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I am delighted to let you know that we are rolling out Google+ pages worldwide. For your organization you can now connect with the customers and fans who love you. They can recommend you with a +1, or add you to a circle and actually spend time with your team, face-to-face-to-face. Start sharing right now, and you'll soon find the super fans and customers that want to say hello.

Check out my post below to learn more.
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Not available to my profile yet. How soon before anyone can sign up?
Not available yet: "Thanks for your interest in Google+ Pages, but we haven't finished releasing them to everyone. Please check back soon."

Is this because I'm Canadian?
+Mark Traphagen The ability for all of you to create a Google+ Page should be enabled in minutes to hours. It's gradually rolling out across our server farms as we speak. Stay tuned...
Great news... what do you recommend as a best practice for creating a business page. I.e., I don't want the page linked to my personal profile since people move from business to business.

Would it be best to create a personal profile linked to an administrative email at my organization, something like, and then use that profile to setup the business page?
+Ryan Schultz It's not the international problem this time. I'm a US-based early adopter (day 2) on Google+, with an account that's active and engaged here every day, and I can't get in either.
By "you can now..." I assume you mean, "at some point when we enable it for you, you will be able to..."
Don't tell us we can "now connect" when we can't!
+Dennis Troper congrats. I'm looking forward to creating a profile/page for my university.
btw, do you have a process to vet identity for a university/brand?
Congrats Dennis and the Google+ team!
Looking forward to being among the first to implement a Google+ Page!
Count me among those who are unenthused (to be polite about it) by the prospect of corporations and brands on G+. To me, it's the Google equivalent of the Citizens United decision, putting lots of power in the hands of the large corporations that can pay their employees, their PR firms, and their surrogates to pump out their marketing messages to anyone who elects to add these corporations to their G+ circles.

Websites, Twitter streams, emails, print publications, television commercials, and even radio spots are already filled with these brands asking us to Like them, the better to mainline their message directly into the bloodstream of their friends. Now we can look forward to these same brands asking us to let them into our Circles. And we all know what Google is capable of doing with the information that you or I have added a particular product or brand to our Circles.
+Tony Wasserman The part you're missing here is that with Google+ Pages, brands can't contact you unless you first circle them. They can't even add you to their circles unless you have first. So don't add any brands and you can sleep well at night.
I know that I don't have to invite any of these organizations into my Circles and don't plan to do so. But, as we have seen with companies on FB, the volume (both meanings) of the corporate messages tends to overwhelm the original goal of the site, which was to make personal connections with your friends and acquaintances. Instead, I can expect to see Tweets from companies offering me discounts on products and services if I add them to my Circles. Ugh.
+Dennis Troper The official announcement should have contained the "The ability for all of you to create a Google+ Page should be enabled in minutes to hours. It's gradually rolling out across our server farms as we speak." Or at least should have put that note on the "sorry" page. The way it is now, it just serves to make people angry. I already had a couple of people (including myself) go "blah, yet another fake" on this, because this seems as if "we are not worthy". :(
So how can we make a page for our business if our business does not have a public phone number..?
There seem to be an issue with creating business pages when the Google + Profile is suspended for the Names Policy. I want to be able to create a brand page for my business but can't and I don't want to associate it with my name since several people will have access. I tried to downgrade from the G+ profile and I can't even do that! The help site isn't very helpful.
Agreed - my company is 3seven9 and it won't let me get past the first hurdle due to our numbers - Help me Obi Wan Kenobi!
Great news! How can I make some of the other guys in my team Page admins? What do I have to do to let them post info in the Page?
I began a page for a client's business. When I relogged into edit it, I can no longer access it and "use it as a page." How do I get back into admin it?
How do you edit a business page? I already have a personal Google+ profile and created a page for my business, but can no longer edit the business page itself. Can't seem to figure it out. Can anyone help?
I finally see where to do it. Next to your picture on your home page, there is a small, greyed out drop down with the ability to select a page that you admin.
Thank you Jennifer, I finally see it now. I was getting a bit frustrated, lol. Now I can continue on with my day.
Did anyone get an answer as to whether it's recommended to use your own personal profile to add a page or to create a google account (email) for your organization and use that to start a page? Can you add admins the same way your add them in facebook?
+Courtney Boone I asked that question and didn't get any answer. I still can't find where I can add admins to my Page.
Adding admins is not possible yet. At least was not possible yesterday. Google support said they are working on it.
Dennis, this is really nice! Thank you! Love to see "Analytics"!
+Courtney Boone creating a corporate account would technically be a violation of the TOS, since all accounts are to be real persons. Perhaps, though, you meant create another account with your name but with a diferent gmail address? Not sure if that's considered legit or not, and it would probably cause confusion when people searched for you and weren't sure which account to follow.

