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Gathering today with friends was wonderful....nice breeze and golden sunshine.....Barbecue was the main culinary offering with numerous side dishes brought by all of us....
laughter...stories...dipping our feet in water much too cool to swim in.....hugs all around....making memories....
This is all that is left of the Toasted Peanut & Sweet Corn Salad..Judging by the small amount remaining I surmise my friends voted with their spoons...lovin' spoonfuls!!!!
..I think I'll make it again sometime soon! :-)
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+Frederick Andrew Absolutely!
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Denise Baxter Yoder

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Low flying
Is allowed
For those whose
Wings wear the wind
Brushing sand 
Sugared with salt and promise

~Denise Baxter Yoder
© 5/22/2015 Photo and Words of Waves
   +HQSP Monochrome curated by +Luis Vivanco S. +Оксана Крысюкова +Nader El Assy +Howard Salmon and  +tri rini nuringtyas
#poetry   #lagunabeach     #seagull   #seagullbuttsaturday       #birdphotography    
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+Tia-Maria Smith Thank you....the sand looks like brown sugar to me....which is the only kind of sugar  I would ever consider putting into my coffee....Glad you like the poem....the photo came first....your comment sparkles!!!
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Denise Baxter Yoder

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+Brian Salter has a way with wit and words.....if you want to add someone who can enliven your stream of consciousness or unconsciousness here in Google+land...add won't be able to define him......just check him out....
His posts cover a wide array of ideas and observations....always fun...
There's a stage in a cold when incredibly stupid people think that they are well enough to exercise, if only a little.  Invariably they are much, MUCH sicker the next day.

I should be done in an hour.
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+Brian Salter <<blushing>>  ;-)
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Denise Baxter Yoder

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Flying fish~a~licious......You can run but you better be ready to dive to survive this fellow! 
Thanks +Jeff Billings for sharing this seaworthy romp!
LOL - This will be a great  "Fish Story" #funny   #funnygifs   #fishstory  
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+Janet Lee It looks like he avoided the sword....I hope he could swim!!!!!
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Denise Baxter Yoder

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Well...I'm over half way into an ab challenge...and what do I find? it to discover some things to consider about form and know..doing the stuff my case I'm going for the  bird dogging and planking for me.....and a bit of modification on the sit~ups
Thanks +Dave Friedel ...lots of good ideas on your page!!!
Some useful knowledge from our friends at +io9 - keep in mind, they're not saying don't do these, just make sure you do them correctly and safely: 
Many popular exercises are performed incorrectly, often by people who probably shouldn’t be attempting them in the first place. This can result in injuries and futility at the gym. We talked to the experts to find out which exercises are the most problematic, and how to do them correctly.
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+David Crosswell I'm working on it :-)
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Denise Baxter Yoder

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If you are looking for more is what +Amanda Rachelle Warren  finds to be absolutely essential to of Poets & Writers.....
I don't know if any of you subscribe to Poets & Writers or receive their online newsletter, but I find them to be absolutely essential. 

The link below takes you to the latest newsletter entitled 100 Writing Contests that Want Your Work . Some interesting (and sometimes odd) opportunities can be found there. Be warned, many contests do charge a fee of some sort. If you are interested in free and open submissions check out their tools for writers and journal listings. Go publish that work. 
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Denise Baxter Yoder

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Yes indeed....a really good read....
Thanks for sharing this +Laurie Rubin 
A Really Good Read

One of my favorite moments taken several years ago. Sometimes things happen in front of your camera that you never anticipated, so always be sure you're ready and keep both eyes open!
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+Peg Solomon Laurie really captured a special moment! I love his look of concentration.....and the photo on the back of the magazine.....
thanks for dropping by, Peg :-)
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Denise Baxter Yoder

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Toasted Peanut & Sweet Corn Salad 

(Here is the recipe for what I’ll be taking to a gathering tomorrow...everyone signed up already for slaw..baked beans.. potato salad…….BBQ…and chocolate….which I consider one of the basic food groups …..)

1 cup unsalted shelled peanuts  
3 medium ears fresh yellow corn, husk and silk removed (I’m not doing this...I’m using Niblets...fresh little nuggets of canned corn)
6 tablespoons peanut oil….(not doing this...I’m using Olive Oil)
2 tablespoons cider vinegar…(not doing this….I’m using white vinegar and a squeeze of limes)
1 small red onion, finely minced….(not doing this...I’m using chopped green onions and celery)
1 tablespoon chopped fresh parsley….(not doing this….I’m using cilantro)
Salt and Pepper to season (not doing this…..well...yes I’m going to do this but I got into the rhythm of saying not doing this)

The Action Part
Preheat the oven to 300 ( this)
Toast the peanuts on a baking sheet in the oven until golden brown...about 20-25 minutes...Keep at room temperature until needed  ( this...but check them to make sure you don’t carbonize them like I did …..and don’t put them on the counter in full view of your spouse or your cat or the amount will be significantly reduced)
Blanch the corn for 2 to 3 minutes in 3 quarts of boiling salted water. Drain and cool under cold running water…(see….with Niblets you just open the can….that’s the plan)
When the corn is cool enough to handle, cut away the kernels (not doing this….I like saying that)
In a stainless steel bowl, whisk together the peanut oil and cider vinegar  (yes..but I told you I use olive oil and white vinegar)
Add the seasoning with salt and pepper, and combine thoroughly….(I’m adding cilantro..remember? And a bit of chili powder….kinda threw that in there as a surprise for you)

