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I don't usually like geek humor but this was spot on.

If this has already made its rounds around G+, I have no idea how I missed it.
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And sometimes your wifi disconnects for no apparent reason and you spend days resetting and changing everything about yourself until you realize it was her all along that needed attention. Sooooo you flip her over and stick something in a hole and everything is better for a while, but the cycle begins anew.
u could also say: men are only capable of maintaining one connection at a time, women know how to keep many connections up at once..
Typical profiling.... distasteful...
It also works the other way around. Bluetooth is like ...
yeah, I saw this one before
Ye rite. Women have WE(E)P security. You say something in hard language and WE(E)P security comes in. Its very hard to breach though.
I have serious problems connecting to multiple devices at the same time, so I guess I'm bluetooth. Still, when my paired device is out of range, I do find myself scanning for a connection... but I know that would break the pairing with my preferred device, so I just ignore the others
yes women r very strong they can catch wi fi single in red point.very strong
in the west its right but in the east especially in the muslims of the east
Both are different devices for different Works not for Women's And Men.
Haha, you know what?
B: is gonna stand for Boy, and while
W: stands for Women.

That's fair stuff, I guess.
Haha This is a very nice
mind blowing++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++
This is stereotypical drivel disguising itself as geek humour. If you don't like geek humour but do like this, there aren't any contradictions there. </bahhumbug>
Its true ....nature makes difference
:D Men And Women Its Natural Fact.
Logically inconsistent, unless "strongest one" means "searches for other devices when you are away." Oh, now I get it: this is horsecrap.
very wisely matter has been connected to material . great idea .
Kay Ka
Law of atraction

If by "strongest" you mean "the best looking one" or "the one with the most money", this might be accurate.
Looks like its time to rename "that" book.
It's ok, Google+ is just a collection of 9gag, twitter, tumblr, facebook, chain emails, and 4chan. You can't possibly see every post and repost and rerepost and rererepost there is.
lovin it!!!! <3
Shame the Men Bluetooth can pair to others instantly, unfortunately protocols must be followed, dinner dates, wine & so forth
Girls find men make out those..........
Unlike bluetooth, Wifi also keeps on scanning for new devices in the background, whether they're connected or not. :P
sexist humour more like.....
Just hate when WIFI has issues without error messages, troubleshootng that is one tough job.
This post, to me is very sexiest.
haha put put me in your circles. and i will circle you back
Er Vin
Connects to the strongest one "when its nearby"
Also Bluetooth can connect with several devices at the same time ...
That's cause I found it on Facebook lol
I dont agree that mich with the wifi example some women arw truely like that but most arent cause im sure we all know some women who are connected to loser men ie. Weak signal lol
Both can connect to multiple devices at once, regardless who is the strongest connection.

Logic fail. Only a tech retard would see an analogy.
How do you post pictures in the post. I must be losing it.
Third time this sexistic non-funny "joke" appreas in my stream.
Whats with google+ ???
I am a modern man and don't fancy entertainment from the 50:s
THAT is so true. My geek hubby will love this!
Bader A
The strongest one which will be the most close one. It's same:) the different that "she" can see farther ;)
Wifi doesn't search for devices, devices search for Wifi! Same with Bluetooth! GRRRRR!!! >:(
Sorry if you have been unlucky in your choice of man.
I think you'll find that Wifi is also connected to you when you are nearby and searches for other devices when away so the joke is technically flawed and therefore I will not be laughing at it.
+Denise Ho Could also note for the men: not all devices are equipped to be able to pair, haha.
@ +Nandlal Shah
Really? Grow up. It's just a joke.
I love the comments on this lol. (david richins is a good one. Luv it)
B. Lee
I refuse to add to this madness -- too much of the truth!!!
its very nice and this is true but sometimes not
Bluetooth can be connected to only one device and if WI-fi can be connected to many device simultaneously if it has strength or not(it can satisfy many devices)
Bluetooth connets Single,
Wi-Fi - Several,
thought the other way round, men are like infra red and women are like ultra violet
Wow so true sometimes
guys agreeing wont get you more laid just makes you look more stupid. XD
Seems to me they both are similar, not one better than the other...they are both looking for a better "signal".
you guys are stupid XD bluetooth and wifi are the same exact thing, only thing is if guys are bluetooth they gotta press the search for devices button if chicks are wifi they already have a library of other possibilities and better things, so dont think you girls are something special your all just conniving and easily figured out.
And everyone is always looking for free open WiFi :-P
Wifi doesn't actually connect to the strongest one.
nope wifi just waits until the first offer to enter it.
kalai s
yapadi soinnika what reason
kalai s
this is very very to much

isis very very funny
CY Poon
But ultimately it all depends on the owner which connection to choose. It's kind of subjective
I usually like geek humour, but this sexist crap makes me yawn.
I don't know about Wi-Fi connecting to the strongest one. Neither do women really go for the strongest guy even metaphorically. Wi-Fi like women connect to the available open networks or to the one they got a passcode. The password doesn't make much sense so stick to the available open networks.
like it........
Its so true im in that now so sad. Going to fix it with stranger sex.
I don't agree. Its the woman who spend her life to a single person.
yes correct.once wi-fi connection fail it search for another strong device.
men acept it with glee.but a woman wont
And I also don't like this stereotype that all men are philandering pricks. I have never cheated on a significant other, and that's not just because I haven't had one to cheat on.
Bluetooth == Epic Fail

I'm sick of trying to get it to work the way it says it should.
wow how true, I've been feeling this transcendental social truth 4long time ...luv it so funny
very qute thought,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
hahaha, as much as I'd hate to admit it this is so true
This analogy can live forever!
Doesn't wifi connect to anything that wants to connect to it? I know on my campus every male student is connected to the wifi. Even the female students are connected. What a whore.
propably to rich mobile..........! lol
Why is the wifi symbol upside-down?
Another thing trying to label the genders separately.