Does your business use Google Apps? I created our business page using my corporate Google Apps account to keep it separate from my personal account.

You can't currently add other admins, but Google+ staffers have said that is in the works and will be available soon.
If you're still working on adding admins, perhaps it would fit to add them via a special circle?
+J-P Losier That doesn't make them admins. As I said above, Google staff have said mulit-admin functionality is coming. Be patient!
+Mark Traphagen I agree. I meant that as a suggestion for how to do it within the "Circles" model and metaphor. Sorry that I wasn't clear.
The one potential security flaw ( +Google+ , listen up!) to the admin circle is if someone maliciously shares an "admin" (or whichever name) circle, and someone adds that without realizing it. So best not to allow sharing of "admin" circles, or accepting them as such by pages.
I created a page, added it to my circles, gave it a +1 and now I can't go back and edit it. How do I edit the page I just created?? I don't see an option for my page when I click my thumnail at the top right. HELP!
+Beth Humble The link to pages you've created is a dropdown arrow next to your name at upper left.
Really confused. I do not see the page I created anywhere.
Thanks, +Jennifer Leavens for pointing out the little gray arrow that let's you "Use Google+ as page admin." But has anyone figured out how to elegantly exit page admin mode and go back to regular profile mode?
Same place. Just switch back to your normal profile.
+Colin Warwick but you need to be in the regular stream view to make the switch. If you're in profile or circles view, just click the google logo and you'll see the switching arrow again. 
Thanks, +Mark Traphagen . Got it! I think they need to make the switching arrow a bit more prominent. Bigger and black not tiny and light gray. My $0.02
+David Nettles If you created the page with a Google+ account linked to the same gmail address as your personal account, then you should see a very dim "1 page" with a down arrow right under your name at upper left in the main stream view.
We'd used a Google+ Profile as a corporate page since 08.08.2011 until yesterday it was suspended for the Names Policy. As far as I understand, that's because of launching the Google+ pages. All this sounds great but there's still a question: how can we MOVE all the stuff published in our old suspended page into a new corporate page? And what about all our readers, that had added us to their circles - and now lost their links?
I don't know what to tell you about that. If you had been my client back then, I would have advised you not to do what you did and to instead get yourself ready to jump on brand pages the day they were introduced. I don't know what tot tell you other than use what you learned in building your first following. And start again.

It rarely pays for businesses to try to bend the TOS of the service they're using. 
Thanks for the answers ;) Well, I assume those guys who started using Google+ in August just could not expect this brand pages launch and used it in the very same manner as the rest our corporate social accounts. I'm sure they hadn't done that on purpose, but, anyway, now it became my problem :(
Nevertheless, it's good to know that somewhere there are rules that really work.
+Koshkalama Olga If they didn't expect brand pages they weren't paying very good attention. Google made it abundantly clear from the beginning that they were going to have brand pages in a matter of months and that they would take down any profiles masquerading as brand pages. If you're going to use social media for business, you really ought to be paying attention to the creators of the tool you're using. That's especially easy here on Google+ because you can follow and interact with Google staff who post about the product. Google also has blogs that keep,us informed about policies and changes to their services. 
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