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I did NOT see Dr. Waddell's post about me :) OK Kecia- here are some pics. I have a couple of casual ones taken with my phone, but have not uploaded them yet. I have not been able to enjoy my completion yet because I came down with a sinus infection right after :(  Notice the big, s%$# eating grin on my face!
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Hello Critical Friends_
One or two more interviews left to do and then I will be all done with data collection YAY. Passed another marker toward completion. Now I just need the strength to keep marching on, as this whole process is tiring.

Hi Karen and Kecia-
I have a question re: the consent for a survey. I initially wanted to attach the survey consent form to the email invite as a PDF attachment, but it turns out the IRB does not like that. They suggest it be the in the body of the email or the first page of the survey. How did you guys do that if you used a survey? The consent is long and I don't want to deter people right out the gate. 

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