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Dennis Appelon Nielsen
OpenSource lover, and a Google fanboy, with a spiritual path in life
OpenSource lover, and a Google fanboy, with a spiritual path in life

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Say hello to our latest family member Colombo 🐎 he was born 3 days ago, he is a little American Miniature Colt 

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Oh common +Google Photos​ how did this happen?
My girlfriend was all over me, getting it working
And why was Google Photos 2.8.1 only available for her +Nexus 5X​ in +Google Play​, I had to sideload it on my +Google Nexus 6​ ?

Google removed casting from Google Photos 2.8, but has added it back in 2.8.1 [APK Download]

+All About Android+Android Community​ 

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Our little 3 years old OX Fønix first time with a western saddle

#OX #Arabianhorses
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I'm so proud of my little girl 🐎 first time on her back, and she understands my signals, from my boots 👞 and she loves ❤️ the contact. 😀

#OX #Horse #Arabian 

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Do I know Any Linux / Python people in the UK, looking for a new job ?
Please contact me.

+CGI in London is looking for you. ;-)

+GNU/Linux +Python +Nick Piper

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This evening in our small barn with the 2 small American miniature's 🐎❤️🐎
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Yesterday I picked-up my old Commodore 64 at my parents house. I even got a 14" TV to connect it to. While I was drinking my morning coffee today, I found this article .

Anyone have some advice in what I should try to do with my best friend from the 80 - 90's ?

+Commodore 64

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Please helps us get to Randers and visiting the nursing home. Share or donate... <3
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