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Denny McCorkle
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Attended University of Memphis
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Professor of Marketing
social media marketing, personal branding, self-marketing, job search, personal learning networks, content marketing
  • University of Northern Colorado,
    Professor of Marketing, present
    I teach undergraduate: Social Media Marketing, e-Marketing, Marketing Problems, Global Marketing Strategies, International Business
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Greeley, CO
Gillham, AR - Boston, MA - Bristol, England - Ruston, LA - Memphis, TN
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Digital Marketing Professor at UNCo ★ Social Media Marketing for Personal Branding & Job Search (PB&J) ★ Blogger ★ Speaker ★ #DigitalSMA #AhaLessons #ALLinLinkedIn ★ @DennyMcCorkle ★ +Denny McCorkle
★ Teaching the strategic why-to & how-to of Social Media to develop a Digital Self Marketing Advantage for personal branding & job search (PB&J) ★

It is no secret that I love social media. I use it. I teach it.  I live it.

I began with LinkedIn for personal branding, became friends with Facebook, grew into Twitter and Google+ for social sharing, and now wave my geek flag at my blog: Digital Self Marketing Advantage.

Yes, I ♡ social media.

Honestly, I check my social media accounts more often than I check my email.

However, it is not for what you think.  

My love for social media is not for the number of followers, retweets, or blog comments. While those responses tickle a smile and energize my engagement, my true love for social media is simply an extension of my love for learning. My personal learning network is the secret to my secret social media success.

I absolutely and unequivocally love social media because it feeds my life-long passion for learning and provides me an opportunity to teach and share what I learn with others.

My academic career of teaching, research, speaking, consulting and course development has had an integrated progression from mail-order marketing to direct marketing to e-Marketing to Social Media Marketing and now to Digital Marketing. 

Thank you WordPress, LinkedIn, Twitter, Google+, and Facebook.  You complete me.

I am available as a speaker for your club, conference, or business organization on topics related to social media marketing, personal branding, or job search. Contact or request to connect with me using:

 Digital Marketing  Social Media Marketing  Content Marketing  Personal Learning Networks (PLN)  Personal Branding  Self-Marketing  Job Search Strategies  Skills Development  Career Advancement  Life-long Learning ★ Creative Thinking  Creative Problem Solving (CPS)  Ideation 

I teach: e-Marketing, Social Media Marketing, Direct Marketing, Global Marketing Strategies, International Business, Marketing Problems/Management.

I enjoy (personal): foreign travel  kung fu/martial arts movies  Fat Tire beer  Chinese Pu-erh and Longjing tea  Indian Tandoori ★ Chinese pot stickers ★ Japanese Tempura  Dr. Pepper  global music  lucid dreams  yin yang ★ double happiness  wabi-sabi  Dilbert  Monty Python  Jimmy Buffett ★ Brit Rock ★ Beatles  Oasis  iPhone/iPad/iMac/Apple  Honda  China.

I enjoy (professional): social media marketing  content marketing  inbound marketing direct marketing  e-marketing  global marketing  personal learning networks (PLN)  personal branding  self-marketing  skills development ★ creativity  innovation  creative problem solving (CPS)  ideation ★ brainstorming  brainwriting  imagination  curiosity  serendipity ★ right-brained play.
I love: my wife and daughter.

Favorite iPhone/iPad Apps: Flipboard  Feedly  Twitter  LinkedIn  Google+  Facebook  Instagram  Buffer  HootSuite  Google  Gmail  Kindle  Sonos  Pandora  Fandango  Netflix  Amazon  USA Today  Dropbox  Evernote  DocScanner  Camera+  KeyRing  Skype  WeChat  Kayak ★ Canva ★ Spark Post 

Favorite quotes:
  1. "Tell me, I'll forget. Show me, I may remember. But involve me, and I'll understand." Confucius

  2. “Imagination is more important than knowledge. For knowledge is limited to all we now know and understand, while imagination embraces the entire world, and all there ever will be to know and understand.” Albert Einstein 

  3. “I use not only all the brains I have, but all I can borrow.” Woodrow Wilson

  4. “A foolish consistency is the hobgoblin of little minds.” Ralph Waldo Emerson

  5. “If you have built castles in the air, your work need not be lost; that is where they should be. Now put foundations under them.” Henry David Thoreau

  6. “Two roads diverged in a wood, and I - I took the one less traveled by, and that has made all the difference.” Robert Frost

