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Today we’re launching Google+ Events. I could not be prouder of our team and the product.

Most event products do a decent job of event organization, but events are so much more than that.  We look forward to celebrating life with the people we care about and long after the event is over, we look back fondly at those shared memories. So we designed G+ Events to not only make you plan better with beautiful cinemagraphic themes and calendar integration. During the event, you’ll have loads of fun with Party mode and a live photo stream. After the event,  we’ve created a shared space for everyone’s photos and videos so the experience can live on forever. 

I hope this product will majorly change the way you share memories with your friends and family.  I was at my 4 year old’s first dance recital a few weeks ago. The auditorium was filled with families watching their kids perform, including teenagers who have been performing for over 10 years. Hundreds of cameras were snapping away, yet there was not a single place where all these beautiful moments came together.  It was during this recital that I realized that we’ve built a really powerful product.

So come celebrate your most magical moments in life with G+ Events, before, during and after!

Google+ Events: Introducing a new way to get together
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Congratulations +Denise Ho and +Matt Steiner. I wish I had Events for my wedding... my wife and I are still trying to organize over 3,000 photos from 100+ guests.
+Denise Ho This looks awesome!  Im at the moment scanning that blog post to check out the info...  Im trying to think on how to use this for our Photo Walk happening later this year.. this is sweet!
Today you've made me happy. All over again.
This looks amazing. Can't wait for it to go live where I am. 
Love the idea with chronologically sorting photos
Looking forward to this....brings everything together in a beautiful package.
Very nice, but is there no Events for Google+ pages?
This is the best thing to happen to g+..
If a Google account isn't required for participants, then it's a winner. One of the biggest pain with Facebook events is everyone has to be on Facebook. 
No, actually, +David Robertson only some schools prevent photographs from being taken.

I think it's about time we stopped being terrified that there might possibly be a pervert around, and took photographs of our children at school, in the park - or do you think it might be best if we made all children wear a sort of all-over black garment, so nobody could see them? Would that be better?
This is just awesomeness, and I have a wedding coming up this is going to be perfect for it.
Thank you. Just made a camping event. Hope it will get my wife into G+
Too bad the embedded video lays on top of the event form and you can't actually create one.  Appears to be a bug. Using Chrome in incognito mode...
there's a problem with z-order when creating an event. The youtube video gets on top of create event box
i think the implementation is good.

has anyone heard the rumors about apple technologe to the next level
This looks wonderful. Can't wait to use this!
Excellent! Kudos +Denise Ho and to your team. I just set up my first private event -- easy to do and it looks great. Can't wait to see it filled up with photos and posts.
I tried to create an event, but the youtube demonstration that is on the event page overlays the create event pop up so that I can't see all the options. I wish Google would put a finished product for once.
Is that feature integrated with Google Calendar? Can I import event from my calendars to Google+ or vice-versa?
I just built my first event, having some issue inviting people. May want to double check it.
Where is this Event's tab on my Nexus S? I would be so bold to say they did not integrate that yet into the app? That would be like asking Google engineers who has the best search engine and they would say "Bing"  Where is it at? 
Sweet! I've just received my free minecraft giftcode!
>> <<
So how come some events say "On Air" instead of "Going" - is this when Party Mode is activated?
Denise will there eventually be a connection from events to Google checkout to sell tickets? I would like to see the option to have people check in with their e-ticket AND turn on party mode at the same time.
This going to be a killer! Honor is due. Great job Google!
This is awesome. Job well done. This was, I feel, a crucial feature missing from G+, and it couldn't have been executed better.

Still, before I start pushing G+ on comrades techy & nontechy alike, I'm going to hold out for proper integration with Groups. I want to be able to invite people to a pre-defined circle, so everyone knows who they're interacting with. And to be able to invite them all to an event. I have many people who I could onboard to G+ right fast, given that.
Now this is a brilliant product integrated into G+!!  I would love the opportunity to give it a go at my next event!!  I only wish I had friends that actually use their G+ accounts and not just let it sit there and rot away.
Dear Google Plus,
      You are AWESOME!!!  That is all.

~C. Cruz
Devoted Google user.
+Danny Robertson For public events, you get 2 choices - yes, may be. For private events, no is also an option.
+Jacob Harrison Tip: you can launch a live slideshow from the event page and plug your laptop into your TV.
Hello, +Denise Ho.

I'm totally loving Events, but I thing two things are sorely missing; an Events tab that shows incoming events from a page or profile, and showing event photos on the Photos tab.

Here's my usercase: I work for a school and manage its G+ page. I have created an event for a cultural visit we did some time ago, so that everyone involved could upload their photos. I have also created an event for next September's enrollment period. I did those expecting two things:

First, that everyone visiting the page could open the Photos tab and take a peek at the kind of activities that we do here in the school. However, after uploading my own pictures to the event, I found out that only the profile and scrapbook photos were there to be found. Nothing about the event.

Second, that everyone visiting the page could quickly check out what events are coming. This is specially important for "serious" events such as enrollments, and currently there's no way to do it.

I can only imagine that any commercial page (I'm thinking discos and event venues) would want these two features to publicize future events and remember past ones. Would it be possible to implement them?
+David Prieto +Denise Ho  I too work for a School district here in the U.S. and that is a great idea!!!  I'll present this same idea for listing upcoming school events on Google Plus with the new event planner and invitation function.  Having all the parents uploading their own pictures to the page would enable all the parents that have added the school's page to their circles access to fantastic photo's for that event/school year!!  Thank you for such a great idea.
I can't find an option to edit event date. Dates and hours sometimes change before the event, would be great to be able to edit them.
+David Prieto I just sent the suggestion to the IT admin of the school district here to see what they say about it.  I hope you don't mind, it was just a great idea especially for schools all over the world!
Yeah this is or could be a great thing.
Everything could have more fun.
Ben H
great, another game changer from google.
your very very talented. So cool
Han Li
wow~i really want to try it. the pic sharing function is very awesome
很好的功能 我喜歡
still do not know how to +someone
very nice!
It took a bit to find the place where event reminders could be set (in GCal (click on the time in the event popup) but I am wondering if the reminder is local to that user or global for all participants?

It's a shame that the only options are popup and SMS reminders. Email reminders are always the most useful.
google makes globel family.thats i thank n .my suggision z be frindly be honesty.
Is there a way to resend the invitations? I created an event but most people I invited are not on Google, so they do not have Google calendar and they were away on vacation when I sent the event. I would like to resend the invitation as a reminder but there doesn´t seem to be a way to do this. Thanks!
Hello Denise! Do you think hangouts, events and party mode will be integrated into Blogspot pages? 'Cause that would be AWESOME and noone has still done anything like that in CMS or jQuery pages
It would be nice if you were able to make a sign up list for the guest that come to the event.  A way to delegate who is bringing certain food items or drinks, etc.
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