No, I won't talk of the 12 links of Dependent Origination…

   Below is a nice presentation by +Bodhipaksa Dharmacari (from +Wildmind) of Vajirapāṇī   (mentioned e.g. in the Ambaṭṭha sutta —DN 3,

   Please note that this teacher could do with your support right now!
   Please answer if you can.
   Of course, one could wish for the participants of his workshops to show a bit more appreciation than 31¢ per participant on average (that's a lot of disrespectful people, plain and simple)… but hey! Apparently, the generosity and wisdom of equanimous others is needed.
   Giving won't directly educate those who didn't  give (out of —classically— counting on others to do so). But even Bodhipaksa bankrupting won't educate them on this! They won't see the causal link between their selfish clinging to their wealth and to their "more, more, more for free; it's the internet, isn't it?",  and Bodhipaksa disappearing or having to restrict access to his teachings or putting pre-conditions up (e.g. paid membership)… They won't see the causal link, they'll just seek another 'free' offer, and might even make stories to blame "Bodhipaksa's greed" (not theirs, of course not).
   Ignorant participants don't realise that 'free' in such a context means "you give as much as you can":  the Dharma teachings are generosity-based, and for it to be sustainable requires generosity to flow both ways! The teachings are 'free' as in "no precondition",  'free' as in "open to all, including those without any financial means at all"…  but neither 'free' as in "you may cling to a selfish lack of appreciation",  nor 'free' as in "there's no cost involved whatsoever and the teacher doesn't even need to eat",  nor 'free' as "you may lie and self-servingly pretend you don't have any money at all, just so you may avoid participating even 'minimally' towards the expenses of the content you consume"!
   Giving won't educate others directly… but giving will allow you  to cultivate caring for others (the teacher… but also his ignorant students: with equanimity, you understand that they need serious help!) also known as loving-kindness and compassion. Giving will allow you  to create a better world, to lead by example, to allow a teacher to create additional opportunities for the ignorant and the causality-blind to finally awaken.

   Giving is the first "perfected quality" (pāramī/pāramitā), and it's not the first without a reason: clinging is the root-cause of suffering, and how do you think you might weaken the long-held habit of clinging?

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