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Throwing the wrong pitches? I blame the catcher.
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Yes! GREAT article! I wish more people saw things the way the author of this articles does. Sadly, if you could say Keynesian economics is "somewhat socialist in nature," I would say Obama is even left of much of Keynes' views. And even more sad, even if Romney were to beat Obama, I don't think Romney has what it takes to pull us out of this downhill run. That's why I support Ron Paul. And yeah, with Rand now endorsing Romney, there are now even more variables to consider!

Like, why is Rand doing this? Rand, until now, has seemed to base his decisions/votes/etc on a consistent principle of liberty as defined by the Constitution and Bill of Rights. Romney? Not at all. Willy nilly as it suits him, just like most other politicians. So why now does Rand do this? Is it something that happened at Bilderberg this year? Is Romney hoping he can, with alliance with Rand, score Libertarian votes? Is Rand playing "the long game"?

Will Libertarians shift over to Gary Johnson?
From my observations Libertarians are not a bloc. God help us if we become one. The loud din of individual expression is as pleasant as a forest filled with divers birds. 

I have seen some very interesting debates that seem to indicate some sort of Libertarian purity test. I reject it on principle.
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