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This is a must read!!!
Please share this!

After my first attempt to let the world know about this (, I finally found a website integrally in English. **
Too often I experienced that Lithuanian people continuously invoke justice but godknowswhy nobody ever bothered to subtitle all those videos posted in youtube. Till now.

In the website below you will find the complete story of this girl who has been supposedly abused by high ranking people in Lithuania, and because of their important positions every investigation against them has been stopped. Her Dad was murdered and now the judges want her to go to her mum who is suspected of having sold her own daughter. Many people fear that if she goes to the mum soon or later they will make her disappear as she is a very uncomfortable witness. The girl doesn't want to live with her mother and prefers to stay with the aunt who has taken care of her so far.
Please take the time to read the story, and please share this to let the world know, maybe something good will come out.


I tagged some of the most influential amongst my circles to make this story spread, sorry to bother, if it's the case


Below, people guarding the girl from being taken from the police, on March 2012.
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Thank you for bringing attention to this tragic miscarriage of justice. Such a painful read, but an important one. I see the petition is really close to 10,000 signatures.
please keep adding to it!!!
awwwwwwwwwww,this is outrage. fucking bitch!!!! and she's "mother"!awwwwwwwwwwww
I think so Keep sharing and sigh the petition!!!
seems i can't sign it,i'm outside US,won't accept my sign. :( but i sent it in email to some american friends.
That why I love you so much, such a big hearted wonderful person
these things really makes me mad my dear lovely friend. if i really really get pissed on something it's those bloody paedos!!! i'd hang them all on the trees by their balls. and mother.... no coment. totally sad woman...:((((
It is sad that this type of thing still goes on in the world, but it is more common than most would think. I seen so much garbage that most people would go crazy just to keep it out.