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In This Universe I Sing 

In this universe I sing
Of uncommon ground
I share a space with you
As large as I can imagine
As small as I can conceive
From enormity to intimacy
Vast as salty seas I have crossed but once
Deep as caves I have explored by touch alone
Higher than echoes shouted by stars
Turning cartwheels of light in the night sky
As welcome as trees I have named and climbed
And whose branches close round about me
In spirit of comfort and nurture
As they lift me skyward to see beyond the gates
As close as whiskers of ideas scratching my imagination
As sharp as an exploring thought reminding me who I am
And where I've been and where I might go
To countries across the globe and down the lane
Speech in tongues I could not name
Etching my heart with symbols of loyalty and fealty
To other hearts who share the same deep rushing beat
I do not know you
And yet
If thoughts can travel invisible lines
Someday, we'll talk of passions and possibilities
Then I'll take you to my favorite diner
Where all the waitresses have black tattoos and golden hearts
Where it's ok to drink the water which springs from
Uncommon ground
In this universe of which I sing

Spoken Word Selection
Denise Baxter Yoder
Poetry (c) 3/5/2014
Music~Voice~ Photography  (c) 2015
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+Y.abuood Althuyny You are very welcome...thanks for dropping by! :-)
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Denise Baxter Yoder

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Points and Lines and Curves

Three sides to view
Love’s triangularities
Trios often are impromptu
Odd numbers of disparity 
Thereby often  misconstrued
Until there is a two by two
When someone’s added or deleted
Old dynamics superseded
Within a cozy quadrilateral 
Relationships can be collateral
So best to be a pan~romantic
Which isn't nearly quite so frantic
Circuitous without a doubt
Linking love roundabout
Circles roll happily along
No edges mar their simple song

Denise Baxter Yoder
© 11/9/2014  Photo and Words of Love....Kinda
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Denise Baxter Yoder

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Where We Love

In burbs
In bowers
Near streets with towers
In county seats in commercial zones
Downtown talking on our phones
Extravagant elite find love in exurbs
Underground subterraneans prefer
To meet on a train which is so romantic
In a one horse town love is not quite as frantic
In cyberspace
In cityscapes
Near peaks or parks
Or outer space
In minimarts
Or shopping malls
Or city hall
Down in the valley where a river runs
On a beach underneath the rays of the sun
In bowling alleys
In traffic jams
Love will find us can
At crossroads or outskirts
Whistle stops or coffee shops
Podunk or densely packed
Where we love is all of that

Denise Baxter Yoder
© 12/28/2014 Photo and Words of Love
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Your Welcome 
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Denise Baxter Yoder

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Harvest Time .....have some version of Blue Grass ....dancing under a golden harvest moon! This was a collaboration with my friend, photographer Dennis Hacker who took the photos and did this photo montage.....
+HQSP Music  #HQSPmusic  +Musicians on G+ 
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+Brian White Wow! Thank you for the very kind words!!! I'm glad you enjoyed my posts!
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Denise Baxter Yoder

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Denise Baxter Yoder

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Looks like a monster multi-tasker can write..type...edit..pour some coffee and sip the brew...if you ask politely
Amazing! Octopus Typewriter by Courtney Brown
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Now, Now, don't be greedy lol
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Denise Baxter Yoder

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Music to swing a smile this...savor the flavors....thanks +Michael David Saunders Hall for sharing!
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Denise Baxter Yoder

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Happy Thanksgiving
Laughter, food, family and friends
A day of sun and now long shadows
Tomorrow a new game begins

Denise Baxter Yoder
(c)2012 Photo and Words of Gratitude

.........when I wrote the line, "A day of sun and now long shadows" I didn't realize how in just few years things could reshape so much.......and I am reminded the only constant here is change.... instead of tomorrow....every day, a new game begins....Happy Day of Thanks !!!
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+Steve M Many moments to give thanks...every day.....Happy Thanksgiving to you!
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Denise Baxter Yoder

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Hummm.....It looks like the same thing I'm doing this year! :-)
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Denise Baxter Yoder

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My friend, +Arthur Turfa and I collaborated on this song.....His lyrics music....and the glory of Those Tall Carolina Pines .......
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+Brian White I love the Carolinas too!
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Denise Baxter Yoder

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With baleful stare
And a preference for red
Thoughts curl their slow seductive spiral
Reeling and winding like errant waves
Ever higher
From heart to head
Fearing a perfect storm of emotions
Finding an island of peace instead

Denise Baxter Yoder
© 11/20/2015 Photo and Words of the Sea
#landscapephotography   #seascapephotography   #silhouette  
#hqsplandscape  +HQSP Landscape 
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+gama stars Thanks to you!!!
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Denise Baxter Yoder

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Tis the start of our musical season...thank goodness! Yesterday we played harp/flute for an event ....great space for us to perform....this gift store had provided an excellent location....lots of light...vendors touring and sampling items....and pre~ordering our favorite part of the day was being close enough to talk with the folks passing by our group....and this little adorable troupe of tykes sat down to listen to us play....I'm glad I brought my phone to take a snap of these four....
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+Michael Montgomery Thanks Michael!
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Vocalist....lyricist....harpist....pianist....folk artist....optimist... and a few other "ists"
I go with the flow, even though, I like my toes to touch bottom and my head to be above the waterline from time to time.....
Love living large in a small town ...moved around a lot growing up....I've seen a lot of places...but  love where I am now the a little town with a big heart....

This is the short of it..
(since I'm 5 foot 2 inches tall) 

music: most all....well...almost all...
fashion....not really
My postings are informal and conversational...items that catch my fancy for the moment...76.87653%  of my posts are public... (most all of em are) what you see is pretty much what you get... I usually don't include political or religious views into this mix.....I share because I want to embrace ideas here....I try to find a  work I admire in areas that interest me.....something that speaks to me...or makes me laugh...or helps me to learn....will often share a spot on my page.....I hope more and more folks find this wonderful corner of the world called Google+...enjoy it while we can!

Here's the long version
These are a few of my interests 
From bluegrass to blues...classic to it all... (mostly).... Sing as the vocalist with a Celtic Americana band  and have enjoyed that pleasure for years.. ...also play a Celtic harp in a harp/flute duo is a big part of my life..My YouTube videos are shared here on G+ too..... 
Art: water colors, oils, acrylics, pastels
I dabble... I'll soon have everything in our entire house repainted from walls and woodwork to tables,chairs and pictures...

I appreciate photography and those that make it happen! This is another great area I find to be most inspirational to me here....I just love looking at what some very gifted people are willing to share ......About photography... I'm  learning...I usually take photos with the idea of combining them with my writing...but...the photos I post are mine....if I post something that is not my photo, I give credit to the photographer...
Sciences:behavioral sciences,environmental sciences, biology, technology...and some other "ologies".... anything that has to do with the brain....cognition...the world...the universe ...etc...
Reading: science fiction, fantasy, historical fiction, poetry, non-fiction....
Writing  : I love to write poetry....I share a lot of my work here....usually pair it with my photos or art work 
Health: fitness, nutrition, cooking..well actually I'm interested in just thinking about cooking
I used to tap dance, but only in laundry mats waiting for the clothes to dry (college glory days)....please don't believe's true, but I can only admit it to strangers.........and blah...blah...blah...
this is way too long...come back tomorrow and it will be shorter.....:-)

Bragging rights
.....bakes great cornbread...can write a song and sing ya to sleep
Basic Information
Looking for
Friends, Networking