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Supermassive black holes are black holes that have reached incomprehensible size and destructive power. Our galaxy and most - possibly, all - galaxies, have supermassive black holes at their centers, voraciously devouring everything that encounters their event horizon.

This video includes amazing simulations and animations.

Cosmic Journeys: The Largest Black Holes in the Universe
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Fascinating! I love learning more about these occurrences. 
I enjoyed this, very informative. Thanks for sharing it.
this holes may becomes the reasion of destroyness of earth
That's beyond imagination but video is very cool.
very intresting...should be spread worldwide..
I'm sure there's one of these lurking in my bank account.

Seriously though - looks interesting. thanks for link.
+mishra vikash Earth doesn't need to fear the black hole at the center of our galaxy. A more likely threat to our solar system is the Andromeda Galaxy, 2 million light years away and racing towards us at nearly 700,000 miles per hour. The collision may begin in a few billion years, with a couple more (billion) to finish. But even then, physicists think our solar system is likely to survive the collision - or get flung out into more lonely space.

From our standpoint, though, long before the merger starts, our dying sun will begin expanding, making Earth too hot for life. Hopefully, we will have long since departed - watching the merger from some safe - and distant - location. :)

Nova did a special on it a while back:
What i heard is that black holes are drifting and are appearing out of nowhere now a days.
... and her name is Danielle...
I have envisioned any black hole as an eye of god is visible, particles and photons of light all gently fall past the lens of these eyes to return to the consiousness of god to be reconfigured
+Ken Moss lol classic..
and the bigger the black hole, the older it is :O this and dark matter rule
black hole is nothing ! just a Vacuum cleaner .."it observed the universe " and after that their is "NOTHING" so my friends Black hole is nothing ....
that was amazing if you have one on dark matter please share,,,thanks
this is good day for me when i see black holes thanks denise
Why is a black hole called 'Black' and 'Hole'? Is it black and is a hole (through which an object can pass IF YOU DISCOUNT THE GRAVITY AND OTHER FORCES).
can u gv me one ans
r d galaxy r recycleable
I'm always fascinated by the universe. Thanks so much for sharing.
hw can i explain u recycling create again
Denise mam can i chat u only one tm i hv many quarries abt black holes i need ur help if u know anythng wch helpes me
+Mayank Sharma It is likely that, everything will undergo great collapse and this includes galaxy too. If a situation would arise as in the case of big bang, there could be formation of a new universe.
Why is a black hole called 'Black' and 'Hole'? Is it black and is a hole (through which an object can pass IF YOU DISCOUNT THE GRAVITY AND OTHER FORCES).
although im not fully understand it, but i enjoyed the video, thx for sharing~ =D
for real, do they really exist...or they are just scientific addictions that jst cant be left alone....if true where is this i want to go back in time.
we can discount the forces bt we can also travel wth those forces if they are tending to infinity
Shravan Kumar Talabhaktula 10:56
Alors ... Quand l'ONU Effondrement étoiles fils de .. immense La Fin de cycle de fils-de-vie ... la cause d'un de CET Effondrement .. UNE vigueur formeront Qui n'est rien, MAIS non trou noir Qui absorbent-tout, y compris la lumière ... Parce qu'il n'ya point de Pas de non retour ... Quand La lumière frappe l'horizon .. (Horizon des Événements). Alors .. Une Fois La Vie de Notre soleil reprend le Dessus ... horizon des événements L 'ancien soi .. et c'est tout ... hmm ...

madhu.d Jolie 11:00 AM
next on my to do list: 37: JUMP IN RANDOM BLACK HOLE.
Biggest black holes in the Universe are governments..
not exactly true, some galaxy have supermassive blackhole, some have medium size, and likely the other have small ones, but those are practically impossible to detect for now...
Hi can you provide more inputs or presentations about ' Black holes"?
deluded, when did that happened were you there? Satan is decieving you so as to have you with him forever
thats y earth quake came ah...................?
hmm... just went in the black hole... landed back here... please explain! ;) (ps how do u do smileys??)
Interesting subject, now if you crunch the numbers the whole universe is in fact a black hole (Black Hole as nothing escapes not even light see note though). This indicates that we don't as yet understand the dynamics of black holes and all the forces involved.

