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Dennis Rassmann
show-p1984 | Kernel-Haxxor and Linux geek. Anything that can go wrong will go wrong - Murphy's law
show-p1984 | Kernel-Haxxor and Linux geek. Anything that can go wrong will go wrong - Murphy's law

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I wish everyone a Happy New Year! :)

Some are already in 2017, so: Is it better than 2016 was? :D

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AMD - New Horizon

Starting shortly. (3 pm CST / 9 pm GMT / 10 pm CET)

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Since moving to it's new server with an updated gitlab it now even has gitlab's mattermost as a chat/discussion tool.

Join the public discussion by creating an account on gitlab and then logging in with that account on

The Google Pixel looks really nice. Was about to get it and throw out some kernels for it, but sadly it's way outside my budget range... When I saw the € price I was really really shocked. For the full feature phone it's 1009€. Even the iPhone 6S Plus was less expensive at launch with all options.

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For free I would almost certainly take it. Otherwise it's just too expensive in Europe :(

Dear +Google Germany,
I sincerely hope that the price you are planning to charge for a Nexus 6p 64GB (699€ or $782) in Germany additionally includes:

1) Case
2) Headphones
3) Nexus Protect
4) the 50$ (30€, I am already skimming here) Play Store credit you are additionally giving away in the US
5) a golden, reusable, Condom with a diamond cock ring

Otherwise this is just the worst case of megalomania I have seen recently.
I saw +Huawei blaming the hefty price increase on shipping costs and taxes. Taxes, yeah I understand that. So bump the price by 20%. Fine. But shipping should be roughly the same across Europe and whatever that price is, it most certainly doesn't justify another >20% increase in prices.
You are torpedoing the Nexus brand with this move.

I would buy it for 659€, which is my total maximum and already $ = € + 20%. Otherwise it's just way too much and I won't recommend anyone to buy it either for that price.

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That's an LG Gwatch R going nuts. Not even one year old.

+LG UK​​​​ +LG Electronics Deutschland​​​​ what is going on here? It seems that it can't hold the screen refresh rate...

Everything else works as expected, if you just tap where the items are supposed to be...

#LG #LGGWatchR #GWatchR #android #androidwear

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