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Denise Howell

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+TWiL's cover pic in honor of Ep. 312 -- Neither Holy, Roman, Nor Empire, with David Frankel and Brandon Butler: -- is by +Office of Naval Research on Flickr under a +Creative Commons/Attribution license:
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Halflife render, is it not.
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Denise Howell

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Caught the +Utah Olympic Park Flying Ace All Stars as part of our summer travels. Big treat!
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sexy girl. very nice.
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Denise Howell

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+TWiL's +Creative Commons-licensed cover pic in honor of Ep. 309 with Jorge Contreras, Bruce Boyden, +Sarah Pearson, and me is by Peter Lindberg on Flickr:
Tastiest apples: Ingrid Maries.
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wonderful juice, Denise keep it up.
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Denise Howell

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+TWiL's cover pic in honor of Ep. 308 ("3D People in Designer Genes") w/ +Lewis & Clark Law School's Anna Laakmann and +UC Davis School of Law's Peter Lee is by Caitlin Regan on Flickr under a +Creative Commons/Attribution license:
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Very nice Denise, keep it up
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Denise Howell

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+TWiL's cover page in honor of Ep. 307 ("Monkey See, Monkey Sue") with +Matthew Sag, +Marty Schwimmer, +Sarah Pearson, and me is by  Aaron Michels on Flickr under a +Creative Commons /Attribution license:
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Denise Howell

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+Google Photos Creations, Movies, and Stories, automatically created by the software, are very, very cool, but scream out for a related feature: the ability to specify pictures and videos to be transformed into a gif, movie, or story.  While the automatically generated ones are phenomenal, there need to be more avenues for user control and customization.  (Maybe this is an app-only ability and doesn't work on the desktop?  Haven't tried that route yet...[Update:]  Yes, lots of ways to customize movies in the mobile apps, including adjusting the timeline and music.)   #googlephotos  
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hi oli
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Have her in circles
1,798,225 people
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Denise Howell

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+TWiL starts NOW w/ Brandon Butler, David Frankel, +Sarah Pearson, and me.  There will be drones.  And adulterers.
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Thank you my friend and why couldn't save my phone number when I load it please help how to do it.
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Denise Howell

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+TWiL starts NOW with +Michael Schneider, Kristelia Garcia, +Sarah Pearson, and me, join us!
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Wow u so buttyful
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Denise Howell

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+TWiL starts NOW with Alan deLevie, Gus Hurwitz, +Sarah Pearson, and me, join us!
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Denise Howell

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Excited +Lisa Bettany has released Vee for Video.  It was much needed!
I had an awesome time on +This Week in Photo (TWiP) this week catching up with +Frederick Van Johnson :) It's been a while since I've been on the show, so it was great chatting about the photo and tech world with friends.
There's an App for That - Lisa Bettany returns to talk about her latest app - Vee for video. Plus Pinterest & Instagram's foray into eCommerce.
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Denise Howell

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+TWiL starts NOW w/ Anna Laakmann and Peter Lee:  gene patents, 3D printed organs, freedom to innovate, Hulk Hogan privacy advocate, more:
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its ooh some swt
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Denise Howell

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Anyone know if there's a way to get one's +Google Photos animations/gifs to post to Facebook inline as they do here, rather than as a link?
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Lower Yosemite Falls.
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I am an appellate, intellectual property, and technology lawyer, a blogger and columnist, and a podcast host.*

I practice appellate and technology law, primarily on a consulting basis. I have more fun than should be allowed hosting this WEEK in LAW and writing columns for The American Lawyer — both gigs that came my way due to the good graces and endorsements of folks I met online. Blogs I write or have written include Bag and Baggage, Lawgarithms (CBS Interactive/ZDNet), Between Lawyers (Corante), and The Industry Standard.

Though I am originally from the San Francisco Bay Area, I now live in Newport Beach. While at UCLA (B.A. 1987), I majored in English and earned departmental honors for a thesis on the works of T.S. Eliot. After college, my interests took a more South Campus turn. I began studying computers and technological issues while I earned my law degree from Boalt Hall in Berkeley (J.D. 1990).

  • UCLA
    English, 1983 - 1987
  • Boalt Hall
    Law, 1987 - 1990
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