Note Black Holes are in fact slightly gray as hawking radiation is emitted through a quantum mechanical effect.
hey steve is astronomy your subject
?????/ its an interesting choice
Nope computing is my trade, Physics is my degree and hobby
How exactly do they capture light?Is light not supposed to be the fastest moving phenomenon?And what sort of matter costitute a black hole?
Light is "Captured" as they bend space so much so that beyond the event horizon space is falling faster than light can travel.
That is incredible.But what are the implications of space being able to bend?Also where does all that "cosumed" matter end up or is it reduced back to minute particles within the black hole?
while we are seriously talking about science and blackholes you , elliot is joking , get in the discussion
just get into the discussion, its very educative
watch it and ask us if theres any doubts
thanks for sharing this awesome video :))))
NGC 4889 is the largest found so far? 21 Billion solar masses.. I wonder how far the event horizon is from the singularity? ... now that I think about it, what equations do you use to calculate where does the escape velocity equals c when you know the mass at the center? time to get my introduction to astrophysics book back out again.
agree great video. you may also check out papper back THE SOVEREIGN by Dr Bernhard Philberth
Great video, the scale of events that huge are hard for my tiny brain to imagine. 
+Hashim Khattak a black hole forms from the death of a large star it has nothing to do with ghosts.
Thats the most un-real depiction of a "blackhole" tbh you should have read the memo in 2006 when astrophysist denounced the idea of black holes and claimed "dark energy stars"...
Mishra vakash, the end of the earth will most likely be in 270 trillion years when the gravitational pull from the sun tears the earth apart..
They are certainly not of incomprehensible size. Their event horizons are around 1 AU in radius (R = GM/c^2).
i have a doubt do you thing that the black holes in the solar system can suck in the planets. if it can then what will happen?
+Eric Petrie - updated - thank you. Hawking radiation makes another fascinating topic. :)
Monsters, always blowing up, colliding violently with others, tendency to swallow you whole chew you up and spit you out...yup sounds like my ex.
Great Black holes description. matter and energy are interchangeable and between them are photoelectronmagnetismgravity. Thanks for sharing.
I guess mass is not in the creation process space time creates negative gravitational force passively without any constructive motion falling in on itself then looking outward for motive energy 
what will happen if the black holes eat up everything in the universe
That looks quite like a report I can see at my local planetarium. That does get pretty specific, but it's written MOSTLY for grade school kids, or rather, it WAS when I first went in grade school. I've often gone since, so it can't be boring.
+Kutty Maalu No worries - even the supermassive black hole at the center of our galaxy isn't massive enough to suck us in - we're too far away. Actually, based on the amount of matter we see - our galaxy should fly apart. The reason it doesn't is likely because of the extra mass of something we can't see - dark matter.
These black holes have been proven to exist at the center of every galaxy, because they hold the galaxies together and make them spin. 
Do they know how big this black hole is because technically I think they only know how big it was billions of years ago, I think it said about 13 billion, which means it would be bigger than it was then, but yet bigger now?
Why does the narrator 'personify' black holes as some dark force, e.g. "ominous", etc.? They are acts of nature that have an important purpose like anything else.
+Michael Bell Most likely, they just follow the rules of this particular universe (it all does). :) It seems to make the information a bit more engaging though - maybe because we can feel those things.That might be why people like this video - it tells a great story - beautifully. :)
+Yuchen Gao Thank you! That makes sense, too - and seems to complicate the reduction in mass required for shrinking, so I figure the best course for this one is "when in doubt, take it out". I removed the statement - at least that way, I don't pass on incorrect or outdated information (knowingly). ^^
I will not give my opinion on speculation of Lucifer's grand children; what I know come from the Creator of all creation.
This is not so much of shrinking mass but a case of the black hole evaporating away, a one solar mass black hole will take 10 to the power 67 years which is a very long time. Now before we all run off and make our predictions we need to ask our selves are the constants we use and rely on in our laws of physics constant over long time periods because over the age of the universe they may vary depending on which theory or assumptions you make. This is the point which brings you to the big question in cosmology just what is our universe. One day we may be able to answer this question.
tanks Denise por compartir esta información del universo con el mundo, "el universo es eterno" saludos de Bogota Colombia
This has marveled me Denise, but it is good, everybody should know the evidence that the world will come to an end some day, because strange things happening never used to do so.
this holes may becomes the reasion of destroyness of earth.
if u know the information about this black hole plz send it to
Ali A
Thank you.
To Shawn: I found this to be an amazing video.I had trouble keeping my eyes open as I would like to thank Denise Case for sharing this video.
Thankx love this kinda stuff
Thanks love this kinda stuff
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