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Denise Morgan Kalicki
Terminally curious.
Terminally curious.

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Starting fresh and trying to get rid of the old, I'm listing most of my old artworks in my shop for massive discounts. Check out the store here:

I have also submitted 13 #zombie  and #comic  themed artworks to a local art gallery in Winkler as part of a comic convention themed art show happening from Feb. 8-24 ... with the comic convention on the 20th which I will be attending and spreading some infection.

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This is the second #zombie   #cat  for the lady in Australia.
There is a story that I started writing about this undead feline, but I didn't know how to continue it. Check out the blog and see if you can add a paragraph or two.

Also, if you want to own a zombie cat of your own, message me or check out my store for some of my past critters that I've marked down in price.

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I really seriously love this version.

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Two of my favorite ladies, Mom and the wonderful Kathy L Molyneux Nowicki

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For Jake.

You are tired,
beyond tired.
You ache so much,
so hard,
so deep.

You need a hot bath,
a soothing, warm drink,
and have a mind that needs the same.

It echoes
so deep
when you feel alone.

Those echoes give us false feelings.
It booms back to us
trailing voices.
The feelings are real
but falsely amplified.
It's hard to know,
for a fact,
that under that huge pile
of crap feelings,

there is a pony.


Well, I am just going to do some stream of babble here. I am a nerd, a geek (but not in IT), I teach cats how to be curious, and am a cat person. I am a reader, own a kindle. Favorite colors are greens and blues (cobalt!). I am a foodie. I have cooked professionally and grew up in the business. My favorite cuisines are Asian, especially Korean and Japanese. Old or unique cookbooks are awesome. I like dragons and android figures, silly cute ones. I own both cooking and utility knives and have studied knife fighting. I could use a small knife like a BYRD Finch 2 G-10 Plain Edge Knife, Black. Due to a nerve injury, in folding knives, I can only use Byrd or Spyderco brands. I deeply appreciate handcrafted items, but am terrible at them myself. I grow rescued orchids. I like lavender, both as a color and a scent. That's what I can think of for now. Thanks!
I love geeky T-shirts! Men's lg-xlg please

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#zombie   #cat  bookmark sized painting

After what feels like a month of being afk due to stresses and sickness (the whole family got sick ... ugh) I'm getting back in the studio to finish off a couple of commissions and make more cats. I'm rapidly running low on art supplies though, especially paper so I would like to offer up full color zombie cat sketches for just $10
message me for details
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