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Dennis Shiao
Content is my passion.
Content is my passion.


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When less is more: you can improve your website by removing things. At least 30 things, in fact! Register for a webinar that I'm presenting with +Andy Crestodina

Date: July 21, 2016, 9am PT / 11am CT
Title: Improve Your Website by Removing These 30 Things
Hosted by: DNN Software and Orbit Media Studios

Join us live, or register anyway, and view the on-demand recording.


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Solid advice from Jason Brewer, CEO at +Brolik

My favorite tip is this one:

Blogging Tip #8: It’s not about the money. It’s about personal growth and positive results.

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Great tips from Tracy Mallette on how to write content for #Google Hummingbird success.

Courtesy of the +Kapost blog.

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Good content: you can't define it, but you know it when you see it?

Well, Isla McKetta helps break it down over at the +Moz blog. Tip: use Isla's framework to analyze your own content.

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Guest blogging is not dead!

Read this piece by +Louis Gudema, who shows you how guest blogging SOLVED his #SEO problem.

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Not getting enough reach on your content? Let #influencers come to the rescue.

Check out this great post by +Steve Rayson at +BuzzSumo 

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As a content marketer, I spend the majority of time creating content and less of my time distributing it. I'd like to focus more on the latter.

Here's a neat approach used by +Cara Tarbaj at +Wishpond. In short: become a useful resource on Quora and occasionally link to relevant content on your website.

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5 great tips from Chad Keck:

1) Use Surveys To Find Your Readers’ Deepest Desire
2) Create Conflict And Drama
3) Train Your Readers To Be More Active
4) Create More Personal Relationships
5) Tell Your Audience What To Do

I should probably work on all five, but I think I'll start with items 1 and 3.

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My first article at +The Rouse was inspired by a meeting I attended with +Customer Experience Professionals Association - during a panel discussion, a VP Customer Success said he's having a hard time getting the attention of his Marketing team.

As a marketer, I think this is a mistake (on the part of Marketing).

Having fun with formatting.

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And finally, this is bold italic

Hope you enjoyed this ;-)
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