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Sharing Google Drive photos with your Google+ circles

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Today, +Sundar Pichai introduced Google Drive ( -- a place where you can create, share, collaborate and keep all of your stuff. In parallel, we’re also rolling out a way to share your Google Drive photos with your circles.

To give it a try, first activate your Google Drive (at and add some photos. Next:

- Click in the Google+ sharebox to create a new post
- Click the camera icon, then select From Google Drive
- Choose photos from either My Drive or Shared with me (see screenshots)

Once you’ve selected your favorite shots, just pick the circles you want to share with, and you’re done! Enjoy, and please keep the feedback coming!
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Hmm... This is great, but we already have Picasa. Does Google think that we should be uploading our photos to Picasa or Drive?

I'd love it if they were all connected, but right now it's a little confusing
That and the integration with third-party apps are my two favorite Drive features!

+Anthony Kelly I'm sure eventually Picasa will be eventually folded into Drive/G+. But if its the same either way, I'd probably go with Drive, since you'll now be able to edit/share the photos straight from there.
Now, I just need that little blue button to pop up :)
Would be nice to see the "Add from Google Drive" show up when we click on the "Upload More Photos" so that we can add them into the folders that we want as well.
+Denise Ho I have 200GB paid webspace in picasa - 50GB in use.
Now Picasa shows ~150GB available space and G-Drive shows 205GB available space. Bug or feature? And where should I upload my photos?
"from your phone" shows up even if you are on a desktop. Also no link to get a pic from Picasa. I'm sure I'm not the only one with my pics in picasa.
would it count storage used if photo under 2048x2048 in google drive? (which is count as zero usage of storage in picasa)
+Denise Ho - I guess because I was already a paid storage user (for the much cheaper $5/year for 20GB), I'm on the waiting list for Google Drive and can't confirm this. Will "From your Google Drive" also give me quick access to my Picasa albums to choose from?
I like this...early days, but a good example of Google Drive integration.
+cocker dunn It copies said picture over to your "Photos from Posts" album to share it, so it won't take up any more space than just the original picture in Google Drive. But photos in your Google Drive do count.
So I can upload an unlimited amount of photos to #Picasa , but with #GoogleDrive I'm limited to 5GB? Bummer, but I will still check it out.
+Charley Campbell - You don't have that quite right. The photos you upload to Google+ have their resolution adjusted to reduce their file size. They end up looking fine on a monitor, but they are not the same DSLR quality that you uploaded. So when you share a photo to Google+, the downloaded version will be very different than the original. It is these altered versions that you have unlimited storage space for.

However, if you upload them directly to, the full version gets uploaded... and it does count against your Picasa space.
I'd rather photos on G+ were also present on Drive (e.g. each album being a folder) and images uploaded to Drive also appeared in private albums on Plus.

I don't really see the point in making that distinction.
+Ted Pavlic thanks for the clarification. I do realize that photos are downsized when uploaded to Picasa via Google+, however I wouldn't mind that happening when uploading to #GoogleDrive as well and get unlimited space :)
+John Kraemer, partially, yes. But ideally you could embed "publicly shared" google drive photos on any site, forum, etc. This is a suitable workaround for sharing on G+, but useless for sharing an image on any other site.

Contrast the G-Drive behavior with Dropbox's public sharing, where you basically have raw http access to the file. (
+Charley Campbell - I think the best way to implement it would be to make your PicasaWeb (including G+) photos show up as a "folder" or "collection" on Google Drive (similar to how Chat's show up in GMail). That way you can store your unaltered photos at cost and still upload as many downsized photos however you'd like.

Keep in mind that you can't access your Google Music uploads (which are practically unlimited) directly, but you can download them. That seems very similar here.

What would be great is something more like Amazon's cloud drive. With the purchase of even the smallest storage plan, you get unlimited MP3 uploads and there's no altering of them when they hit Amazon.

(however, it's really hard to data-de-dupe photos, but it's probably very easy to data-de-dupe MP3's...)
i want the other way around.. my camera photo's are already uploaded automatically to Google+ But i don't see them in Docs/Drive..
Your android is #Linux
Your ChromeOS is #Linux
Your Servers are based on #Linux
You are here because of #Linux
So where is the #gdrive for #Linux ??

+Rafael Sousa - I think it's about supply and demand. Moreover, the Linux open source community can actually do something useful with an SDK whereas the Windows and MacOS development community couldn't find people willing to run their software even if they could manage to write it. Along those lines, I bet you'd get OK performance out of the existing gdatafs (and googlecl) already available with Google Docs support...
+Ted Pavlic, agreed — I don't think a GNU/Linux client should have been a launch-blocking issue for this product. #Linux users need a client that they can modify and rebuild as needed based on a defined API, and if Drive turns out to be as successful as I suspect it will, there will be several decent ones soon that would have ultimately crowded out an official client in the free software world.

My verdict — good call on just launching.
wao, i like this, now it is more easy to upload photos, thankx google.
Ok so now Google has three places where one can store photos: Picasa (full size, limited storage), Google+ (limited size, unlimited storage) and Drive (full size, limited storage) Photos in Picasa show in Google+ and vice versa, but photos in Drive don't show in any of them. This is just bad planning.

