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Overfitting, underfitting, regularization, dropout
Here is an IJulia notebook demonstrating overfitting, underfitting, regularization and dropout in Knet for my machine learning class.

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CharNER: Character-Level Named Entity Recognition
Onur Kuru, Ozan Arkan Can and Deniz Yuret. 2016. COLING . Osaka. ( PDF , Presentation ) Abstract We describe and evaluate a character-level tagger for language-independent Named Entity
Recognition (NER). Instead of words, a sentence is represented as a sequ...

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Learning grammatical categories using paradigmatic representations: Substitute words for language acquisition
Mehmet Ali Yatbaz, Volkan Cirik, Aylin Küntay and Deniz Yuret. 2016. COLING . Osaka. ( PDF , Poster ) Abstract Learning word categories is a fundamental task in language acquisition. Previous studies show
that co-occurrence patterns of preceding and followi...

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Knet: beginning deep learning with 100 lines of Julia (NIPS workshop)
Deniz Yuret. 2016. Machine Learning Systems Workshop at NIPS 2016 . Barcelona. ( PDF , Slide , Poster ) Abstract Knet (pronounced "kay-net") is the Koç University machine learning framework
implemented in Julia, a high-level, high-performance, dynamic progr...

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Transfer Learning for Low-Resource Neural Machine Translation
Zoph, Barret and Yuret, Deniz and May, Jonathan and Knight, Kevin. 2016. Proceedings of the 2016 Conference on Empirical Methods in Natural Language Processing pp 1568--1575, Austin, Texas. ( PDF ) Abstract The encoder-decoder framework for neural

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Why Neural Translations are the Right Length
Shi, Xing and Knight, Kevin and Yuret, Deniz. 2016. Proceedings of the 2016 Conference on Empirical Methods in Natural Language Processing pp 2278--2282, Austin, Texas. ( PDF ) Abstract We investigate how neural, encoder-decoder
translation systems outp...

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Beginning deep learning with 500 lines of Julia (20150228)
Click here for a newer version (Knet7) of this tutorial. The code used in this version (KUnet) has been deprecated. There are a number of deep learning packages out there . However most sacrifice readability for efficiency. This has two disadvantages: (1...

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Julia ve Knet ile Derin Öğrenmeye Giriş
ODTÜ Yapay Öğrenme ve Bilgi İşlemede Yeni Teknikler Yaz Okulu, 6-9 Eylül, 2016, ODTÜ, Ankara. ( URL , Sunum )

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Onur Kuru, M.S. 2016
M.S. Thesis: Character-level Tagging. Koç University, Department of Computer Engineering. August, 2016. ( PDF , Presentation ) Abstract: I describe and evaluate a language-independent character-level tagger for sequence
labeling problems: Named Entity Recog...

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AutoGrad.jl is an automatic differentiation package for Julia . It is
a Julia port of the popular Python autograd package. It can
differentiate regular Julia code that includes loops, conditionals,
helper functions, closures etc. by keeping track of the pr...
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