Cover with plastic wrap and refrigerate for several hours before using……by using I think that means eating ….I’ll let you know tomorrow if anything wasn’t that I mean consumed ….like inhaled….like being sucked up by a vacuum cleaner…

There you have it....the recipe for Toasted Peanut and Sweet Corn Salad....kinda...except for all the stuff I changed which makes it something else....sort of....:-)
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Exactly :-)
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Denise Baxter Yoder

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The Beach

Gray green grit
Cold stark sand
Finds my willing feet
Fragile skin
Desiring nothing more
To feel a wave
Colliding with resistance
Into a spray of collusion
Keeping me here
A salty conspiracy 
Traps my heart
No quick retreat
Craggy edges
Water worn boulders
I am lost
In the sight
I am found 
In the sound
Of waves 

~Denise Baxter Yoder
 7/21/2013  Photo and Words of Waves
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+Moncivaiz Monica I love that idea ! Waves singing a different song each night.....:-)
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Denise Baxter Yoder

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Let me taste the colors
See the textures
Feel the name given to the fallen

~Denise Baxter Yoder

May 22, 2015  Photo and Words of Memory

#poetry   #floralfriday  +FloralFriday  #allthingsred  +AllThingsRed 
#memories   #memorial  
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Denise Baxter Yoder

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I have a rough idea of how this goes
Keep on the path
Ummm….I’m thinking it’s
Not the one of least resistance
Maybe one of the other ones
At my mind’s insistence
My feet I follow
I don’t go far before discovering
A rambling bramble of a trail
One that has an incline 
Which I won’t decline this time
Over red ruts and ridges
Across abandoned moss covered bridges
I’m stronger as the days grow longer
My toes are loving the rich soil  
It grounds me 
Looking beyond me myself and I
Whoever I am this day spies
Flowers of white in shaded glade
And there I must take a moment to speak
A word of kindness for the bit of wildness I find
A thankfulness as I breathe in the elegance of a new day

Denise Baxter Yoder
© 5/20/2015 Photo and Words for Traveling
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+Roy D. Durrence Thanks !!!!!
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Denise Baxter Yoder

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Right now I'm listening to a radio broadcast on one of our NPR is a rebroadcast of a performance of my dear friend, +Greg Knight  performing Rachmaninoff, Piano Concerto No 2 with the Western Piedmont Symphony directed by John Gordon Ross.....Greg is also a software engineer and developer....he loves to write as well....and...he plays keyboards  with our group Puddingstone....I thought you might like to hear it on YouTube...
I have been so fortunate to know and work with him for years....and count him as a great friend for more years than I have fingers and toes multiplied by some rather large number.....
#HQSPmusic  +HQSP Music +Musicians on G+ 
#music   #classicalmusic  
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+George Cohn Absolutely!! My friend Greg makes it look so easy.....his fingers fly! His memory is stellar...and his kindness is extraordinary 
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Basic Information
Looking for
Friends, Networking
I go with the flow, even though, I like my toes to touch bottom and my head to be above the waterline from time to time.....
Love living large in a small town in the south...moved around a lot growing up....I've seen a lot of places...but  love where I am now the a little town with a big heart....

This is the short of it..
(since I'm 5 foot 2 inches tall) 

music: most all....well...almost all...
fashion....not really

My postings are informal and conversational...items that catch my fancy for the moment...76.87653%  of my posts are public... (most all of em are) what you see is pretty much what you get...
..Stop by and say hi!

Here's the long version
These are a few of my interests 
From bluegrass to blues...classic to it all... (mostly).... Sing as the vocalist with a Celtic Americana band called Puddingstone and have enjoyed that pleasure for years.. ...also play a Celtic harp in a harp/flute duo called Tapestry.I write lyrics for the music of  Cindy Kleinstuber Blevins for Misty Morning Music and write music/lyrics independently as well.
For is a big part of my life... 
Art: water colors, oils, acrylics, pastels
I dabble... I'll soon have everything in our entire house repainted from walls and woodwork to tables,chairs and pictures...
Fiber Arts: All kinds however
I made one Pawleys Island hammock...took me an extremely long time to do it.. about 40 million hours.....and we still swing in is in the "did that and moved on" category
I appreciate photography and those that make it happen! This is another great area I find to be most inspirational to me here....I just love looking at what some very gifted people are willing to share ......About photography... I'm  learning...I usually take photos with the idea of combining them with my writing...but...the photos I post are mine....if I post something that is not my photo, I give credit to the photographer...
I share because I want to embrace ideas here....I try to find a  work I admire in areas that interest me.....something that speaks to me...or makes me laugh...or helps me to learn....will often share a spot on my page....

Sciences:behavioral sciences,environmental sciences, biology, technology...and some other "ologies".... anything that has to do with the brain....cognition...the world...the universe ...etc...
Reading: science fiction, fantasy, historical fiction, poetry, non-fiction....
Health: fitness, nutrition, cooking..well actually I'm interested in just thinking about cooking
I used to tap dance, but only in laundry mats waiting for the clothes to dry (college glory days)....please don't believe's true, but I can only admit it to strangers.........and blah...blah...blah...
this is way too long...come back tomorrow and it will be shorter.....:-)

I'm in this for an exchange of positive ideas... how about you?????

Bragging rights
.....bakes great cornbread...can write a song and sing ya to sleep
singer/songwriter...musician... lover of the arts
Vocalist....lyricist....harpist....pianist....folk artist....optimist... and a few other "ists"