And all the guys are like "haha how cleaver" and all the girls are like "men ARE like that but not girls"

Get over yourself, both of y'all because if u like it or not, we do need each other to survive. In matters of the heart you can't really label the way people love. 
Knowing what wifi and bluetooth are does not constitute geekiness. That is all.
LOL, there are plenty of women that have absolutely no desire to be monogomous and plenty of men that do and ARE... further there aren't just two types of social-style but many
LOL, we would connect to the strong's one LOL Right
This is such a bunch of fail at just about every level.
Tony Ng
Nice. Great way to start Valentines by telling my loved one I'm Bluetooth.
Well said! was wondering how you will refer to a wired one! Faithful or ....?
Dont know if this has been mentioned..but at least Bluetooth needs a pairing code.. whereas WiFi can be set to open for anyone to connect to ;)
A little correction regarding the WiFi connection...
It connects to every possible receiver it gets nearby sharing itself to everyone available!
Yeah it's right but some men do have password and they only give it to just one special girl to connect with. Well, it's just my opinion.=)
lol the only time bluetooth reconnects to a device is if it knows it. Wifi however will connect to any device that has an open signal, easily. At least bluetooth require a passcode whether its four zeros or not. This whole thing is stupid and backfired to the extreme, seeing as wifi is the one who appears to connect to anything as long as its open, easily. Heck doesnt even matter if the device doesnt have certain capabilities it will try to connect. Bluetooth on the other hand will reject a connection if it doesnt have certain abilities its looking for.
Its Fake not Fact at alllll.......
This is too true. I wish I could say I've never experienced it, but then I'd be lying.
I don't know,women are a lot like men these days when it comes to connections
I am vaguely offended.
Women are like wifi, they see all the connections, but connect to the one without a password. ... LOL
They are interchangeable and co-dependent.
John D
Pretty much the same thing.
Hilarious but not all men are like that, same goes women as well, dont judge someone till u really know them
it can be the other way around too, ya know?
Tiz funny when its true I do say... Mmmm, Yes.
I was trying to think of a way to metaphorically say "the biggest douche bags" but I couldn't.
Yeah.. I'm still the strongest signal.. LOL
Geek humor by people who are not geeks and clearly have no understanding that this is actually more sexist towards women than men because they also don't understand the technology. Just saying.
Don't make me explain myself.
hmm so tell me again how to connect bluetooth to wifi XD , but still the fact about men and women are true .
I agree with you completely. I don't get it either laughing out loud XD
That is super funny but so true thats why men have so many roaming charges lol
Datz a good way 2 put it
Same response on each iteration of this: No Comment!
All i have to say is this, if you are really that stereotypical about men and weomen, go die.
Thanks, ill pass it on...
I'm a guy and this does not now nor has it ever applied to me. I actually find it rather offensive and stereotypical. I would almost say my life experiences would suggest the opposite.
im agree wit the idea,Men are like Bluetooth,they easily searches other device wen they get bored lols
Sexism needs to DIE.

Is it just me or are these analogies backwards? Wi-Fi connects indiscriminately to all the devices it knows about, albeit one at a time, and promiscuously broadcasts data to everyone with the same connection. Bluetooth enters into monogamous, unshared connections, at close range and generally requires explicit permission to do so.
Nuh un, this is not true at
That's really funny. Shame some people have lost their sense of humour though looking at some of these comments.
Im more like NFC. I like close contact
lol...If this is true I really need to check my sexuality :)
Something tells me I might secretly be a man... are my parents tricking me out of something here?
K Cloth
haha yeah i get it, men are sluts
But seriously... wifi connects to other open networks or remembered networks when your router is not around.
this was all over FB.
Bluetooth needs pass code to connect as well. Can't just simply connect by yourself. Needs to be accepted. Also remembers afterwards.
Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus, a good book to read..............
trying to get some friends on here please add me to your circle :)
LOL Sorry Denise Ho, but you're doing it wrong. No one likes your post because sexism is wrong, and the majority of people know this now.
OMG, that is one of the biggest problems in the world today, everyone takes things far too seriously and can't see the humour. Lighten up Graeme God
hmmm.... what do u mean by 'the strongest one'/
My take:
"Men: He is connected to you when you are near but searches you in everyone when you are away!

Women: She connects most strongly to you but still keeps seeing all other devices..."
I saw it on facebook. The strongest device will be searching for other devices regardless when you are away. Sounds like a no winner for the women.
dang....lmao that is too hillariouse and so dead on,...
In this and age a More correct analogy would be.
Women are like wifi.
They will always connect to same device when in range, but when not in range they will happily connect to any device without security.

Men are like bluetooth
They will always connect to device they ae paired with, but will keep on looking at any other nearby devices and will accept connection requests.
este puto chiste en vez de darme satisfacciones me trajo broncas 
More like when we connect with some1 we cant with any1 else... But women connects no matter with what.. :whoredetected:
Why that's happen? anybody can answer?
Bluetooth is pretty easy to understand, as it usually pairs automatically, or takes only a few logical guesses as to how to access it.  Wifi often requires a specific, detailed, and complicated passcode to be able to access it. It often takes multiple tries to ensure that everything is input correctly, otherwise it just simply won't communicate with you. And if it doesn't require a password, then this means it will accept any connection and you put your computer at risk of viruses and malware.
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