1. drama. Right?
2. No, not really. This picture is actually something I tried to do for Instagram. It didn't really work. I thought it was funny anyway. #obviouslynofilter #whatoldpeopledo
3. I had to take a break from The Public for a long while. I'm not sure I'm done with it yet, but I was angry all the time.
4. I'm not angry anymore. Why? It's simple. I have a reminder app on my phone. With timers. This might seem like a simple thing to some people, but when you have a billion things in your head and are routinely paralyzed into non-action by your own brain, creative reminder usage can make a zombie into a rock star... perhaps. Who knows?
5. It's been an okay couple days. Stay tuna-ed. :)
6. In conclusion, depression sucks, but it always ends if you ride it out.
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