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Digital Marketing Professor at UNCo ★ Social Media Marketing for Personal Branding & Job Search (PB&J) ★ Blogger ★ Speaker ★ #DigitalSMA #AhaLessons #ALLinLinkedIn ★ @DennyMcCorkle ★ +Denny McCorkle
Digital Marketing Professor at UNCo ★ Social Media Marketing for Personal Branding & Job Search (PB&J) ★ Blogger ★ Speaker ★ #DigitalSMA #AhaLessons #ALLinLinkedIn ★ @DennyMcCorkle ★ +Denny McCorkle


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You can learn a lot from my students. I did.

We all need reminding of what social media is supposed to be about.

I am always impressed and pleased when at the end of the semester of marketing their personal brand on 6 social platforms, they have learned these lessons:

1. be human

2. engage

3. share evergreen content

4. add comment

and more.

Read here:


#socialmedia #personalbranding #students

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Have you optimized your content for personal name SEO?

In previous blog posts I wrote about personal name SEO. It begins with a personal name SEO audit and continues with a personal name claim across the web (Skype, too).

In this blog post I add the importance of optimizing your content and social sharing for personal branding.

This includes, keyword research for:
a) your career-focus
b) career-related topics
c) career-related skills
d) career-related hashtags


Thanks for reading.

Let me know what you think about these strategies.

#SEO #personalbranding #socialmedia #reputationmanagement

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Here is part 2 blog post about Personal Name SEO

This began with a Google search audit of your personal name, and now continues with a personal name claim across the social web.

Some tips:

1. be consistent by using the same form of your resume name across all web properties

2. use the same consistency with search trigger points such as your business card and email signature

3. use a personal name gmail email address and a Google Voice phone number (especially important if job searching)

4. do a name claim for your spouse and children

Thanks for reading and I always appreciate any feedback.

Read here:

#personalbranding #jobsearch #socialmedia #seo #personalnameseo

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Have you Googled yourself lately?

Search results are getting crowded with same-name results and important career stakeholders may be confusing your name with another.

This is not good for personal branding.

This past semester, I asked my social media marketing students to begin their personal branding strategy development by completing a personal name SEO audit. About one-third had difficulty finding their personal name at the top of the first page of search results. By the end of the semester, with an optimized resume name and career-focused social profiles and social activity, all students found amazing improvements.

Thus, if you have given any consideration your personal brand and how and where you want others to find you on the social web, then my new blog post is for you.

I would appreciate your feedback, for I am learning how to better do this, too.

Read here:

Of course, finding your name in the search results is the first step. What they find attached is even more important. I will write about this in future blog posts concerning a personal name claim and a career-confirmation SEO.

#personalbranding #jobsearch #socialmedia #seo #career #students

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Moms can teach us a lot about social media.

And, many of those momisms we are all familiar with can provide a lesson in social media use:

1. be careful with that or you will put your eye out

2. if you can't say anything nice, then don't say anything

3. serves you right

and more.

Please share with siblings and your mother.

Thanks mom for the reminders.

#socialmedia #mothersday #momisms

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I wanted to wish everyone a very Happy Valentine's Day and remind everyone to share your love with someone special.

Turn off the notifications. Put your smartphone aside. And, spend some time with loved ones.

But, read this first:

#socialmedia #valentinesday #love #humor


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*12 more ways to up your social game in LinkedIn8

Previously I wrote about 9 ways to social refresh your personal brand on LinkedIn.

Here I present 12 more [less than common] ways to be more social.

These include some of my favorites, such as the *LinkedIn Poke."

Read it here:

Thanks for reading and sharing.

#personalbranding #linkedin #allinlinkedin #digitalsma

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Are you social on LinkedIn?

Many are not.

At best, they upload their resume and connect with people they know.

There is a better way and this involves sharing more about what you are learning and doing professionally.

This blog post presents 9 ways to be more social on LinkedIn so that others will notice and remember you and your personal brand.

Read here:

Please share. Thanks.

#LinkedIn #PersonalBranding #SocialMedia #SocialSharing #DigitalSMA #ALLinLINKEDIN

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LinkedIn is only as good as you make it.

If you only upload the contents of your resume, then don't expect much benefit from it.

However, if you think strategically with your LinkedIn:

1. connections
2. headline
3. summary
4. the rest of your profile
5. your social activities,

then you can amplify your personal brand, be remembered by connections, and build relationships with important others (potential employers, clients, career stakeholders).

Thanks for reading. Please comment and share.

#LinkedIn #PersonalBranding #JobSearch #Career #SocialMedia
LinkedIn Sucks When You Do
LinkedIn Sucks When You Do

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Here is my blog post syndicated on Social Media Today. Thanks +Social Media Today 
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