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Denise Howell

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+TWiL's cover pic in honor of Ep. 296 ("ICANN Has Cowbell?") is by Michael Bentley on Flickr under a +Creative Commons/Attribution license:
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Denise Howell

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Don't miss +Eric Goldman and Jeremy Bock on +TWiL today with +Sarah Pearson and me!  Much on the docket:
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Definitely you are pretty!
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Denise Howell

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+TWiL starts NOW, join us!
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Your cute Denise Howell
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+TWiL starts NOW, join us!  Big week:   #netneutrality   #fairuseweek   #llamas   #powerrangersreboot   #LLAP
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Denise Howell

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+TWiL's cover pic in honor of Eps. 292 and 293 -- one of my favorite cover pics ever -- is by +Adam Rifkin on Flickr under a +Creative Commons/Attribution license:
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È tuo questo gatto? Perché è bellissimo
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Punk rock sock monkeys, decodable cats, #netneutrality , keeping autonomous cars out of snowdrifts and drones off the White House lawn. +TWiL's on now w/ +Sam Abuelsamid, +Benjamin Snitkoff, and +Mike Elgan​:
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Have her in circles
1,802,524 people
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Denise Howell

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TWiL starts NOW, join us!  The copyright plot Thicke-ens, the Streisand effect goes apartment, is that an octopus in your router??
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hi i really wants a good friend ship with you
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Denise Howell

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+TWiL's cover pic in honor of Ep. 295 ("The Remote is in China") with +Sarah Pearson, Konstantinos Stylianou, and Saurabh Vishnubhakat is by Shi Zhao on Flickr under a +Creative Commons/Attribution license.
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All the white people to the back please
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+TWiL's cover pic in honor of Ep. 294 ("Dingo Free FCC") w/ +Debora Halbert, +AJ Shankar, and +Sarah Pearson is by Steve on Flickr under a +Creative Commons/Attribution license:
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Този гривест вълк изглежда доста зле за съжаление
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Denise Howell

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Hope you're ready for a +TWiL double dose today! We're recording two shows back to back, so buckle up! 11 - Noon PT we'll have +NABIHA SYED and Peter Dicola; Noon - 1 we'll have Jim Gibson and Rob Walker. We'll have great topics throughout; join us!

Ep. 292 topics:
Ep. 293 topics:
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superd sexy beauty
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Denise Howell

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+TWiL's cover pic in honor of Ep. 291 ("Jane, Stop This Crazy Thing!") w/ +Mike Elgan, +Benjamin Snitkoff, and +Sam Abuelsamid is by +Bob Mical on Flickr under a +Creative Commons/Attribution license:
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Wat is speelgoet fack
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+Mike Elgan and +Benjamin Snitkoff are joining me too!   #netneutrality , the Mission Impossible approach to privacy, and punk rock sock monkeys as well.  11 PT/19:00 UTC,
Hey gang, I'll be joining +Denise Howell and the crew on This Week in Law on +TWiT at 2pm EST today. We'll be discussing autonomous and connected vehicles and other cool stuff at the intersection of law and technology.
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ge ze zo lekker
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I am an appellate, intellectual property, and technology lawyer, a blogger and columnist, and a podcast host.*

I practice appellate and technology law, primarily on a consulting basis. I have more fun than should be allowed hosting this WEEK in LAW and writing columns for The American Lawyer — both gigs that came my way due to the good graces and endorsements of folks I met online. Blogs I write or have written include Bag and Baggage, Lawgarithms (CBS Interactive/ZDNet), Between Lawyers (Corante), and The Industry Standard.

Though I am originally from the San Francisco Bay Area, I now live in Newport Beach. While at UCLA (B.A. 1987), I majored in English and earned departmental honors for a thesis on the works of T.S. Eliot. After college, my interests took a more South Campus turn. I began studying computers and technological issues while I earned my law degree from Boalt Hall in Berkeley (J.D. 1990).

  • UCLA
    English, 1983 - 1987
  • Boalt Hall
    Law, 1987 - 1990
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