  7. Every child is an artist. The problem is how to remain an artist once we grow up.”  Pablo Picasso

  8. "Consistency is the last refuge of the unimaginative." Oscar Wilde

  9. “The true object of all human life is play. Earth is a task garden; heaven is a playground.” Gilbert K Chesterton

  10. "Writing is like giving birth to a piano sideways. Anyone who perseveres is either talented or nuts." Flannery O'Connor

Bragging rights
(1) In June of 1983, I met James Bond, 007 (aka Roger Moore) while in Hyde Park in London. (2) In October 1983, David Letterman read and responded to my Viewer Mail letter on national televison. (3) In 1987, the Wall Street Journal mentioned my Direct Marketing course on its front page. (4) In 2009, I discovered social media. (5) In 2010 my daughter was born. My life has never and will never be the same.
  • University of Memphis
    DBA, Marketing, 1987
  • Louisiana Tech University
    MBA, Marketing, 1981
  • Southern Arkansas University
    BBA, Accounting, 1979
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Denny McCorkle

Linked in  - 

Are you social on LinkedIn?

Many are not.

At best, they upload their resume and connect with people they know.

There is a better way and this involves sharing more about what you are learning and doing professionally.

This blog post presents 9 ways to be more social on LinkedIn so that others will notice and remember you and your personal brand.

Read here:

Please share. Thanks.

#LinkedIn #PersonalBranding #SocialMedia #SocialSharing #DigitalSMA #ALLinLINKEDIN
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nice post
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Denny McCorkle

Linked in  - 
LinkedIn is only as good as you make it.

If you only upload the contents of your resume, then don't expect much benefit from it.

However, if you think strategically with your LinkedIn:

1. connections
2. headline
3. summary
4. the rest of your profile
5. your social activities,

then you can amplify your personal brand, be remembered by connections, and build relationships with important others (potential employers, clients, career stakeholders).

Thanks for reading. Please comment and share.

#LinkedIn #PersonalBranding #JobSearch #Career #SocialMedia 
LinkedIn is what you make it. You control your public profile, your connections, and the social shares visible in your home stream. So, go all-in and make it your best.Dear Reid Hoffman,
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I neglect the hell out of LinkedIn. I really should use it more.
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Denny McCorkle

Linked in  - 
Is LinkedIn a place where your resume goes to die?

It may be if you are not socially active there.

Whether a beginner or an All-Star on LinkedIn, I recommend that you go All-In and add regular social sharing and social engagement to the mix.

This will amplify your personal brand, show others what you are learning and thinking, and be remembered by your connections.

More here:

#personalbranding   #LinkedIn   #socialmediamarketing   #socialmediatips   #jobsearch   #socialsharing   #socialengagement  
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good point +Davina Ngei 
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Denny McCorkle

Social Media  - 
Momisms Know Best

Moms are wise. Moms give good advice about using social media (though they may not realize it).

Here is an updated blog post just in time to remind you about your mom and mother's day.

Read and share with your mother:

#socialmedia #personalbranding #mothersday #mom 
Denny McCorkle's profile photoDaniel Imbellino's profile photoDavina Ngei's profile photo
Great read +Denny McCorkle 
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Denny McCorkle

Blogging Strategies  - 
Thinking of starting a blog (or recently started)? Here are some do's and don'ts, tips and tools for personal branding, job search, and career.

10. Don't make things tech complicated.

9. Do showcase your knowledge and skills.

8. Do write about what you know and/or are learning.

read on:

Please comment with your own suggestions to newbies.

#bloggging #socialmedia #personalbranding #jobsearch 
Daniel Imbellino's profile photoDenny McCorkle's profile photo
thanks for the feedback +Daniel Imbellino .  I see that you have already followed my advice.  Good work!  
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Denny McCorkle

Social Media  - 
Digital is changing everything, especially the promotion mix.

Anyone with an education in Marketing has likely heard of the marketing mix or the 4 p's (product, price, place, promotion) and the promotion mix (advertising, personal selling, public relation/publicity, direct marketing, sales promotion).  

These strategic marketing terms continue to be covered in most marketing textbooks and classrooms.

However, social media has dramatically altered the promotion mix landscape.  

In my new blog post, I take the classic "the circus is coming to town" from PT Barnum and update it to the modern.

