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Dennis Bareis
Good lookin bloke :-)
Good lookin bloke :-)

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Best screenshot tool I've ever used.

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I could watch these sorts of videos forever, evolution is amazing.
Motor protein traversing a microtubule

Kinesin is a motor protein found in eukaryotic cells that helps transport cargo during critical cellular functions such as mitosis and meiosis. This animation depicts the proposed "hand-over-hand" walking mechanism by which the protein traverses a microtubule while carrying a cargo vesicle. The seesaw motion is caused by conformational changes during the binding and hydrolysis of the high-energy molecule adenosine triphosphate (ATP). Because microtubules are polar, motor proteins are only capable of traveling in a specific direction. Most kinesins move from the center of the cell towards the periphery.

Source: (XVIVO + Harvard)

#ScienceGIF #Science #GIF #Protein #Kinesin #Microtubule #Mobility #Cell #Microscopic #Vesicle #Biology #Cellular #Biochemistry #Filaments #ATP #Cargo #Transport
Animated Photo

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Very interesting research!
There are a few parasites which are known to affect the higher functions of the mind - rabies making dogs vicious, parasitic wasps which commandeer orb spiders, flatworms which make ants commit a strange sort of suicide atop blades of grass, where they can be eaten by sheep. And, of course, there's toxoplasma gondii, whose primary habitat is in the intestines of cats, and which can be responsible for "crazy cat lady syndrome."

But while we usually think of this as being a rare, acute condition affecting only a few people, it turns out that infection rates may be far higher than we imagined - 10-20% of Americans, and over 50% of Europeans - and that even these low-level infections may have subtle but significant effects on our personalities.

We may well be, in short, under the effect of mind-controlling parasites right now. And things as fundamental as our introversion or extroversion, or as seemingly arbitrary as our fashion sense, may be affected.

Via +A.V. Flox​

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If you can't get #MTP (Media Transfer Protocol) or #PTP (Photo Transfer Protocol) working with your Camera or Android device and you are on Windows 10 N then this is the download you need (pity no one tells you that)!

KB3133719 is the "Windows Media Player".

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People and governments need to start thinking harder about a #UniversalBasicIncome / #UBI

It seems like a "no brainer" (

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I came across an interesting inbox bug which presents a dialog with the text "Oops! Double-check the email addresses that you've entered before sending". Obviously you'd mostly get this when there was an obvious issue but the image shows a perfectly good email address in red.

Anyway I sent the below feedback to Google using Inbox's feedback form and that explains the issue (easily seen with a hex editor, but easiest solution for most is probably just to type it in and not paste it from a web page):

BUG PLEASE FIX: the email address show is perfectly valid yet I get an error message:

"Double-check the email addresses that you've entered before sending"

I double check and click again and it wants me to double check again (that would be a triple check). The message doesn't even say that Inbox thinks its wrong (just to check). I'm NOW GUESSING that red = bad but thats not obvious either.

The message should say that the email "blah blah" is invalid, please correct before resending.

Now that's one bug fixed lets go for the 2nd one, it shows one email address (which is a valid one) but the email address it's validating is actually something else!

Pasting the address as pure text shows it to be "help@​bookdepository​.com", and it looks like a 3rd bug in this form, I can't even show it here...

Basically there is a "?" (question mark, but really unicode x0B20) after "@" and another after "y"..

I hope this helps someone :-)


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If you have been thinking about buying a TrackR to watch your car keys (or even your car) then if you use the referral link ( then both of us will get a free one when you order :-)

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I love large screens so to be able to get a 6.4 inch screen in a 5.5 inch sized phone is exactly what the doctor ordered... Might wait until the next version of Xiaomi's Mi Mix with a Snapdragon 835 :-)

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This is one crazy cat.

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Check out this hearing aid!
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