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Google Drive on Android Only Edits Google Docs? Really?

Someone, please tell me I am wrong. I use DropBox to keep all my text notes synched and to edit them on my Android phone. I copied all my text notes to Google Drive and could not edit them on Android. I could open them with a third party editor (just like DropBox), but got an Access Denied error when I tried to save them. Do I really need to convert all my text files to Google Docs format to edit files in Google Drive on Android?

[Edit. It seems that I can only edit these new notes on my desktop using a browser and Google Docs. It takes about 60 seconds from double-clicking the doc in the Drive folder to editing the Doc in the IE browser. This is a step back from opening a text file immediately from DropBox into Notepad.]
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I'm still waiting to get in on the action ;) ....right now I am using Microsoft's SkyDrive w/ OneNote and it works great!
I know others using OneNote and they like that. So far, Drive does not offer me anything better than DropBox except universal search.
Good question. With DropBox, both of your quotas get affected.
I'm on and using Google Drive.....
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