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Speaker + Author + Creativity Evangelist

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Apparently, Felicia Day liked my article enough to share it. Right on!
This is a long article, but it really has some great points about the "inner critic" voice that's so destructive when you're trying to create, and some great workarounds. My favorite quote:
"Trick your inner critic by using a bait-and-switch tactic. When you feel your inner critic trying to put the brakes on your motivation, enticing you to procrastinate, deftly sidestep it by telling yourself: “I’m not really going to do x, I’m just getting ready for it.”
This is how I wrote the whole Season 5 on vacation early this year, I convinced myself it was free writing, just PREPPING for writing when I got back. 82 pages later, I was almost done after I actually got home! :)
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