: 1) Gingivitis and 2) Periodontitis
Both stages involve chronic infection, and sometimes acute infections (swelling and purulence).  Remember, the bacteria involved with an infection in your mouth can spread to the rest of your body.
There is a strong correlation between bacteria involved with gum disease and the incidence of heart disease and pre-term births.
Schedule your appointment today at the Dental Depot and receive the comprehensive compassionate care you deserve by our excellent team!
Remember, just because nothing hurts, does not mean there is no disease present!
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