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Denise Howell

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Great discussion today on +TWiL Ep. 317 ("Law of the WOPR") with +Cathy Gellis, +Michael Lissack, and +Sarah Pearson.  We talked a lot about using technology to address social problems and crimes, as well as new developments re the #CFAA  and #DMCA .  Fun show, should be up by tonight at
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Very good show. Didn't like the social ap thing. The other topics were really good w/ very knowledgeable experts w/ insightful comments. 
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Denise Howell

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+TWiL's cover pic in honor of Ep. 315 with Mark Jaffe, Adam Steinbaugh, and Colette Vogele ("Risa On Demand") is by Denis Bocquet on Flickr under a +Creative Commons/Attribution license:
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Como estas 
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Denise Howell

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Great topics shaping up for today's +TWiL with Mark Jaffe, +Adam Steinbaugh, and Colette Vogele, 11 PT/18:00 UTC at  Anti-photo shaming law and social media policies, do dating apps harm good judgment and empathy, liability for reposting Lenny Kravitz' assets, and more:
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909-231-2544 amandarosas23@gmail.comhe is a gigalow
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Denise Howell

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Getting answers to these kinds of questions is a great reason to put +TWiL's upcoming Space Law panel on your calendar:  September 11, 11 PT/18:00 UTC.  What else should we ask about?  cc +Sarah Pearson 
+Denise Howell Who's laws apply on the ISS?
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Denise Howell

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Great news from +Anil Dash and +Gina Trapani!
Woot! +Gina Trapani 
For many, the apps and programs we use everyday might feel like they were created by companies more than by actual human beings. People like Mark Zuckerberg are known names, of course, but the army...
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Denise Howell

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Have foisted a bento-like box on my offspring (it didn't go well), but I'm not sure what a tiffin is -- does that make it ok?
Back to School, 1970s 1. Take the kids downtown to go shopping at Sears for back to school clothes the last week of August. Back to School, 2014 1. Take five deep breaths and say a positive affirmation
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lookin' kool !!
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Denise Howell

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Most important stories I read today, part 1.
The H-2 visa program invites foreign workers to do some of the most menial labor in America. Then it leaves them at the mercy of their employers. Thousands of these workers have been abused — depri...
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Have her in circles
1,800,096 people
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Denise Howell

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Utah aspens. Tried mountain biking for the first time this summer, and was pleased it's one of those sports that actually lives up to its hype!
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احسنتي نها رياضه 
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Denise Howell

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Join us for TWiL, great guests and topics this week!
Don't miss today's TWiL, starting NOW!  Trademarking #cecilthelion , the law and policy of nonconsensual pornography, allegedly infringing breakbeats, resharing Lenny Kravitz' assets, much more.  With Mark Jaffe, +Adam Steinbaugh, and Colette Vogele.
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Denise Howell

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Topics in progress for +TWiL's upcoming Space Law panel, please chime in.  cc +Sarah Pearson 
We're starting to think about topics for our Space Law panel on September 11, 11PT/18:00 UTC, including:

Law on the ISS
"If a Martian wrecks your rocket ship, who is liable?" (WSJ headline)
Forging a civil society off Earth
Copyright in space

Aggregating stories here:  What else should we cover?
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How are you
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Denise Howell

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+TWiL's cover pic in honor of Ep. 314 ("Khan With A EULA") with Emily Michiko Morris and Tyler T. Ochoa is by +Katherine Mereand-Sinha on Flickr under a +Creative Commons/Attribution license:
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we need friends nos
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Denise Howell

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God bless you Mrs. Howell.
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I am an appellate, intellectual property, and technology lawyer, a blogger and columnist, and a podcast host.*

I practice appellate and technology law, primarily on a consulting basis. I have more fun than should be allowed hosting this WEEK in LAW and writing columns for The American Lawyer — both gigs that came my way due to the good graces and endorsements of folks I met online. Blogs I write or have written include Bag and Baggage, Lawgarithms (CBS Interactive/ZDNet), Between Lawyers (Corante), and The Industry Standard.

Though I am originally from the San Francisco Bay Area, I now live in Newport Beach. While at UCLA (B.A. 1987), I majored in English and earned departmental honors for a thesis on the works of T.S. Eliot. After college, my interests took a more South Campus turn. I began studying computers and technological issues while I earned my law degree from Boalt Hall in Berkeley (J.D. 1990).

  • UCLA
    English, 1983 - 1987
  • Boalt Hall
    Law, 1987 - 1990
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