And why is Picasa still around??
+Gabriel Perren yeah it's kind of confusing at this point. I follow all of this, but it's a lot of research / understanding for someone who just wants to store their photos with Google.
+Gabriel Perren i fully agree with you, this is quite confusing now what to use .. I think everything should just be moved together, maybe even including gmail... 1 place to store what ever we want, and X number of clients just displaying data from that place
+Gabriel Perren - Picasa is still around because it is the only way to upload photos in their original resolution that can be shared and printed. The photos that are stored at Google+ are not adequate for printing and, more importantly, are not meant to be an archival copy of the original photo.

Moreover, Picasa integrates well with the Android gallery. I can view all of my Picasa albums (including those automatically generated by Google+ uploads) from directly inside my Android gallery.

Rather than suggesting Picasa should disappear, why not suggest that Picasa shows up as a folder inside Google Drive? That way you can see your Picasa and Google+ photos all in one place and manage them with your Google Drive utilities. You still get unlimited storage space for shared photos through Google+. That would be a quick and easy way to integrate all three services.

Google+ is not a photo sharing site (nor is Facebook). Picasa exists for the same reason Flickr (and others) exist. Having said that, new storage sites (like and, to some extent, Dropbox) have better direct integration with photo sharing and do not downsize photos.
+Ted Pavlic It just seems irrelevant and outdated, like Buzz. Creating a difference between photos in Google+ vs photos in Picasa is convoluted (specially to new users) I'm pretty sure that Picasa will bite the dust soon, specially because like Google Reader before, it has created its own little niche social network which adds another layer of confusion to Google+, mainly with comments in photos (do they show in one service or in both? should they show the same comments in both? what about privacy settings in each service? etc...) and we all remember what happened to Reader's own social network.
+Gabriel Perren - Photo sharing is certainly not going away, and Google+'s downsizing of photos to below print quality isn't going to fly. There will always need to be a place to upload (and share) high quality pics. Maybe Drive will add that. Until then, Picasa will still have a place as Google's frontend for print photos.
+Ted Pavlic if downsizing is the problem you can just upload them to Drive and then share in G+ bypassing Picasa completely.
+Gabriel Perren - If I just wanted to share a single photo to G+, I wouldn't worry about the downsizing. Can I share an entire album as a photo slideshow in drive?

(the bottom line is that Google's photo sharing services suck in general, Drive or not Drive, Picasa or no Picasa, Google+ or no Google+; Google has no good photo options)
+Ted Pavlic sure, you can share an entire album on G+ from Drive. If you want that album to be available for fullsize download, then just make it public.
+Gabriel Perren - But will the viewers just see a list of files? Or do they get a nice gallery view?

Moreover, is it easy to simply have a "My Galleries" share that you can continually add new albums to?

It just seems like photo sharing is secondary to Google Drive (just like it's secondary to Dropbox). It may be possible, but it's not as pretty as a service like Fickr (or even Picasa).
+Ted Pavlic why don't you try sharing an album from Drive and see what it can do? It's easier than me describing everything.
I think the best option would be to use Drive as the storage median (for everything) and add an option under share to be able share to a PicasaWeb Album.
There's no way this works on Android. I have tried it all.
I have to download from Google Drive and then share on Google+ from the SD card. Tragedy on a 3G connection :(
Hi Denise, is there a way to place widgets / elements / links on a Google+ Page?  E.g. by adding another tab next to the 'photos' and 'videos', or by placing it anywhere at the top of the page (there's a lot of white space area)?
The reason is that I need to make some of the links / Google documents seen by everyone whenever they enter my page, and to make sure it's not falling down the many comments posted on that page.
+Denise Ho this feature would be much more helpful if it included a "Select All" button. Some of my albums are several hundred pictures, and I haven't figured out a way to select all of them without manually selecting each one. Is that in the works?
This doesn't seem to work for pictures inside of folders in Google Drive. When I double click on a folder after clicking "From a Google Drive," it says: Sorry! We could not import your photos. Please try again later.
I have the same issue as +Reuben Uy.  I would really like this feature to work correctly. It's annoying to duplicate effort of posting photos on Google Drive and then Google+ or Picasa. 
FYI, this feature started [partially] working for me today.  On the plus side, I can now add photos from Google Drive to Google+ (yay, thanks!).  On the down side, the feature is incomplete.  Specifically, what it does is create a new Picasa Web Album under "Photos from Posts", and it's organized by upload date, so you can't create an album name like "Summer Vacation Pics" which makes organization confusing.  Also, you have to individually select photos from a Google Drive folder, you can't select an entire about an "add all" button or something?  It re-sizes the photos (not the end of the world, Facebook also does this) but more critically, it strips out GPS data, which I consider a critical flaw, and contrary to the underlying usefulness of Google+, which is the relevance of "local" information -- where you are, what you're doing, who else of your friends is there/was there, etc.  The data exists in the original photo on Google Drive, but doesn't get passed to Google+ (but other data like camera type is preserved).  Also, it would be nice to be able to do this all directly from Google Drive (under share options?) but this is less critical.  Is there a forum/blog/something somewhere that these issues can be discussed with Google+ devs?  It's another example of Google+ being so close to being awesome, but missing the mark and becoming mediocre and frustrating.
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