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She's here. 
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Less pictures more reviews
Demand much? Haha I will have that tomorrow. Family time first. I have had so many baseball games lately and been getting home so late, I haven't been able to spend enough time with my wife and girls.
That fair. Have to keep the ladies happy. Especially when you live with 3 of them.
;-) you got it. I won't spare any details tho. I can say off the bat that it feels A LOT like my old sgs2. It's taller and maybe lighter, but I haven't put the battery in yet. Haha I know... Self-control.
I don't know how you do it.
So I am about to go out with the family and wanted to charge it up for later on. I turned it on and..... Ummm I already love it! Lol talk to me in a few hrs after I've put it through the ringer, but first impression gets a 10. CRT and computer rocker wake stock. That's one way to get my attention. :-D
I'm loving mine dude, let me know what you think
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