Please read and comment: 


#socialmediamarketing   #marketingmix   #promotionmix   #personalbranding   #socialmedia  
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Great article +Denny McCorkle 
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Denny McCorkle

Linked in  - 
*12 more ways to up your social game in LinkedIn8

Previously I wrote about 9 ways to social refresh your personal brand on LinkedIn.

Here I present 12 more [less than common] ways to be more social.

These include some of my favorites, such as the *LinkedIn Poke."

Read it here:

Thanks for reading and sharing.

#personalbranding #linkedin #allinlinkedin #digitalsma
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Denny McCorkle

Shared publicly  - 
Here is my blog post syndicated on Social Media Today. Thanks +Social Media Today 
Is inactivity on #LinkedIn a missed opportunity?
I recently answered a question on Quora about LinkedIn. The question was: "Why should I share content on LinkedIn?" After posting my response, I began to think about my marketing stu
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Denny McCorkle

Social Media  - 
You can learn a lot about social media from my students.

As a professor it is gratifying that at the end of the semester, the students get it.

What do they get?
1. They know that social media requires engagement or it is not social.
2. They know that social media for professional and public is much different than from personal and private.
3. They know that social media networking does not replace physical networking.
4. And more..... read:

#SocialMedia #PersonalBranding #JobSearch

Thanks to +Hootsuite +feedly +Canva +Klout for providing the tools for their education.

Thanks to +Google+ +WordPress Twitter +LinkedIn +Facebook +Pinterest +YouTube for providing the amazing social networks.

And, thanks to +Mashable +Social Media Examiner +Mark Schaefer +Viveka von Rosen +Ann Handley +Gary Vaynerchuk +Copyblogger +Darren Rowse +Joel Comm and so many others for teaching us how to use these platforms and tools.
Even students born into a daily use of their personal Facebook and Snapchat discovered that social media marketing for personal branding and job search requires time management, consistency, a good PL
Andrew Spriggs's profile photoDenny McCorkle's profile photoDaniel Imbellino's profile photo
+Denny McCorkle I would be so lucky, a great professor you must be! I plan to go back and read some of your older blog posts again when I get time. Unfortunately, we didn't have social media training classes where I went to college, but I learned it from experience on my own and watching and learning from others.

I built many brands on social media over the last few years, and co-founded Strategic, among others. A fascinating journey its been too, but finding revenue from it is the tough part.
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Denny McCorkle

Linked in  - 
Are you and your personal brand physically introverted?

Me, too. I am much more comfortable with social media networking rather than physical networking.

So, how is your elevator pitch working for you?

In my new blog post I propose an alternative (or an addition) to the traditional elevator pitch. I call it my social selling un-pitch.

Read it here:

and please tell me what you think about it.

#Personalbranding #socialmedianetworking #linkedin
Davina Ngei's profile photoDaniel Imbellino's profile photoDenny McCorkle's profile photo
Thanks for the feedback +Daniel Imbellino and +Davina Ngei 
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Denny McCorkle

Social Media  - 
Are you your controlling social media, or is social media controlling you?

In my latest blog post I address the issue of social media addiction. Take the test to see how you do.

While a bit "tongue in cheek" I see symptoms of this among many of my students and others.

The more important question: does your use of social media for networking enhance or diminish your physical personal brand image?

Let me know what you think in the comments. And, please share if you find this post useful.


#SocialMedia #PersonalBranding #DigitalSMA

Social media use is ubiquitous. And, excessive use of social media can negatively affect your personal brand, job search, and career. This blog post helps determine if your use of social media may
Denny McCorkle's profile photoDaniel Imbellino's profile photo
+Denny McCorkle Yeah, I bet you know this scenario all too well. I agree, mobile devices in the classroom are a huge disruption, and not just to the students who're using them, but those around them.

Often an even bigger problem is parents who're sending their kids off to college who just aren't ready for it yet. They can't get focused because it's not something they're yet willing to commit too. These are typically the students who sit and text between every class, they just don't care.

I was lucky as it wasn't something my parents ever pressured me to do, but rather getting an education was something I really wanted.
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Denny McCorkle

Linked in  - 
Last year I wrote a blog post, A Social Media Enthusiast Walked into a Bar.

Here is my follow up, A Personal Branding Strategist Walked Into That Same Bar: 

Let me know what you think about it.

#linkedin   #humor   #personalbranding   #socialnetworking   #socialmedia  
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