And When the Moon and I Are Blue

We wait
In a parking lot
You are tall and athletic
I don’t know you well
I’m  short and shy
Can’t throw anything
But throwing up
Seems like a possibility
Right now
Feel like I’m going to lose it
My guitar is in its case
The words are written on my heart
My heart is skipping all the beats
I have to go on stage in front of a thousand people
For the first taste of competition
Representing our school
I’ve got the shakes
But you....
You hang back a bit
And ask me how I’m feeling
I must look green
And I tell you
Without reservation
I want to puke
You laugh
You tell me that is how you feel
Every time you set foot on that field
Every time you play a game
Every time
You tell me
I am going to be alright
That I can do it
What a  revelation
I take your words
As truth
Kind words
You don’t have to speak
Shaking in my shoes
I walk up the steps
You open the door
And I see the faces of a thousand or more
I find some courage
Your courage
And I am alright

Years pass

Separate journeys
I want to thank you
After all these years
But I’ll have to do it
In this silly poem
Because you are not here
On this earth any longer
Just last week
Someone told me
They told me
It was a heart condition
That you had passed away
A gifted football player
With a heart condition
Can’t quite wrap my mind around that
A heart condition
What I know
About your heart
Was that it was big
I still keep your thoughtfulness
Close to my heart
And when the moon and I are blue
I’ll look beyond the darkest trees
To find the light that glimmers
A distant silver shimmer
Brings a memory of you

~Denise Baxter Yoder 8/15/2013
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